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That place on the edge of forever (Poem)

God if I could live next to the ocean, and the woods, if I could hear the roar of the waves and the howl of the wind, if I could stand on a rock that jutted out into the sea, and feel the spray on my face, then I would be happy. 209 kata lagi

Let me start by saying...

Good afternoon! It has been about a month since I moved to Chicago, and about four months since I graduated college. Life is definitely different. Not having to plan for a schedule this fall was a huge stress reliever, but finding a job has been life’s hardest assignment yet. 835 kata lagi


I Do Not Consider Your Feast to Be a Tribute

BY King Neptune

You mortals sicken me. Each and every year, you attempt to pay tribute to I, Neptune, King of the Seas, and Protector of its Citizens in the dining halls of Rutgers with your “King Neptune Night.” But it is not a tribute. 559 kata lagi

Rutgers University

The New Atlantis

December 13,2013

Manhattan Sunk 6 miles into the ground and now…


Book Review: Clock Shavings

Clock Shavings. By. Tracy Twyman. Vancouver, Washington: Dragon Key Press, 2014. 418 pp.

In Tracy Twyman’s underground occult hit memoir book Clock Shavings, the author uncovers her past dealings with the Ouija board and various spirits and the dead–including Cain, Jean Cocteau, Baphomet, Lucifer, Satan, and even Jesus. 2.312 kata lagi


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