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An Impostor's Failure (Short Story)

Excerpt from the Useless Book Club’s Seeking Oblivion:
But the imposter was not dreaming. He could feel the serpent’s venom inside him. It felt like thousands of fine needles were swimming in his blood. 395 kata lagi


Canadians, Pakistani, Nigerian among dead in Saudi fire

August 31, 2015

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Three Canadians, a Pakistani and a Nigerian were among those killed in a fire that engulfed parts of a residential compound in Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich east, a Saudi official said. 210 kata lagi

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A Poison's Kiss (Short Story)

Excerpt from the Useless Book Club’s The Serpent’s Riddle:
The serpent twisted and writhed across the cracked timber, a thousand chipped scales seeming to dance beneath a falling curtain of sand. 293 kata lagi


Obama The Magnificent Arabian

Obama is an unusual man. He is more white than anything (50%), but he does not identify with white people. Even though his mother is a white woman, Obama does not identify with whites. 520 kata lagi


The trouble in Yemen

The crisis in Yemen that most in the West do not care to understand.

The silent war in Yemen illustrates the perpetual hypocrisy and Machiavellan savagery that is Western hegemonic policy. 1.894 kata lagi

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An Impostor's Dilemma (Short Story)

Abdul el-Kader wiped the brackish excretion from his brow.

He could not fail.

Aside from the nervous wet about his face, Abdul betrayed no signs of his deception. 261 kata lagi