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Weekend Gateways: The Shore Oceanarium

~ 16 Oktober 2016 ~

Seminggu lepas husband aku masuk event cycling kat Melaka (Shimano Burung Hantu 2016). Macam biasa aku pun menyibuk nak ikut. Trip kali ni aku memang aim nak stay kat Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence sebab pool kat situ best utk anak2 main. 261 kata lagi


Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan - Part II

Sorry for the exhausted interruption to the first part of this blog entry. Now, here are even more scenes from an aquarium you probably already feel as though you’ve seen enough of! 1.507 kata lagi

Tourist Stuff

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Tickets for the Monterey Bay Aquarium are kinda pricey, but we spent the whole day there and it was worth it. They have some really strange jellyfish. 48 kata lagi


Aquarium Plants

Although fish are usually the main attraction in the average aquarium, plants undoubtedly play a huge role in creating an aesthetically pleasing display tank, and in the case of Dutch aquaria they are the main focal point. 819 kata lagi



Hi guys…..

So I went to Bournemouth with my cousin, my aunty and my mum in the Summer.  We went to the beach first of all and it was so hot.  77 kata lagi

Summer Holidays 2016

Charming and Delicious Charleston!

Charleston, South Carolina. My oh my. Now that was 4 days of exploration and fantastic food I won’t forget! The history, the food, the charm, the food, the waterfront, the food. 1.259 kata lagi

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