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Holy S**t

Fact: There is a particle called the “Oh-My-God particle”.

You might have thought the God particle (otherwise known as the Higgs Boson) had a pretty cool name, but physicists can be a dramatic bunch sometimes – like when discovering something entirely unexpected. 293 kata lagi


Microsoft Ending Support for Clover Trail PCs

Intel’s basic processor, Atom, has had many evolutions over the years. One of them was the Clover Trail series, around 2012-13. Owners of such PCs who upgraded to Windows 10 were surprised recently by errors while attempting to upgrade from the Anniversary Update (Version 1607) to the Creators Update (Version 1703). 165 kata lagi



If someone tells you a lie,
Use it to discern your truth

If someone tells you that you’re ugly
Show the world how beautiful you really are… 267 kata lagi


Atom—High CPU Usage Fix (2017)

Today my mentor recommended that I give Atom another shot. I had previously tried Atom on my own and loved it, but it quickly started to blow up my CPU, often hitting 90%+. 57 kata lagi


Getting autocomplete-python Atom plugin to work on Windows with WinPython

I stumbled around for a little bit with this one. The path to the Python executable must be set in the configuration settings for the Atom autocomplete-python package, and the part of the path with the executable filename must include the… 31 kata lagi