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Gorgeous Fish Environments

A pretty place for fish? Heck, we want to live in some of these beautifully crafted environments. Aquascaping is a relatively new but growing ‘sport’, and these are some of the entrants from the  51 kata lagi


Aquarium Overhaul

I had a bout of itchy green fingers again, and browsing through Pinterest, looking at the lush aquariums some people have done, isn’t exactly helping. Since last week was a long weekend in Singapore as Polling Day falls on a Friday (which I hope, all my fellow Singaporeans got whoever they voted for), I decided to give in, because what better to get rid of temptation? 797 kata lagi


August 'Scape Update

If you follow this site (why don’t you? Just click the button on the right), you’ll know I recently had to re-scape my creek tank thanks to some… 423 kata lagi


Aquascaping #2

Today I’m going to look at the third and fourth aquarium I set up.  As before, my aim here was firstly to set up as near perfect a place for my fish to live as I could but also to make the tank a living work of art. 225 kata lagi


Aquascaping #1

These are photos of some of my aquariums.   (I currently have just one but there was a time (when I was a bit fitter) when I ran 4 tanks in various places in my home.)  I think the thing I really loved about fishkeeping is the task of setting up a perfect environment for my fish and making it into a beautiful calm aquascape too.  266 kata lagi


In my little Waterworld

Still waiting for the wood to stop leaking tannins. I’ve boiled the pieces twice now, two hours each time, but after a day of steeping, the water still turns out a medium brown. 305 kata lagi