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Types of Robots.

In the last article we discussed about Robotics which may give u a picture of what Robots are and in this article we are going to see the various types of Robots which are built. 544 kata lagi



Asimo by Honda

  • Japanese technology giant Honda unveiled first robot nearly 30 years ago
  • Recently, it showcased Asimo – a robot that can climb stars and dance…
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Will Computers Ever Truly Understand What We’re Saying?

From Apple’s Siri to Honda’s robot Asimo, machines seem to be getting better and better at communicating with humans. But some neuroscientists caution that today’s computers will never truly understand what we’re saying because they do not take into account the context of a conversation the way people do. 1.288 kata lagi

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Miraikan, museum of the future

Though I lived for over three years in Tokyo, it wasn’t until my last trip as a tourist back to the big metropoli in summer that I decided to pay a visit to the… 503 kata lagi


Yamaha's Motobot

It’s like Terminator meets Asimo.  When you consider the resources of Yamaha compared to the resources of Honda, it’s a very impressive achievement.

We want to know how long until there will be a grid of them racing around.


Honda designing new ASIMO-style robot for disaster response

An article published on October 13th, 2015 in Extreme Tech,, states that Honda is developing a new version of their ASIMO robot that could be useful in dangerous settings to help keep humans out of harm’s way. 187 kata lagi

Smart Manufacturing

Honda Paper: animating six decades of dreams

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Honda is not a car company, but an engineering one. Everything from motorcycles to cars, boat motors and lawn movers, and even robots and jet airplanes are all created in the grand halls of the many Honda centers worldwide. 29 kata lagi