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Nexon ,, The Addiction system !

The Revolution , the strategic update which will be a deviation and totally change the way of MMORPG  . As Nexon lunched the arena of atlantis which changed all circumstances of playing Because , 235 kata lagi

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The secret behind Increased Prices of Mount and Clothes in Atlantica online

2010 , when the price of the trojan outfit was just for 300M , and in some times , you was able to buy Cheapest decoration with just 800M which was wing of Darkness , right now 2014 it worth about 14B , 205 kata lagi

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Atlantica Online gets a huge content update

Atlantica Online gets a massive content update today. This update introduces to the game a new mercenary system, a new weapon class, cut scenes, revamps the quest system and changes the state of play. 267 kata lagi


Atlantica Online

It does seems strange not to write a review for a game which my wife and I have been playing for the past 4 years. Well, she has been playing continuously. 1.220 kata lagi