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Boulogne Travel Guide - Nausicaa Nausea

‘Nausicaa’ is an aquarium tourist attraction in the otherwise unremarkable town of Boulogne. Unfortunately ‘Nausicaa’ is not a particularly tourist-attracting word. I wonder if anybody told them that to our Anglo-Saxon ears, the word sounds a bit iffy-tummy-sicky-poo? 500 kata lagi


NY Aquarium: Put Up or Step Down - @nyaquarium

Hurricane Sandy hit the NY Aquarium hard. Located right along the water they had a lot of their exhibits flooded, buildings destroyed, and underground passages devastated. 362 kata lagi



The past 9 months or so has been difficult for me and my fish tanks.  The carpel tunnel surgeries put a damper on how much I could work on my tanks.   478 kata lagi


Aquaponics Prep

I’m getting ready for my aquaponics tank setup, even though I don’t have the new tank itself yet. Hopefully this will allow me to put everything together quickly once it arrives! 429 kata lagi


Arts and Craft, Culture Travel - Okinawa

During December, I went to Okinawa island of Japan. It’s the southern most island of Japan that has it own unique culture that is slightly different from the typical Japanese Culture. 504 kata lagi

Take Time to Appreciate What is Around You

Blue GloFish

Orange GloFish with Orange Eyes

Pink GloFish

Albino Tiger Barb

Pimelodus Pictus Catfish

Asian Glass Catfish

Plecostomus aka. Pleco Suckermouth Catfish

Freshwater Koi Angelfish… 143 kata lagi

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