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Anime Trash Swag - Vibrantly Dark

Anime and fashion are two vastly different cultures which have little to nothing in common. Thats what most people on either side of those communities would likely say. 2.095 kata lagi

2016 Week 3 picks: Remember To Forget

I don’t start really using this seasons stats until after week 3, at that point even though the sample is small, we at least have every team play 180-200 plays and have a start at home and road. 1.792 kata lagi

NFL Week 2 ATS Picks

As I stated in the Week 1 post, I apologize I’m so late with my picks.  I’ve been taking a course the week.  But now I’m going to be consistent with posting my weekly freebies and my weekly end result.   157 kata lagi


NFL Week 1 ATS Picks

I sincerely apologize for being behind on my picks.  I will post a few freebies weekly but I will post the entire sheet after the week has passed.   69 kata lagi


All about the ribcage lift

Here’s a quick trick to access the muscles necessary for that beautiful upper body posture. Enjoy!


Orange Crushing Cam

I am a Colorado native and have grown up cheering hard for the Denver Broncos. The NFL season opener kicked off last Thursday night (9/8/16) with a rematch of last year’s Superbowl contenders; the world champion Denver Broncos vs. 532 kata lagi

2016 Week 2 Picks- Rushing to Judgement

The last few years I have called week 2 Overreaction week as we routinely see teams get rewarded or punished for a Week 1 performance that doesn’t fit our perception going into the year. 1.977 kata lagi