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Visitasi dan Audit Internal Program Studi

Strategi pengembangan mutu yang diterapkan oleh Unila sebagaimana yang tertuang dalam kebijakan mutu SPMI 2014 ialah continuous improvement. Dalam hal ini, elemen monitoring dan evaluasi menjadi komponen terpenting untuk menjaga kualitas mutu di Unila. 276 kata lagi

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The imperative voice in medical journal editorials

I’ve long wanted to do a little study – though in my experience no study is ever “little” – which is available to anyone in the entire world to do if they have the time and inclination (and resources) 734 kata lagi


Representing Yourself Professionally

By Michael Hetrick, Audit Intern, Sacramento Office

Interns and staff are not expected to have much accounting knowledge when they enter Moss Adams, but one skill that they can start developing from before ever landing the job is representing themselves professionally. 2.184 kata lagi


Min Shan had to eat his own words after the latest AGO findings.

Yup that’s right. Never throw stones in a glass house. We are referring to you Min Shanmugam.

The Auditor-General’s Office Singapore (AGO) report for Financial Year 2015/2016 uncovered instances of inadequate financial controls over Government operations and weak governance. 486 kata lagi

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Ohio DEC - A Gateway for Ohio Companies And Export Businesses

The Ohio District Export Councils (DEC) recognizes the important role planning plays in a company’s success. This is especially true for any business that engages, or plans to engage, in international trade. 119 kata lagi


FAA Cites Allegiant Air for 'Minor' Infractions After Audit

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Federal Aviation Administration has cited Allegiant Air for a series of minor procedural infractions discovered during a three-month audit.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Las Vegas airline will not face penalties or enforcement action for the citation and will have until Sept. 75 kata lagi


How independent are auditor's really?

Critically assess the role of the auditor and the requirement for an independent opinion in 2015. Identify two factors that impact on the perceived independence of auditors and critically evaluate the extent to which they have been resolved within the current UK regulatory framework. 3.360 kata lagi