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Atlantica Online: Pros V. Cons

I am reflecting on the current issues & what’s still decent from this game.

I’ll add more to the list once it comes up / if I’ve forgotten something. 1.128 kata lagi

Atlantica Online NA - AO Day is back

  • [Notes]
    • Well, it’s about damn time VALOFE brought AO Day back
      • Only took them 4½ months

Jun. 01 2017

▷ Update

  • Server refresh…
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Atlantica Online NA - Updates - Black & Red Wind mounts released in IM

  • [Notes]
    • Unexpectedly, new mounts have arrived for Atlantica Online
    • Details of [Limited Premium Package] added to Item Mall page
    • Proc stats of…
  • 217 kata lagi

Atlantica Online NA - Updates - Archangel Mount released in IM

  • [Notes]
    • GM Otoshigami provided the contents of the [Incarnation of Archangel Card]
    • The [Paint Puzzle Piece] & [Mysterious Paint…
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Atlantica Online NA - Events - VALOFE's 10th Anniversary

  • Disappointingly, we’ll have to login at specific times to receive these rewards.
  • It’s already started. I know, I’ve been slacking on getting this post out.
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Atlantica Online NA - Updates - Archangel Wings released in IM

  • [Notes]
    • The Golem / Molten Golem / Ice Golem are register-able to the Collection Book
    • Archangel Wings Decoration Box has been added to the…
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Atlantica Online - Spoilers - Purification Tower KA [Sneak Peek]

Atlantica Online NA – Purification Tower

⇑ Actual Updates for Atlantica Online North America ⇑

All of the references listed below were for AO Korea . 309 kata lagi