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Tank Spotlight: 30CM Cube Garden

This is my Cube Garden tank. My first high tech planted tank. I started this project September last year and it has grown to this. 152 kata lagi


Tank Spotlight: The Divided Tank

Last week my cube garden tank crashed so I had decommission the aquarium which I have maintained for close to 8 months. Sigh.

I never liked the tank itself due to its greenish hue which makes my planted tank more green in a very unnatural way. 423 kata lagi



My dumbo, big ear snow white betta, Angel.



This is Mustard, my mustard-blue half moon betta. This guy is never a shy, often will approach closer the tank front display to greet you. He is born a star and knows when a picture of him is being taken and would flaunt his flowing tail at the center of his tank. 9 kata lagi


My Nano Aquarium

I’ve been a freshwater aquarist for over twenty years, but I usually avoid keeping any tanks smaller than ten gallons. Don’t get me wrong, I find the increasingly popular trend of nano fish-keeping a grand idea, especially admiring the designs of some of those nano setups. 241 kata lagi


Happy Friday! A Little Re-Vamping of the Goldfish Tank

Hello again everyone and happy Friday!

Hope your week is going good, mine was very slow, I’ve just been very tired the past few days. I blame it on not getting enough rest before-during- and after vacation! 714 kata lagi

A Look at my Nano Fish and Other Species/Nuisance Algae Growth

Hi again everyone!

Today I figured I’d finally share my nano fish with you. I know I posted about them weeks ago. Since then I have added more species to my collection and still haven’t gotten around to posting about them. 543 kata lagi