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every exit is an entry

I saw the above street art last week while walking a new route to work. ‘Every exit is an entry somewhere else’ – yes! I immediately took a photo, loving the random surprises that can happen when I vary my daily routine even just slightly. 417 kata lagi

Personal Growth

Review: The Square

Director: Ruben Östlund

Stars: Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss, Terry Notary

You can’t remove any part of a square and have it remain a square; it becomes something other, something open and unresolved. 782 kata lagi


Impressions of Palestinian Memory in Watercolour

Israel’s colonial massacre in Gaza

Deir Yassin

The narrations of burnt olive trees

Rain in Abu Dis (inspired by Rima Najjar’s photography)

NAKBA 1948

Spirit of Return… 7 kata lagi

My OC :D

HEELLOOOO!!! Well, it’s a little bit late but here is my OC:)))) 218 kata lagi


Aesthetic Antipolo

I heard this place from a friend who said that it’s a must go museum if you like to see modern art.

Pinto Art Museum is located in Antipolo, 2.5 hours from Manila. 165 kata lagi


The Mountain

So high up,

the air is thinner.

The wind blows

almost constantly.

My bitter friends,

my ravaged ego,

left below

many miles ago.


Still ascending; 248 kata lagi


Capable of Hunger

Hunger shows wisdom,

hunger shows strength.

Hunger for love,

hunger for pain,

hunger for food,

hunger for shame,

hunger for games,

hunger … …