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MAXWEL'S HALL WEEK DIARIES: Dumsoric Kwapong Artiste Night

In a month of continuous hall weeks, concert lovers on the University of Ghana campus are sure to enjoy a roller-coaster of fun. Like an examiner marking an exam script, the outcome would have probably been… Jublish Evandy Kwapong [ ???] 783 kata lagi


Gravitational Pull

I wandered quite aloof

thinking this and that

I understand

that every atom is attracted to a significant star in the universe

so how long are You going to take… 6 kata lagi


Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Isotopes

We extended our learning about neutrons yesterday with an lesson about isotopes.  The Lesson 13 PowerPoint explains how certain elements like carbon always contain the same number of protons, but may contain different numbers of neutrons.   123 kata lagi


Markdown - the future of writing on-line content

Markdown is around since 2004, but it was GitHub that pushed it to a celebrity status. 357 kata lagi


Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Atomic Number and Atomic Mass

We continued our study of the atom by learning about the relationship between atomic number and atomic mass.  Before launching into the Lesson 12 PowerPoint… 92 kata lagi


How is the inner Beloved like a nucleus? They both are the central and most important part of an object. They both are the positively…

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