Krishna explains

In answer to Arjuna’s severe misgivings, Krishna explains the Yoga of Knowledge. he says: ‘Arjuna, is this hour of battle the time for scruples and fancies? 192 more words


The first chapter

The first chapter of the Bhagavad Gita deals with Arjuna’s sorrow at finding himself at war with his kinsmen. He asks Krishna to pull up his chariot so that he can see the men in their battle-lines. 141 more words


The back story

The back story to the Bhagavad Gita is this: ‘After the death of King Pandu, in India, his brother Dhritarashtra succeeded to the throne. He educated the five sons of Pandu, along with his own one hundred sons. 263 more words


Multiple Arjunas .

Pan-Indian Arjun, Indonesian Arjun, Bengali Arjun, Tamil Arjun.

Zapped? Don’t be!

Indonesia, with its huge Buddhist & Hinduist influences has its own Mahabharat. Variations between ‘our’ MB & ‘their’ MB – some quirky, some weird, some hilarious, some disgusting, some beyond imagination. 481 more words


Aku padamu lah say..

Udah lama ya ga nulis tentang celotehan edel yang kadang bikin saya terharu, senyum-senyum, mingkem sendiri atau malah gemes nanggepinnya. tapi ada juga sih saatnya saya bingung ga tau jawab apaan.. 330 more words


Practice: Arjuna the Archer Transition (Warrior 2 to Half Moon Pose)

The postures we practice in class all have a much deeper meaning behind them than the physical appearance.

While the English language uses a word to describe something, Sanskrit is a vibrational language, and the words hold the… 1.843 more words


Lord Krishna's Mysterious Ways

This is a wonderful story on attachment. Please listen and enjoy.