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Favourite aquariums: Tom's Bucket O'Mud

I’m not a massive fan of ‘nature aquariums’, but I am a huge fan of ‘natural aquariums’. For me the project known as ‘Bucket O’Mud’ by British aquarist Tom Black is one of the best on the web. 139 kata lagi


Naturalistic vs Nature aquariums

The ‘nature aquarium’ school of aquascaping pioneered by Takashi Amano has swept the globe and undoubtedly revolutionised the aquarium hobby.

However, within Amano’s work you can distinguish two quote separate threads – an earlier style that attempted to recreate ¬†above water landscapes and a later trend towards recreating natural underwater habitats. 218 kata lagi


Why This Blog

I have been obsessed with aquariums as far back as I can remember. Although I have kept fish since I was a child, I stepped  into the realm of planted tanks only a couple of years back. 417 kata lagi

10 Gallon

Forbidden Bloom

I was supposed to be hopping about at Underworld in Forbidden Fruit. Instead I was dragged along to Bloom. This was the first year that… 1.523 kata lagi


What aquascaping told me about leadership?

Three weeks ago, I decided to explore the world of aquascaping. I used to have a 20 gallon fish tank with ornamental fresh water fish with fake plants, but a friend told me that aquascaping can be a great hobby. 792 kata lagi


First "Danish Style" of Bangladesh

After dismantling my nano dutch style planted tank named “The Dutch Nano” I started to draw another blueprint of a danish style aquarium in my mind. 398 kata lagi