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Mother is the ritual 
she is the habit of serving more 
wisdom than you or universities
can carry.

Father is surrender
he is the war we haven’t confronted,  17 kata lagi


The Body of God

The Universe is God in motion. A virus does not see a human body – it sees only cosmic elements; atoms; stars, suns, planets, etc. 41 kata lagi

DC's Legends of Tomorrow First Look!

It’s our first look into Legends of Tomorrow! Already we have some cast surprises and more! Who is already your favorite of this new show?


Working with JSX

I began working with JSX recently as I am using ReactJS for a personal project.  Unfortunately, I have found very little support for JSX auto-formatting. 593 kata lagi


Friday, 11/20/15- A Day

Learning Objective:

  • Gases and liquids are made of molecules or inert atoms that are moving about relative to each other.
  • In a liquid, the molecules are constantly in contact with others; in a gas, they are widely spaced except when they happen to collide.
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