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Krauthammer: How Do You Distinguish a Foreign Policy 'Idealist" from a 'Realist'?

Charles Krauthammer writes: How do you distinguish a foreign policy “idealist” from a “realist,” an optimist from a pessimist? Ask one question: Do you believe in the arrow of history? 575 kata lagi

Barack Obama

A Series of Unfortunate (Car) Events

When I first started driving, I bought myself a Scion tC: a reliable coupe with a Toyota-engine that I very much enjoyed having at the time. 1.048 kata lagi


AMBER Lab’s Robot Runs Just Like You!

It seems like it was just yesterday when ASIMO, the world’s first robot with predicted movement control, had managed to walk on its own two feet. 237 kata lagi

Robot Revolution

ASIMO, the robot, to welcome visitors at Narita International Airport

TOKYO :Honda Motor Co announced plans to conduct demonstrations of ASIMO, its bipedal humanoid robot, at Narita International Airport over a one-week period from Monday, March 28 through Sunday, April 3. 158 kata lagi

Why do we call them Robots? Part 2. Robotics


In the first article of this mini-series, I`ve touched on the origin of the term “robot” and its innate implications. Now, I`d like to go deeper into the matter and see what`s the deal with robotics.  957 kata lagi

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