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UFOmania: "The Evidence that the Ancient Lost City beneath the Antarctic Ice still exists!"

More on Antarctica.  I keep seeing this more and more and it’s getting harder and harder to doubt that this is real.

As always, do your research, use your discernment, and seek to find your truth.




Atlantis. Dwarka. Kumari Kandam. Zealandia. Sundaland. Ever heard of these? If not, you will today! Let’s have a look at some of the top rumored lands, which are claimed to have disappeared/sunk through the course of time. 951 kata lagi

Modern Era

Typhoon Lagoon's newest ride quietly pays homage to one of Disney's most forgotten films

Back in 2001, Disney had a brand new franchise underway. With a cast led by Michael J. Fox, “Atlantis” was supposed to hit. Called a “ 512 kata lagi

Disney World

Top 5 Disney Movies

Here is My personal list of the Top 5 Disney Cartoons

  1. Hercules (1997)

Disney’s Hercules will always have a special place in my heart. It is a fun and sweet movie about finding your place in the world. 636 kata lagi


DUBAI: an Oasis of luxury and exclusivity, in the middle of the desert!

One of the trendiest destinations in the world, and Jaime’s number one “must visit” travel places was Dubai, which happened to be only a few hours away from the Netherlands! 2.125 kata lagi

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Books from Atlantis: thanks Red King.

If Atlantis had not kept me company with the creation of his books from the red cover, I would not be here today. Without his stories would not have survived the solitude of time and to the contempt of those who I have loved unconditionally.

Thanks Red King.


Antarctic Atlantis: Human Settlements Under All That Ice Down There?

Source: GizaDeathStar.com
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D.
March 19, 2017

Just when you thought that Antarctica could not possibly become any stranger, reality comes along and upsets things. 1.443 kata lagi