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Simple silver bangles

ATS costume has a rich, generous look to it, but collecting the pieces to create the look can feel overwhelming, and it can be a serious investment. 244 kata lagi

American Tribal Style

My first ATS costume

The first time I performed ATS, I got kitted out in the choli, pantaloons, skirt, and headdress I had recently made, decked myself in all my jewelry, and caked on the makeup. 321 kata lagi

American Tribal Style

NFL Facts & Stats after Two Weeks... Some Surprising, Some Not

It’s tough to tell that much about a team after just two games. ┬áThat’s obviously never stopped the talking heads, sports radio hosts, bloggers (cough), or opinionated fans from wildly overreacting and drawing end all be all conclusions with 14 games left on the schedule. 398 kata lagi


Sifting through the jargon

Researching a job search or career change? As you sift through blogs, magazines and books on today’s job market, you may encounter a bewildering number of terms you’ve never heard before. 837 kata lagi

Authentic Vocation

ABOUT JOSS WHEDON | fivethreeninety

At the end of last month, Joss Whedon’s ex wife, Kai Cole, published a letter calling her ex partner out on years of affairs, deceit and false feminist promises. 708 kata lagi

Vesalainen wins poster award

Tiia Vesalainen, a graduate student in UAH’s atmospheric science program, received the award for the best research poster in her session on Aug. 10 at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education’s (ORISE) Research Participant Poster Session. 82 kata lagi