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Sommerskolen i bilder

Her er noen inntrykk fra sist helgs sommerskole med Manca Pavli. 5 kurs fordelt på 10 timer, fylt med både yoga og dans. Tusen takk for en fin helg!



Få en kickstart på høsten – bli med på en totimers gratis danse- og treningsøkt der du får en smakebit av:


Walking the Path

So I am starting to get ready for my next adventure, going forward in my Facilitator training at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. There is excitement and the normal anxiety; of course the doubting mind has rented a room in my mind. 889 kata lagi

Resume Scanners: What, Why and How

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), commonly known as Resume Scanners, allow employers to easily screen and filter job candidates.   379 kata lagi

Things Done Changed: The Everyday Struggle of Applicant Tracking Systems.

“And now the shit’s getting crazier and major; Kids younger than me, they got the SkyBrand pagers; Going Out of Town, Blowing Up; 6 Months Later, All the Dead Bodies Showing Up.”

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John Bell, reThinkData: Pushing the ATS candidate abandonment agenda

One of the hot topics at The Job Board Summit 2015 – North America was the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) issue and we all know the story. 841 kata lagi

Job Board Summit