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How I Tend My Aquariums and My Mind

I’ve had aquariums at home since elementary school. My mom used to raise angelfish, although we had a variety of other freshwater friends as well, including mountain minnows, swordtails, plecos, betta fish, and a dwarf frog. 751 kata lagi


#45 - Productive Day

4/24/18, Megtography #45 – Productive Day – I got quite a bit done today! Had a good day at work, out in the sunshine all day. 26 kata lagi


The Florida Aquarium

This morning, after purchasing a ticket through Groupon yesterday, I packed up Rover and drove over into Downtown Tampa to check out The Florida Aquarium.  Even having lived here for 15 years, I hadn’t taken the time to drive into downtown.  292 kata lagi

Deciding I Wanted A Saltwater Aquarium

I have always had freshwater fish and loved keeping them. I love watching animals interact with one another. There is something about fish that I have always liked. 401 kata lagi

Going for a walk in Istanbul

Dear Parents!

In the previous entry we talked about moving around Istanbul. We already got to know about the organizational issues, so now we should consider, where we can go with our Toddler 🙂 The season of visits  to the former Constantinople has begun and I hear more and more questions on various discussion groups about places suitable for little children. 1.580 kata lagi

Turtle Tribute

My recent trip to the New England Aquarium in Boston, MA brought the stunning sea turtle to my attention. There I saw a green sea turtle and a loggerhead. 454 kata lagi


Monday Must Have: Substrate Price Comparison

Okay, some people don’t have substrate.  Usually if they are breeding, or attempting to breed a particular fish, such as Discus.  Sometimes they skip the substrate on quarantine tanks.  1.210 kata lagi