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How to Shoot in the Worst light ever: A day trip to the Aquarium!

Yesterday my wife and I took the kiddo to the aquarium south of Salt Lake because I’m a sucker for aquariums. They’re like zoos without all the animal abuse. 934 kata lagi

I kinda start to collect some betta and decided to do some breeding with them. So , here’s my collection of the Bettas. Including the female :-)

Home Of Fish

Creatures of the Sea

Some of the fun creatures at the Istanbul Aquarium….

Istanbul, Turkey
All photographs by delikızınyeri

Sir Eel

© Kala Rose 0112358 (February, 2016)

Green Moray Eel from the New Orleans Audubon Aquarium


Crystal clear water.. forever.

Perhaps we can erase the “forever” part, but the water indeed is crystal clear. That is, in my 50-gallon freshwater tank. It’s so clear that sometimes the fishes inside look as if they’re floating in the air. 418 kata lagi