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The DSE4520 is a compact Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module that has been developed to provide an outstanding range of features within a compact enclosure. 408 kata lagi


Código Tribal

El código tribal es una especie de reglamento que rige al mundo de la danza tribal, creado por la compañia FCBD® (FatChance Bellydance) 

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Week 12: Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

Three weeks in the green? Three weeks in the green! While it was a small week,it was a winning one nonetheless. After a 4-3 Week 11… 857 kata lagi

AT's Have your Back...Literally

I am a huge fan of college football and love watching games all day on Saturdays. Watch enough football and you’ll unfortunately be a witness to some rather gruesome injuries. 615 kata lagi

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iOS: How to Handle Upcoming ATS Restrictions in App Store Submissions

Mobile SDK 5.0 is coming soon–and so are some new restrictions on iOS App Store submissions.


Here’s some background information on the restrictions, plus instructions for making sure your apps comply with the new requirements. 340 kata lagi

Salesforce Mobile SDK For IOS

American Tribal Style

If you are new to belly dance you have probably noticed there are a ton of different styles and traditions. The type of fitness class I teach is the Shrqui format which is based off of traditional Egyptian belly dance. 69 kata lagi


Resume Key Words

Web-based applicant tracking systems are one of the most frustrating aspects of seeking employment.

Let’s rewind ten years. A job seeker could advantage themselves by visiting a company with an advertised vacancy and jockey for “face time” to interact with the hiring manager. 630 kata lagi