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02-27. Andalusite #2

Subconsciously, I may have been looking for some flamenco pattern while working with  Winter & Ghose template on a 1000º Thermal expansion of an Andalusite. 52 kata lagi


The Highly Sensitive Large Hadron Collider disproves the Existence of Ghosts

  • Renowned physicist Brian Cox has claimed that the lack of any physical evidence being detected by the highly sensitive Large Hadron Collider disproves the existence of ghosts.
280 kata lagi

Nuclear shadows

I cannot unwind the clock in my skull.
The ticking over time that set all the world ablaze.
Who knew the day, when the sky darkened. 123 kata lagi


She only has one skin. 1996.

She has only one skin.

At her nucleus is fire.

Outside of her skin is ether and dark matter.

So it our father that made us in his likeness? 34 kata lagi



02-26. Andalusite #1

Andalusite – a crystal that sounds like music for week #9 of this 52 weeks tour of the Geometry of Nature!

Andalusite is a pink-violet metamorphic mineral of the orthorhombic family. 111 kata lagi


Top free agent A.J. Bouye projected to get $12M per year

One of ESPN’s better reporters, John Clayton, recently released his best guesses for the top 25 free agents and what sort of contracts they will get on the open market. 185 kata lagi

Houston Texans


02-25. Zircon #7

“Mechanical Klee”

Beautiful but strange structure emerging on the last day of this series. I left  A.  Kolesov, C. Geiger & T. Armbruster resource data on the dynamic properties of zircon – almost untouched. 22 kata lagi