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The Essence

I believed once,

A lifetime ago,

On winds tripped with Shorefined beads,

I lost essence combined,

My heart confined, trapped rectangular

My spirit soared, a mountain passed… 13 more words


Big on the Underground, What's the Point of Knocking Me Down?

I remember I went to my hometown’s FYE store and ran to the ‘Alternative/Dance’ section and got my chubby hands on M.I.A’s Arular. I obsessed over her MySpace page and her songs like… 438 more words

Wonder boy

This is the first original illustration I used for a lecture presentation. The slide was about a boy wondering about which Metro Manila university he would attend. 36 more words


Books For Boots

These are the boots I bought ten years ago with the money I made from selling my books at the Strand bookstore. Books, which had always been able to warm my heart and soul and send my imagination soaring, could not keep my feet warm and dry in the winter unless I was reading by the fire. 629 more words


3 Like 4

The trick is to choose 3 hues and make them to appear as 4 different hues.



shit just got real in school and i really can’t wait till its over.
my getaway train, where’s my getaway train?

i had a chaotic dream lately. 345 more words