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World War III: Turkey Is Not Attacking ISIS, Massacring Kurds Instead

After the attempted coup, Turkey and Russia came to some kind of agreement. Russia seems to have backed off here, while Turkey is moving ahead to attack and genocide the Kurdish extremists. 128 kata lagi


World War III: Did The US And Turkey Stage A Fake Military Operation?

The waters were muddied up considerably after the supposed attempted coup on scumbag Erdogan. It is still debatable whether the CIA or Erdogan’s own people set this up. 207 kata lagi


New World Order: Syrian Boy In Ambulance - PROPAGANDA EXPOSED

From the Youtube description: I wasn’t going to, but then I saw the CNN anchor pretend to cry…

Truthstream Can Be Found Here:
Website: http://TruthstreamMedia.com… 62 kata lagi


World War III: Sirens Wail In Russia - A Good Update On War Tensions

Here’s the biggest reason the US is pushing for World War Three, and it is the same old, tired reason as before: Big Oil. This report is highly accurate and nothing like the paid garbage the Zionist media is pushing on TV. 44 kata lagi


No women's rights? No entertainment?

Hey guys! Im posting today from my iphone that doesnt have auto type at the moment. So there will be alot of typos! Unfortunately ive heard alot of people mention “no womens rights” and “no entertainment” in saudi arabia. 441 kata lagi