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Hawaladar's Lament

Hawaladar is a person who provides money services to criminals. He is part of the criminal part of the shadow banking system. Shadow banking system is the banking services offered by non-banks. 440 more words


Socio-political origins of forming lines during Islamic prayer

By Dr. Richard Sadig

It has been traditionally thought that forming a shoulder to shoulder, toe to toe alignment, during prayer, was essential for reverence, unity, and submission, and indeed it is.   961 more words


Giza Series: Farmers Market l

Life plays out as usual in modern times around the pyramid city of Giza. A young farmer packs up shop for the day at the Farmers Market. 50 more words


Eating My Way Across America...in Saudi???

Episode 5
I am joined today by may mate Mark on my quest to sample the food of America’s most famous food chains.

Eat, Learn, Fight



Hidalgo (2004) (136 mins)

Director – Joe Johnston

Starring – Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif, Zuleikha Robinson

Premise – A penniless cowboy travels to Arabia with his mustang to compete in a deadly 3,000-mile cross-country horse race. 1.259 more words