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Each one of us went through ‘adolescence’, awkward stage as others call it. But, more than being a stage in our life it is a process we have to go through because this is a point in our early lives when we get confused, look for our identity and eventually mature. 223 kata lagi

ATS/ETS2 Advanced Coupling

SCS released a blog some days ago mentioning the upcoming update in both American and Euro Truck Simulator 2 about advanced coupling of trailers. In short words, everybody gets animated trailer legs now, so when you couple your trailer you will see the legs of the trailer rising. 214 kata lagi

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62% Employers admit of making Hiring mistakes

A recent survey has identified great deficiencies in the Hiring process, over 62 percent firms accepted that they are making Hiring mistakes and more than half firms blame it on lack of proper… 165 kata lagi


Can we keep the "Human" in the Resources?

Let’s start with two words: JOB HUNTING. Yes, it is a painful and dreaded process for the most part, however, it is also something that encompasses the beginning of something NEW and hopefully FULFILLING. 305 kata lagi

Human Resources


Every student needs to recharge and revisit the commitment they have made to educate themselves. Since we are in the trenches of finishing what we have started, sometimes it’s difficult to see the bigger picture. 364 kata lagi


The value of collaborative work is essential in any learning environment. Students can understand and extend the concepts they need for their curriculum learning as they interact with each other and negotiate new learning. 300 kata lagi