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Prinsip Dasar Keamanan Informasi

Informasi merupakan asset organisasi yang paling penting, prinsip pertama adalah menanyakan informasi apa yang diproteksi, mengapa, dan bagaimana cara mengontrol akses ke informasi tersebut. 485 more words

Keamanan Informasi

Better Auditing Practices for a Successful Enterprise

Auditing the accounts of an institution is like given a medical examination to an individual. It is the process by which the accounts of a company or institution are made spotless and a robust system of transactions is created. 364 more words

Auditing Practice

My Illinois State Board of Education Adventure

In June, 2014 I made two moves in my professional life almost simultaneously: I retired as a high school teacher, and I renewed my K-12 Illinois teaching license. 457 more words


Mình tổng hợp lại toàn bộ các cơ hội tại những công ty này cho các anh/chị/ các em để có kế hoạch tìm hiểu và chuẩn bị nhé. 396 more words

Graduate Program

Fix : Time difference of audit log Event_time with local server - SQL Server 2012

SQL server Audit  uses UTC (universal timezone) for Date and Event_time columns, to read audit logs in your timezone use the below query.

select dateadd(hour,-datediff(hour,getdate(),getutcdate()),event_time) as localtime ,* from fn_get_audit_file( ‘g:\BACKUP\*.sqlaudit’ , DEFAULT , DEFAULT)

Django Audit Trail: how to implement it and add extra information

Django is a powerful framework to create and manage web application. When you have one or more users working on a database, you should register every action is made; in this way, you will be able to know who made changes in the db. 1.708 more words

Web Application