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Bertram Thomas: gentleman, diplomat and desert wanderer

“Few spectacles are more moving than a large body of mounted men in the silent parts of the earth, and as I, the only European of their number, stood upright in my stirrups and looked back over the column filing past the little mosque on the edge of the palm-grove, I decided that we made a brave picture.”

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Saudi official says bin Ladens killed in England plane crash

August 01, 2015

LONDON (AP) — Family members of the late al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden were among four people killed in a private jet crash in southern England, the Saudi ambassador to Britain said. 458 kata lagi

Atmariar Gulf

First Blood (Short Story)

Of the three hundred who marched with Governor Turhal, one-hundred-and-seventeen were the sons of nobles. Dressed in gleaming regalia and armed with the knowledge of sword and spear, they set up their tents around the Governor’s own and served as his honor guard. 449 kata lagi


Learning Obesity

Digital technology has increased the quantity of ‘learning ecology’ (Greenhow and Robelia, 2009: 119) and has also eased the accessibility to it. A concern here is that this may have resulted in ‘learning obesity’ experienced by individuals. 118 kata lagi


The Horde (Short Story)

The horselords of the Ikh-Uul left behind the wastes of seven villages before they came upon any semblance of resistance. The first of their incursions into the lands of the copper-skinned Karliks had left much of the horde in high spirits, if not overcome with disappointment at the seeming inability of the queer copper-skinned men and women to string bow or slash with sword. 377 kata lagi


Emperor and Prophet #7

Emperor and Prophet is currently not available for purchase.

The Tuuliin-shugui Plains were an endless expanse of grass and hill. While the odd river ran throughout and patches of forest and lake could be found, none could escape the pervasion of grassland. 676 kata lagi