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The Nitrogen Cycle and Filtration

There’s a lot of debate about ethics within the fish keeping hobby. We all want to do right by the living creatures we create these environments for, while doing so in as aesthetically pleasing a way as possible. 690 kata lagi

Dry Start Planted Tank: A Guide

This week I thought it might be fun to begin an ongoing, weekly progress guide to starting up and propagating a planted tank in an easy and inexpensive way that has given great results to hobbyists over the years. 630 kata lagi

New Look, New Trees

There has been many changes since the last post. My etsy shop has a new look, so I thought I would share some newly relisted trees. 18 kata lagi


My First High Tech Planted Aquarium

It Wasn’t That Hard

I think a lot of people get the idea that these kinds of aquariums are really hard to do and maintain. What surprised me the most was really how easy it all was. 323 kata lagi


Shallow Aquarium update continued

Hey guys, here is a quick update of my shallow aquarium seen originally from Evolution of a planted aquarium post and the later update found  193 kata lagi


Planted vase

It was quite tricky to make but the result is worthy! This vase is being loved by the reddit community!