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Weekend Getaways: Busan

On the weekend of April 22nd, my coworkers and I took a weekend trip to Busan which is located on the southern tip of South Korea. 593 kata lagi

The king’s rainbow transcends my sight

True colors lock
by sixteen cones
His royal mirror,
his only code

rainbow king,
more caterpillar
than serpentine

Rotund thorax,
modest limbs
One might be fooled… 58 kata lagi



I have various hobbies, some of them consist of drawing, watching Anime, writing poetry and going to the aquarium.


This summer at the Vancouver Aquarium, I signed up for a volunteering job as an “Wexer”. 547 kata lagi

Aligators, Sharks and Bears Oh My

One Afternoon Exploring the Cape Fear

Today my wife and I went on a local sightseeing trip, we decided to visit the Aquarium at Fort Fisher. 425 kata lagi


The Underwater Tunnel at Ripley's Aquarium Canada

We visited the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto Canada in March. Very impressive! A friend later asked how long we had to wait long in line. When I looked puzzled she explained that it is so popular that not only is it open until 11 pm(!), but that most of the time you must buy “timed tickets” to guarantee getting in without long lines. 110 kata lagi


April 2016

Spring finally sprung; the semester is ending, exams are coming, but nature is too photogenic to stay inside! I’m thrilled to have so many different types of pictures this month. 364 kata lagi