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Week 2 Midweek Review

Well this week was quite a change from last week.  We have had rain almost everyday which makes it incredibly difficult to hit the parks, beach and pool.  867 kata lagi


Week of June 18

Construction Updates

June 18, 2018

Pearl Street Roundabout

  • This week: Crews are continuing work in the roundabout and landscaping areas. Last week the sign ironwork was placed.
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Waterfront & Peninsula

Claw Machine Fish Tank

You know those small starter fish tanks for Betta fish? That would be my size preference, though I could see some people wanting to use real claw machines as a home for humongous fish tanks.

Video Games

Week 2: Eco Systems

This will be our first actual week of activities.  We have a couple of big ones planned so fingers crossed it won’t be too much for my littlest one – but the rest of us are ready to dive in. 376 kata lagi


Must Have: Filtration

Filtration is an important part to most tanks, unless you want to do water changes every other day.  Most people I know don’t have that kind of time.  1.698 kata lagi


Deep Sea World

I visited Deep Sea Worl (Aquarium in North Queensferry, Scotland) on the 16th June 2018, It was very outstanding to see all the water animals. 170 kata lagi

Things To See


A recent project – Fall 2017 – illustrates my affinity for zany visualization. I typically stay away from realistic renders because a) I’m not very good at them, b) they take too much time, and c) they’re exactly what’s expected. 106 kata lagi