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Hello everyone! My name is Waylon and I am an Aquarium keeper. This has been a hobby of mine since I was a child and it is still going strong in my life. 162 kata lagi

Photo Dump: Fish

I’ll blog about my surgery (I’m fine, it went well!) after I can actually type instead of hunting and pecking. ┬áSo here are a ton of fishy pictures!


Arcadia Dam

About one hour drive outside of Harare (Zimbabwe) is the beautiful Arcadia Dam. When we were in Harare for a wedding at the end of April, we went to that dam with my brother-in-law, who also has a boat there; an Aquascape, a boat designed and built by my father-in-law. 70 kata lagi



I’ve been actually fish keeping for about a year and a half now. I started with a 1 gallon betta bowl back in 2012, upgraded to a 20G in 2014, added a 10G to my collection, then a 5G, overwhelmed myself, and am now dialing it back. 339 kata lagi


my first serious endeavor

I was hooked on planted tanks very quickly after starting a 5g on a whim, and I just fell in love with the shape of a 12g long. 319 kata lagi

Planted Tank

Making a new planted tank

Yesterday was an exciting day. After 3 months of buying all new stuff – the day to create my new fish tank had arrived.

I’m writing about how easy it was to do because it’s exactly the same whether you put fish or shrimp in it. 540 kata lagi

Shrimp Aquarium

Apa itu Aquascape ?

Bagi sebagian orang mungkin istilah Aquascape terdengar asing, definisi Aquascape memang banyak dan tidak ada definisi baku yang menggambarkan apa sebetulnya Aquascape ini, Aquascape adalah seni menata tanaman/tumbuhan air tawar di dalam akuarium, aquascape merupakan bagian dari seni akuarium. 1.059 kata lagi