The Abduction

The horses were in a steady gallop now. The chariot passed smoothly over the uneven terrain, its design and build contributing no less than the skilful handling of the reins by the man driving the horses. 1.151 kata lagi


Ed's History Challenge: The Bhagwat Gita

For this week’s challenge, I am going to go into a bit of mythology. Why do I do this? Because, in India, often mythological lessons and stories blend into historical legend and myth becomes fact in the minds of many. 233 kata lagi


Mais vale cumprir o dever próprio, ainda que de modo imperfeito, do que o dever alheio, ainda que com perfeição. Cumprindo o karma imposto por sua própria natureza, o homem não incorre em pecado.

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3. The Yoga of Action

Arjuna said: If you consider understanding superior to action, O Janardana, why then, You of the Beautiful Locks, do you urge me to this fearful action? 730 kata lagi

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Bhima: The Man in Shadows by Vikas Singh

Book: Bhima Author: Vikas Singh Publisher: Westland Limited

I have grown up listening to the tales of Mahabharata, read Amar Chitra Katha books on various characters of Mahabharat and have even seen the mega serial on the same, directed and produced by BR Chopra with the faces of actors still etched in mind. 563 kata lagi

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4 Things a teacher can learn from Bhagwat Gita

1.Listen to the students-Lord Krishna very patiently listened to Arjun when he was demotivated.Listening will help you know more about your student and the teacher student relationship also strengthens.While listening don’t judge your student,neither be angry on his works.Just understand that he is on his way of learning and he will commit mistakes. 230 kata lagi