The dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna in the Gita continues. Arjuna asks: ‘I want to learn the truth about renunciation and non-attachment. What is the difference between these two principles?’ 59 kata lagi


Just Another day

The garden was deserted. Arjuna stopped near a tree. The air was still. He tensed as he heard a shuffle behind the bushes. Stealthily, he moved back, to circle the tree and approached the bush. 383 kata lagi



In Chapter 17, Krishna repeats his teaching of the gunas. He then explains OM TAT SAT to us: ‘OM TAT SAT: these three words designate Brahman, by whom the seers, the Vedas and the sacrificial rites were created in ancient times. 138 kata lagi


On War and Peace

I’m reminded so often in these difficult days of crazy-makers running amuck on the world stage of the battle at the heart of the Bhagavad Gita. 2.074 kata lagi


Krishna reassures Arjuna

Krishna reassures Arjuna in this way: ‘The birthright of the divine nature leads to liberation. The birthright of the demonic nature leads to greater bondage. But you need not fear, Arjuna, your birthright is divine.’ 45 kata lagi


Divine and Demonic

Bear in mind the age of the Bhagavad Gita as you read this. How far has mankind come?

Krishna says: ‘ Men of demonic nature know neither what they ought to do, nor what they should refrain from doing. 261 kata lagi


Thursdays With Ashok - Lessons 32 & 33

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