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Mada'in Salah, the Cursed Tombs of the Nabateans

Around Halloween, you can’t beat a haunted house for a little spooky fun. If you are fortunate enough to have a visa to enter Saudi Arabia, the ultimate taboo is Mada’in Salah. 538 kata lagi


Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 28: The Ultimate Troll Move?

I had thought that after capturing Mvemba’s capital and reducing him to irrelevancy would finally put an end to his trolling. I was wrong. I have to wipe him out entirely!


Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 26: Post-War Reparations

In this episode, we focus on restoring the productivity of our empire following our war with Kongo.


Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 25: War Weariness

Apparently our people are so tired of war that they’re resorting to instigating a civil war. Even when we’re winning.