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Alex Lopera, cofundador BTCPoint : "La autoridad y yo no nos llevamos muy bien"

Alex Lopera lleva la emprendeduría en las venas. Cuando estaba en el instituto, este joven de Sabadell se pasaba el día investigando en internet sobre temas relacionados con start-ups y acabó descubriendo la… 682 more words


Greece crisis: 7 photos that show what happens when banks close

ABOVE: World markets tumbled this morning as Greece closed its banks in a last ditch effort to avoid a financial meltdown

TORONTO – Greece’s banks remain closed Monday morning, and will remain closed through Monday, July 6. 285 more words


Environmental Artists place their mark on Munro House in Leeds as Human Nature leaves its legacy

Munro House in Leeds describes itself as being the gateway to Leeds Art Quarter and you can see why. An imposing building built in Leeds industrial heyday it now houses creative studios and regularly puts on shows and exhibitions. 590 more words

Ben Wilson

Grecy topią swoje banki - czerwiec 2015

500 z 7000 bankomatów w Grecji nie ma już gotówki. Masowe wypłaty pieniędzy z kont bankowych w Grecji są skutkiem zapowiadanego na koniec czerwca 2015 bankructwa, czyli niewypłacalności rządu w Atenach. 32 more words

Maciej Ziółkowski

Woman kidnapped by four men, forced to hand over her debit card

WICHITA, Kan. – A woman in east Wichita was kidnapped and forced to hand over her debit card to four people early Saturday morning.

Wichita police say a 19-year-old woman was outside her home in the 1500 block of E. 103 more words


Afformance - Through Walls (self-released)

Έχουμε γράψει πλείστες φορές, σε διάφορα κείμενα και κριτικές, ότι το post-rock σαν μουσικό ιδίωμα χαρακτηρίζεται πλέον από έναν φορμαλισμό, από μια συνθετική ευκολία και συμβατικότητα ∙ ότι,λίγο-πολύ, ο ακροατ@ (με ή δίχως κριτική διάθεση) ξέρει τί να αναμένει από μια post-rock δουλειά – ή, ακόμη κι αν προχωράει στην ακρόαση χωρίς προκαταλήψεις, μπορεί εύκολα να σχηματίσει μια συνολική (και συχνά σωστή) εικόνα από τα πρώτα λεπτά της ακρόασης. 40 more words


ATM alarm used by cells to signal DNA damage when triggered by UV-induced transcription halting

HorizonHealth asks how does our body keep its DNA intact? Researchers have just found a new piece of this puzzle. They discovered a novel alarm that cells use to signal DNA damage.  113 more words