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H Is For Horse

Beating out a hummingbird for most suggested is a horse, so that’s our subject for today’s letter. Horses are amazingly difficult to render, though I’m not entirely sure why this is. 263 kata lagi


Guest Doodlewash: The Joys of Travel Sketching

My name is Mutiara Cininta (follow me on Instagram and Facebook!), people mostly call me Oci, and I’m from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. When I was a toddler, my mom always gave me A1-sized blank papers and a 50 colours- oil pastel set, and asked me to draw for her. 578 kata lagi


G Is For Giraffe

By rather popular demand and beating out a Gazelle, today’s doodlewash is a giraffe. In this case, a younger giraffe and and not quite all of the him as he didn’t want to fit in my sketchbook. 251 kata lagi


F Is For Flamingo

The hands down most suggested bird was a Flamingo for today’s doodlewash and entry into Draw A Bird Day (hosted this month by Kerfe and Nina at Method Two Madness… 249 kata lagi


Guest Doodlewash: Works in Progress

Hi! I’m Jennifer Stout (aka J.A.R. Stout) and I currently live in San Marcos, CA (a suburb of San Diego) – follow me on Instagram… 593 kata lagi


Pantone Wallpaper Project: February

Let’s begin with the song behind this month’s entry.

Click play please.

I love Bloc Party so much, I watched them twice in a span of one week in 2013 – in Singapore and then here in Manila. 354 kata lagi