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The past 9 months or so has been difficult for me and my fish tanks.  The carpel tunnel surgeries put a damper on how much I could work on my tanks.   478 kata lagi


Improving Aquarium Plants

I’ve never had much luck with aquatic plants, it seems that all but the very hardy struggle to survive more than a couple of months in my aquaria so I’ve decided to do something about it. 499 kata lagi


Helo Aquascape

Kawan, ini adalah jurnal perjalanan aquascape setelah sekian bergulat dengan berbagai artikel yang dijumpai di internet. Begitu banyak sudah rujukan-rujukan yang mengilhami penulis akan aquascape. Berawal dari ketidaksengajaan penulis melihat sebuah iklan di Youtube, hanya iklan gunting aquascape. 164 kata lagi


Submerged living room

When floods come, there is no time to pick up anything. Everything remains untouched. All the personal belongings are left behind, abandoned in the sinking homes. 88 kata lagi

Sara MG

Aquarium Plants

Although fish are usually the main attraction in the average aquarium, plants undoubtedly play a huge role in creating an aesthetically pleasing display tank, and in the case of Dutch aquaria they are the main focal point. 819 kata lagi



Hello everyone! My name is Waylon and I am an Aquarium keeper. This has been a hobby of mine since I was a child and it is still going strong in my life. 162 kata lagi

Photo Dump: Fish

I’ll blog about my surgery (I’m fine, it went well!) after I can actually type instead of hunting and pecking.  So here are a ton of fishy pictures!