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FUCK ISRAEL: The Jewish Genome Myth - BUSTED! by Snordster

From the Youtube description: JIM W Dean, writing for Press TV evokes an extraordinary vision based on the hardcore, self funded research of Dr. Eran Elhaik, who busts, wide open, and without a shred of doubt, the myth created by the zionists about their history. 17 kata lagi


FUCK ISRAEL: Documentary - The Inconvenient Truth About Jews

Video first posted in 2012.

From the Youtube description:  This documentary sheds light on a crucial matter, which the mainstream media would like to keep under the lid. 99 kata lagi


FUCK ISRAEL: The Truth Is Anti-Semitic By Rebel Of Oz

From the Youtube description: “We shall have a world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” – James Warburg, Jewish Merchant Banker… 331 kata lagi


David Duke: CNN, Goldman Sachs And Israel's Zionist Matrix (2013)

From the Youtube description: This documentary video is the first public expose’ that the same Zio who is the biggest stockholder of the mega Zio media corporation Time Warner, was the biggest stockholder also of Goldman Sachs at the time of the mortgage meltdown. 52 kata lagi


False Flag 9/11: Alan Sabrosky - Israel Did It, All The Proof You Need

Fuck Israel.



Dr. Alan Sabrosky interview – The Ugly Truth podcast (3/15/2010) with Mark Glenn http://theuglytruth.podbean.com/2010/…

Israel Did 9/11: All the Proof in the World – MonkeySeeMonkeyDo… 103 kata lagi


False Flag 9/11: Saudi Arabia Now Blaming US For Terror Attacks

The Machine is falling. The Panama Papers are implicating Soros. Russia is about to release the Hildabeast’s emails, and now this. Look for a lot of dirty laundry to come out soon. 334 kata lagi


Documentary: Holy War - The Muslim Turks At The Gates Of Vienna (1683)

Note: The comments on the YT page are very critical of this documentary. However, I can find several historical links that match the general events of what took place. 171 kata lagi