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An ATM Inside Establishments Helps Businesses Embrace Digital Age

Just a few short years ago, experts forecasted the digital space as the future. This prediction has come to pass, with the internet influencing every aspect of human life, from education, transport, and entertainment right down to professions. 106 kata lagi

What a farce going on over demonetisation!

Frankly, I am getting tired of people droning on about standing in bank queues and the time they have to waste, and all the wonderful or terrible people they meet. 1.079 kata lagi


Chesapeake police: Man took $4K in fraudulent ATM transactions

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – Police are looking for man who made fraudulent transactions at ATMs in different parts of Chesapeake.

According to police, the man took a total of $4,000. 12 kata lagi


Norfolk police looking to ID check fraud suspect

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk police say they are looking to identify the suspect of check fraud.

The man in the surveillance photos reportedly cashed a stolen check valued at over $800 at a Navy Federal Credit Union ATM on N. 16 kata lagi


सरकार को कोस रहे लाइनों में लगे लोग

लुधियाना, (सुनीलराय कामरेड): पंजाब समेत देशभर में नोटबंदी के बाद पैदा हुए हालात जस के तस है, जिस कारण आज 23 दिन बाद भी लुधियाना-जालंधर-अमृतसर-पठानकोट-पटियाला समेत पंजाब के सरहदी कस्बे फिरोजपुर, बटाला, अजनाला, तरनतारन और खेमकरण के बैंकों और एटीएम पर पैसा निकालने वालों की भीड़ लगी है। कई-कई बैंकों में करंसी ना आने के […]

Why Proving Your Patriotism Is Crucial Right Now

Patriotism means defending and protecting one’s country, even if it means protecting it from its own government and its people

As the Supreme Court made its announcement, making it compulsory for cinema halls across the country to play the national anthem before screening the movie, I sat in absolute bewilderment about the enforcement of yet another mandate in the month of demonetisation that threatened the rights of an individual in this country. 703 kata lagi