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I’ve visited at Osaka, Japan.

The purpose of this trip was seeing my friend living in Osaka and going to the Universal Studio Japan. The last day I went to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. 20 kata lagi


How've You Beantown: A Mini Jaunt #3

What a day. What a marvellous, wonderful day – despite the snow and rain. The snow I blame on my friend Caroline, who asked where it was after I posted yesterday. 1.260 kata lagi


Salt-Water Aquarium – For Beginners

Ok, I have to fess up – one of my many hobbies (ranging from canning organic mushrooms to archery) has been fish-keeping.  Why?  I once visited a friend at a Massachusetts hospital and was amazed at how tranquil it is to watch the aquatic life.  904 kata lagi


Ambiguous spaces

It was the best day to visit the zoo: the air cold and crisp, a clear sky, no wind, the sun low. Quiet, no queues. Most families were at home celebrating an early St. 212 kata lagi


An Aquarium in Paris, The Ploughshares Blog

Inspired and terrified by the legacy of Paris’s 1931 Colonial Exposition, I wrote a blog post on the real and literary capacities of the aquarium.  My visit to the Palias Porte Dorée and the work of Haruki Murakami, Dunya Mikhail, Julio Cortázar, and Robert Lowell.  Read it here.