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An exercise in frustration: Saturday lunch in Dubai

Saturday lunch is wonderful. An excellent time to catch up with friends as the end of the weekend approaches (our weekends in the UAE run Friday-Saturday), taking a civilized few hours to languidly dine and, perhaps, drink. 656 kata lagi


"Construction" zone

I get it.  I really do.  The road needs to be fixed, the parking structure at LaGuardia Airport Terminal B is falling apart, the roads have pot holes, and the cracks or so big that THIS winter the ice will pry them apart. 483 kata lagi


Yes, I’m in a “lick a dolphin” mood.


Random Thoughts

Dwarka – of Krishna and Meera

A long drive across flat, featureless, arid landscape of west Gujarat brought me to Dwarka. The last stage of drive from Rajkot was material less, offering nothing to capture my attention. 989 kata lagi


Conspiracy theories

It occurred to me recently that much of what I hear from Brexiteers about the EU is complete fantasy. More than that, they have developed some ludicrous conspiracy theory that the EU is the work of the devil; that all foreigners are out to get us true blue Brits. 140 kata lagi


image credit: The Fall of Atlantis by Gaius31duke

According to Plato, Autochthon was one of the ten kings of Atlantis.

The word autochthon (n.) means “one sprung from the soil he inhabits” (plural autochthones), from Greek autokhthon “aborigines, natives,” literally “sprung from the land itself,” used of the Athenians and others who claimed descent from the Pelasgians, from auto- “self” (see auto-) + khthon “land, earth, soil” (see chthonic). 2.151 kata lagi