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High Tech Planted Aquariums "Intro"

High tech planted aquariums have become very popular in recent years. These styles of aquariums are very popular in Europe and Asia. thanks to Takahi Amano and the amazing work he did creating this style of aquarium keeping.  178 kata lagi


Takashi Amano's 180x60x60cm Triangular Driftwood Aquascape

Here’s the layout video for this aquascape:

A key to arranging wood is to place it neither too far back nor too close to the front.   89 kata lagi


Takashi Amano's 180x60x60cm stone and wood aquascape

Here is the layout video for this aquascape:

Plant list

Foreground –

  • Eleocharis acicularis
  • Glossostigma elantinoides
  • Micranthemum tweediei
  • Riccia fluitans
  • Utricularia graminifolia

Mid-, background – 38 kata lagi


Think Green-Shrimp That Is

Aqua Bonsai/aka my aquarium geek has a new webshop. With that comes a lot of interesting inverts my aquarium geek has been breeding and taking care of, namely some… 28 kata lagi


This Happened: My Double-Sided 'Scape

I have been putting off making any updates to this site for a while now as I was planning on moving.  I knew that I was downsizing and I thought I might use my 60 gallon planted tank as a room divider in my new place. 122 kata lagi