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Unique Restaurants

There’s lots of places to eat in Vegas.  Here’s a list of some unique places:


Spaghetty Western
LAS VEGAS, NV 89141… 317 kata lagi

2017 Road Trip

A Home on the Seaside

There aren’t too many places where, whenever I walk in, I instantly feel at home. Like the bar in Cheers or a bunch of other TV sitcoms “you want to go where everybody knows your name”. 880 kata lagi


Ocean Expo Park, Not Just Churaumi Aquarium

February 28, 2017

Seriously. They should stop saying Churaumi Aquarium and start calling it the Okinawa Ocean Expo Park. It isn’t fair! There’s plenty to see outside of the aquarium. 347 kata lagi


Day 1 in Barcelona

Hola Barca !!!!

I had visited Barcelona in December 2016 with my husband. My husband and I were initially very skeptical about how many days to spend in Barcelona. 488 kata lagi


German blue rams

About two months ago I got a couple of them. They were a male and a female. She even laid eggs, but the other fish ate them. 235 kata lagi


MCPL Aquarium Residents Survive Harrowing Repair

Written by Chad Dally

It’s a situation no aquarium owner ever wants to happen:

A complete removal of all the aquarium contents to make a repair. 826 kata lagi