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aquascaping v2

So, I’ve learned the hard way that I should have done more research lol. On the first week alone, I’ve suffered algae blooms and 1 tiny snail may have come with the preloved filter. 557 more words


Shrimp / fry net box - my thoughts.

So I wanted to catch my shrimp, and hold them in one place whilst I did the new tank (and have a holding place to breed shrimp separate from the main tank inhabitants).   205 more words

Shrimp Aquarium

Glue for aquascaping - best thing ever

Glue is my best friend. The hours I spent with fishing line, aquarium/aquascaping nylon, hair nets, plastic grids etc, trying to get the darn plants and moss to stay where I wanted … ah ha…. 397 more words

Shrimp Aquarium


So, on to the real reason I’ve come back to post.

Aquascaping! I first heard this term over a year ago. I didn’t really dwell on it, but just marvelled at it’s beauty. 414 more words


Mini Project – Aquascaping, Update, Glitch and maybe the END?

Remember my aquascaping project, which is this one HERE. Well, the project ended with catastrophic failure. Mainly due to my lack of knowledge and lack of time to attend the required care and attention to the aquarium. 102 more words


Shrimp soil and substrate choices

So… what to choose for soil and or substrate / stratum?

So I’m starting my second tank to replace the first – just to upsize a bit now I have an appreciation of what is involved. 935 more words

Shrimp Aquarium

aquagoin aquascaping social network

AquaGoin is a social network for aquascaping and other forms of aquarium hobbyes. Aquascapers, aquascaping fans, and industry experts alike use AquaGoIn to meet and discuss everything aquascaping. 29 more words