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What Pressing Issues Will the FOIA Advisory Committee Tackle for its Second Term? FRINFORMSOM 7/21/16

The FOIA Advisory Committee’s second term gets underway this morning at the National Archives and Records Administration. The first term’s most notable deliverable was its… 1.638 kata lagi


Col Coleman is back at the LA Hotel, Lapta

by Chris Elliott…..

It seems like a long time since we were last out and about writing reviews about those entertainers we enjoyed watching and listening to. 341 kata lagi

North Cyprus

3 Ways Establishing Priorities Makes Life Easier

We all have moments when everything seems like it needs to be done right away. ASAP seems to be the deadline for everything these days. In order to avoid overwhelm and frustration, it’s important to establish priorities in all areas of our lives, and here’s why: 507 kata lagi

Sandra Dawes

Menanti Sinarnya

Kala gelapnya langit tanpamu

Tanpa hamparan cahayamu

Dimana semua makhluk tertidur

Gelapnya langit bernaungan hembusan angin

Dinginnya yang ingin selalu menutup mata 82 kata lagi

Puisi Religi

Interview at ASAP conference Sao Paulo Brazil, April 2016

While presenting and attending the ASAP 2016 Population Health Forum, I was interviewed about population health. Topics touched upon include value based care and payments, what should Brazil look to do and incentives.   6 kata lagi