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Atlantica Online NA [VALOFE] – Update #9 - New Content for 2017?


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_______________________________ The certain rewards/content as of November 3rd, 2016:
  1.  Four Platinum Boxes
  2. One Teleport License (7 Days)
  3. 50 Atlas Ores…
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Atlantica Online NA [VALOFE] – Update #8 - The Milestone Event

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It seems VALOFE North America has released some information that even I was unaware of; I’m not exactly surprised about more free atlas , but what I am completely surprised by is the unexplained “New Year’s Accessory Set” and the “Dark Crystal Weapon Supplies” . 240 kata lagi


Will VALOFE Global Ltd. use Zendesk [customer support service] for Atlantica Online?

The question is important, as Zendesk was previously, and is still used by Nexon to upkeep the customer service department until Atlantica Online’s service is transferred to VALOFE NA on January 6th, 2017. 884 kata lagi


Atlantica Online NA [VALOFE] – Update #7 – VALOFE Accounts [E-mail Issues]

As of today, VALOFE NA has put out another Facebook post on the recent issue of players not receiving the e-mail verifications for their newly acquired VALOFE accounts. 414 kata lagi


Atlantica Online NA [VALOFE] - Update #6 - 1k "Likes"

So GM GalaxyEyes has given us another treat; to go along with the recent Transfer announcement, and on top of the former 1.5k and 2k “Likes” attempts, the third attempt, requesting 1k “Likes” out of it’s players has succeeded. 226 kata lagi


Atlantica Online NA [VALOFE] - Update #5 - VALOFE Accounts

Alright, so now that we can share our character data to VALOFE, there may be a few minor issues you may run into… Like the possibility of already having an original Ndoors / VALOFE account, or you might accidentally transfer the wrong account to the wrong VALOFE ID. 463 kata lagi