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In my little Waterworld

Still waiting for the wood to stop leaking tannins. I’ve boiled the pieces twice now, two hours each time, but after a day of steeping, the water still turns out a medium brown. 305 kata lagi


Psych. It’s about possible shrimp.

I talked to my boss at the pet shop today, he said he had ordered in Amano shrimp… but they never showed up. 99 kata lagi


I’m going to change things up a bit for this post.  Rather than an aquarium build, tip or deal I’m going for a little retrospective piece. 173 kata lagi


dry start HC (poor man's version)

In order to fulfill my HC carpet dream, this is my first dry-start attempt.

I got the idea from this blog here. His scape is so lovely. 276 kata lagi


Disaster Strikes: The autodoser incident

Sooner or later it will happen to you. Something will go awry and turn your beautiful aqua eco system into a nightmare scenario for your fish, and maybe your whole house. 430 kata lagi


Hands-on with the UP Aqua Inline CO2 Atomizer

The U.P. Aqua CO2 atomizer is a tiny gizmo to inject CO2 into your planted tank. It works with a canister filter and pressurized CO2. 654 kata lagi


Cara Membuat Aquascape Gaya Iwagumi

Sebelumnya telah di jelaskan bagaimana membuat aquascape, dan sudah di jelaskan pula beberapa tipe / gaya pembuatan dalam aquascape. Nah disini saya mau coba untuk menjabarkan cara pembuatan gaya aquascape yang cukup terkenal yaitu IWAGUMI ^_^ 572 kata lagi