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Beyond Time | Aldilà del tempo

“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.”
– Jean Racine


Silvina Spravkin, is an Argentinian sculptor who makes her art in mosaic, marble and other medias in Pietrasanta, Italy.


I Can't Explain...

Artists have so many things that get in the way of being able to create: Reality for one. Most of us have to have another job to pay the bills, and if it’s a decent job, it takes up more hours than those for which you get paid. 1.115 more words



art is life…it is everything around us…
everything we do in our daily lives …..
it is expressed in many ways,it could be through singing,dancing,drawing,painting,writing,spoken word etc. 30 more words


Evan Lorenzen Designs Pin-Sized Books

Illustrator and designer Evan Lorenzen has spent the past year designing tiny, pin-sized books. The books comprise a “micro-library” of guides and curiosities, including “Life’s Lil Pleasures,” “The Little Book of Big Ideas,” and “The Mini Book of Major Events.” Thanks to… 28 more words