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Reverse to be able to continue

So, sorry for the long silence. Had a crazy week and weekend but I’ll spare you all my personal life (all I’m saying is that Blablacars are great until they aren’t ;)) and go on to what’s happening here. 190 kata lagi

"Wild Animal" on the loose in Bloomfield!

Caught mid-step, body poised, steely eyes focused on unseen prey, its mouth is agape in carnivorous anticipation. The electric day-glow orange creature steps from an autumnal forest scene of tall pines and fallen leaves directly onto the hard concrete of a salt-stained Bloomfield side street walkway. 419 kata lagi


Introducing Art

Hi all! This is my very first blog post. Today i may not posting a tutorial of drawing first. I just want to share my thought about art. 398 kata lagi


Do Ho Suh Architecture

Fabric Architecture
“Known for his intricate sculptures that defy conventional notions of scale and site-specificity, Suh’s work draws attention to the ways viewers occupy and inhabit public space. 23 kata lagi


This Anti-Trump art exhibition in Amsterdam is raising money for all kinds of Nasty Women

If you’re looking for a fun, feminist thing to do that doesn’t involve inking your allegiance to Elizabeth Warren, then you might want to pop over to Amsterdam for a cheeky weekender. 494 kata lagi