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So I finally got some plants from a friend, and after a few hours of getting extremely aggravated when the plants wouldn’t stay put and stirring up the water so it was completely muddy, the water finally cleared and this was revealed to me.  115 kata lagi


The Dos and Don’ts of Aquascaping

Aquascaping is an art that’s limited only to your thoughts and imagination. Besides using existing styles to create an aquarium for home, you can also improve the design patterns that are already out there. 616 kata lagi


Something new...

As life changes, so do a person’s interests. While I still love crystals and meditations, in order to have more content, I’m going to also include posts about my new obsession: aquascaping.  165 kata lagi


The Top 3 WORST fish breed for beginners.... OF ALL TIME

There’s a lot of incredible variety out there when it comes to choosing fish, and that’s one of the things that makes this hobby so exciting! 592 kata lagi

The Most Common Aquascaping Mistakes Aquarists Make

Aquascaping is fun, right? It’s even more interesting if you can create something a lot more similar to Takashi Amano’s projects; or, perhaps, something even better. 591 kata lagi


The Uniqueness of an Aquarium with Artificial Plants

Aquascaping is all about creativity. Sometimes it is a mix of imaginations and ideas. Sometimes it is a combination of the three. The ultimate goal is to create an aquarium that truly stands out. 678 kata lagi


Aquascaping Tips for a Realistic Aquarium

If you want to build an aquarium that really stands out, you should be ready to learn from the experts. Of course, beginners always struggle to get things done right. 654 kata lagi