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Why Your Company Should Compare 401k Plans ASAP

By Nick Economos That current 401k plan for your company? Sure, it seems to be performing fine. Yet, you can’t ignore the sense that you should compare 401k plans for your peace of mind, especially with some questions rising to the surface such as: Are we overpaying for our 401k plan with certain fees that may [ ] The post Why Your Company Should Compare 401k Plans ASAP appeared first on Fiduciary Financial Partners.

ASAP Kicks Off 2017 with First Implementation in Pennsylvania

2017 is just a week old and already there is positive ASAP news. On January 6, Bucks County, PA went live with the service. This is the first ASAP implementation in the state of Pennsylvania. 138 kata lagi

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2017 Year of Caring

A crossover collaboration between Pillowglitch© BeanParrots and Tienny© Turtle to bring to you a Happy 2017 Greeting! When the speedster meets the conscientious [ 126 kata lagi



As soon as possible. What does this really mean?

Operations Director Amanda, whilst managing an advertising studio in Wandsworth Town decided to ban it entirely: here she is explaining why: “ASAP conveys no useful information about when a thing is actually needed for. 171 kata lagi

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Grooming Pubic Hair could Increase STI Risk

Those that groom their pubic hair have a higher self-reported history of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI), according to researchers from California. The study examined the grooming practices of both men and women and found that those who groom (either by shaving, waxing, or cutting with scissors) had a higher incidence of contracting STI’s than those that do not. 155 kata lagi

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