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Meet Chris: An Arabian Night's tale -Hostage, Pro EU turn BRITEXIT, and in love with Arabia

Meet Chris: An Arabian Night’s tale- Hostage, Pro EU turn BRITEXIT, and in love with Arabia

By Robert Payne

“It was the worst three months of my life. 953 kata lagi

Babes on a Budget/ Garnier haul 

Hello loves!

Another tiring week of university but I have finally had the time to write this blogpost.

I went to restock on a few of my favorite Garnier products. 291 kata lagi


Entering the Kingdom

Location: Not Disclosed due to Safety Reasons

I walked off the Aircraft, down the walk way and Into the corridors of the Airport. Then I Headed down the Escalator to the Immigration Hall. 981 kata lagi


Saudi Arabia just one-upped the US

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Saudi Arabia just one-upped the US.

The kingdom is once again the world’s largest oil producer, surpassing the United States, which has held the title since April 2014, according to the  544 kata lagi

Money Matters

Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-Adha

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

REUTERS: Muslims around the world celebrated the Eid al-Adha holiday on Monday (Sep 12), one of the two most important festivals of the Islamic calendar. 441 kata lagi

Current Affairs

Muslim pilgrims begin hajj, but this year without Iranians

September 10, 2016

MECCA, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Close to 2 million people from around the world began performing the first rites of the Islamic hajj pilgrimage on Saturday, which calls for entering into a state of physical and spiritual purity and circling the cube-shaped Kaaba with their palms facing upward in supplication and prayer. 459 kata lagi

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Hajj 2016: More than a million Muslims head to Mecca

09 September 2016 Friday

Millions of Muslims from around the world have started arriving in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, a central pillar of the Islamic faith that re-enacts the actions of the Prophet Muhammad from more than 1,400 years ago. 252 kata lagi

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