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Evidence in Support of Atlantis being in Antarctica

Atlantis in Antarctica evidence

  • Recently scientist have discovered a gigantic structure buried beneath the ice and snow in Antarctica
  • An old map what is over 500 years old shows that Antarctica might have not always been snow covered…
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Dream of the Week 1

Each week the most intriguing dream of mine will be published. Of course, if you have a particularly exciting dream to share, do not hesitate to share it to me, lucid or not, at distinct.dreamer@gmail.com… 727 kata lagi


Bahamas, Septiembre de 2017

En Septiembre decido a viajar sola a las Bahamas ya que estaba buscando un poquito de calorcito y desconexión playera. Mi viaje son 5 días, así que vuelo desde Nueva York directa a Nassau ya que los vuelos son bastantes baratos y pensé que luego me movería a las otras islas. 1.057 kata lagi

Bahamas | Day 10: Sunrise Run

The last day of vacation is always bittersweet: the Bahamas is beautiful, but home is comfortable (and has dry heat—80% humidity is not awesome).

My flight left late enough that I didn’t have to hurry out of the door at the crack of dawn; I could live the slow rhythm of the islands one last time. 122 kata lagi

See The World

Bahamas Cruise for Two

This fall has been unusually packed with travel for us. Out of the past 6 weeks, we have spent three of those on 3 different vacations! 331 kata lagi


One Story, Two Versions - Part 2

This is the follow-up to the story posted yesterday. As I mentioned, this was written during the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 2015. Originally, I had done research, plotting, characterization, setting, dialogue, etc. 5.547 kata lagi

Short Fiction

Las Vegas of the Middle East

Dubai, the Arab Vegas is buzzing with so much energy that a thousand splendid memories rush back to me as I type. Anybody who enjoys being around things that are rich in character will have a wondrous time looking around. 183 kata lagi

Arab Life