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En dansende helg

Vi går en spennende dansehelg i møte med danseforestillinger og ulike kurs.


Fredag 12. februar går Oslo Oriental Dance Festivals event Dancer of the Year (DOTY) av stabelen på Caféteatret på Grønland. 283 kata lagi

American Tribal Style

American Truck Simulator: Quick Review

If you love Euro Truck Simulator, you will definitely like American Truck Simulator. From the same developer SCS Software you start off either the city of California or Nevada. 250 kata lagi

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Puzzle - Out of order States

While applying for a position on an ATS/HR software, I had to enter my home address (not unusual). I live in the United States, so I had to specify what state I lived in. 64 kata lagi

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American Truck Simulator: First Looks

American Truck Simulator (ATS) went live a few days ago, and I broke my general rule about not buying games on release day. SCS generally offers reasonably good service and abundant updates, and it was only $20. 149 kata lagi

Christopher Phillips, left, and William Iwasco, both UAH graduate students in atmospheric science, mount an experimental weather station atop UAH’s SWIRLL building as a storm system approaches Tuesday afternoon. 49 kata lagi


American Truck Simulator

If you had told me 6 months ago i’d be playing  a driving simulator rather than my usual type of game, first person shooters, I would quite simply have laughed in your face, “how dull can you get” I would have said, “why would I want to drive all day  and come home to drive again on my pc…” 1.213 kata lagi

SAP is the worst non-custom ATS/HR software I've found yet

SAP is one of those “enterprise software” suites that claim to be able to essentially do everything except Email for every kind of organization or firm. 620 kata lagi

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