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Police: ATM Lockbox Containing $18K Cash Stolen In NE Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police are investigating the theft of an ATM lockbox which was holding $18,000 in cash.

It happened Thursday afternoon in Northeast Philadelphia. 59 kata lagi


Sir Alex Ramos

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Treat As Urgent

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The sum of $4.5 million. out of your over due total sum has been approved for payment through ATM cash card system after all attempts to pay you through bank, and diplomatic courier failed. 217 kata lagi


I Lost My UCPB eMoney Card!!! What To Do?

UCPB eMoney Card works like a cash card. I use it for remittances from my online job. Last week, I lost it. That is why, I needed to get a new one. 473 kata lagi


Skimmers Hijack ATM Network Cables

This is yet another skimming attack for ATM’s.  The weaknesses of logical security in these devices (no card encryption prior to transmission) are being exploited by the weaknesses in physical security.  26 kata lagi

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#atm #atthemoment shot from the doorway

At the moment series, android-shot from the doorway five minutes ago… 

this is cropped, I removed the street, but other than that (other than the grey cement streets, cars, buildings, and the nearby mall, drugstores, gas stations, banks), you could say … I live in the forest … in the manner a business morning news “anchor” referred to  his news subjects as “forest-dwellers” (they were small artisans and enterpreneur- handcrafters who used plant-based raw materials) 35 kata lagi

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Seducing My Big Brother and the Twins (Taboo, Multiples, Stuffing)

It’s the final book in the steamy, incestuous Seducing My Brothers series!!!

It’s all about to explode!

Big brother Joey is back, but he no longer wants to have anything to do with Marie. 221 kata lagi