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Think Fish Aquarium - Making Fish Tanks More Stunning

With a vast selection of fish and aquarium ornaments to choose from, selecting the ideal ones can be a challenge. Therefore, it is best to consult professionals. 17 kata lagi

Aquatic Habitat ~ Tracks in the Sand, 07/28

It is nice to see the habitants use the habitat’s new features. Yesterday, the added basking stone and today, more tracks in the sand. I am pleased…


Aquatic Habitat ~ Basking Stones–Additional​ stone in use, 07/27

I hope to see the five of them basking at the same time. I also want to see them “play” in the sand. I am optimistic and think it will happen. 9 kata lagi


Dying Fish

So just over a week ago I added 5 more cherry barbs to my tank.  Two days later I had 1 dead cherry barb.  Then another, then my kuhli’s started dying.   112 kata lagi


One of my life-hacks as an ADHDer

So, well, I stole this tip in part from a fellow ADHDer. It was a cover-story about a family of 4 where every single one of them suffered from ADHD. 457 kata lagi



zondag 24 juli

Ik sta voor het Reef HQ Aquarium in Townsville. Hier hoop ik vandaag de onderwaterwereld te ontdekken. Wanneer ik binnen loop, zie ik dat de rondleiding in het schildpadopvangcentrum al is begonnen. 327 kata lagi