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My first aquarium post

I’ve been Aquascaping for about a year and a half now, building out my first aquarium. I expect a lot of changes over the next couple of weeks so I thought I’d make a page to show what I’m beginning with. 27 kata lagi


Interview with an Aussie Aquascaper

Today we are going to interview a keen Aussie aquascaper, with whom I have had the pleasure of dealing with many times. He goes by the online name of Rebel, and can be found on the Australian aquarium forum, Aquariumlife. 950 kata lagi

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Evolution of a planted aquarium

Here is the life story so far, of a planted aquarium I created. It is 90cm long and approximately 45cm high.

I built the mounds up using volcanic rock available from Bunnings Warehouse, they sell them in bags for BBQs. 644 kata lagi

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Tiny aquariums!

When it comes to Aquascaping size is no limit, these tiny Pico Aquascapes I have created are only 4cm by 4cm cubes. I have used a variety of small aquatic moss species such as Fissidens, small twigs and sand to create these easy to care for tiny little worlds. 17 kata lagi

Indoor Garden


Aquascaping is pretty much aquatic gardening where the plants take centre stage instead of the fish. It is perfect for someone living in an apartment who still wants to experience a little bit of gardening. 316 kata lagi

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The 2016 International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest!

First of all let me explain what this is, it’s called Aquascaping!

Aquascaping is the craft of arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones, cavework, or driftwood, in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium—in effect, gardening under water.

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Aquarium Plants

Although fish are usually the main attraction in the average aquarium, plants undoubtedly play a huge role in creating an aesthetically pleasing display tank, and in the case of Dutch aquaria they are the main focal point. 819 kata lagi