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Never ending Filter Problems

When I got my aquarium it came with a Top Fin 60 hang on back filter.  Not a bad filter, but for a 90 gallon tank I would need more filtration to have the fish I want.   208 kata lagi


Okinawa Part 2: なんくるないさ~

For the continuation my previous post, you get our trip to the north portion of the main island. Naha, where we were staying, is the capital. 1.423 kata lagi


Monaco Aquarium Pt.2

After Monday’s post, here is Part 2 of my awesome experience at the Musée Océanographique in Monaco. Hope you like the pictures !

More here: 8 kata lagi


• can't love a fish •

What’s ‘a matter, love,
Can’t love a fish?
That you can’t love a fish,
Is obvious.

I worry for my dear Silver Dollar,
Mister Silver Dollar, to you, Jim. 53 kata lagi