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Who Was Jesus?: Conspiracy in Jerusalem, by Kamal Salibi

You will encounter in this book the view that Paul sees in himself succession of King Saul, hence, the ambiguous and confusing “original” name. An inescapable fact to today’s Christians is that their religion is Pauline and not Jesus-related as the Church of Jerusalem were; this probably explains why “The first Christian author we have is the Apostle Paul ”, Bart Ehrman. 2.120 kata lagi


War Footage: US Marines In Combat Action, Sangin, Afghanistan, 2011

US Marines In Sangin, Afghanistan (2011) – 4 stars

This documentary has a duration of an hour and 45 minutes. It includes a series of short clips ranging from a couple of minutes up to about eight or ten minutes each. 194 kata lagi



My penchant for foreign horror films is no secret and you probably already know that if you have been reading my blog. Saudi horror is not a thing that is banded around usually but on this occasion, it is. 82 kata lagi


Liebster Award

So I’ve been nominated by Reflections of a Taalibah for the Liebster Award… here goes:

Here are my answers to her questions:

1. Favourite Surah? 363 kata lagi

Big Fights, Small Dies

Logically, if two parties fight, the casualty of any such fight should be either of the fighting parties not anyone else. But in this unfair world, wherever any long term confrontation between two great powers takes place, the casualties of such confrontations are always third parties. 696 kata lagi