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There's a ghost in my machine. And an abstract painting.

Tradewinds – watercolor on 140# coldpress  Approx. 9 x 12

You know how now with email or Facebook if you look anything up THE NEXT SECOND ads begin to appear in the sidebar for what you just looked up.   156 more words


Watercolor - Watermedia

I am a painter’s painter. I don’t really care about watercolor. In fact, years ago I used to not like the medium.
When I did my painting apprenticeship in the early 90’s we painted in gouache and acrylics. 452 more words

Watercolor Workshop

Where's our car? and more birch trees

Birch Trees – 1/2 sheet of Arches 140# cold press

All cars look alike to me.

Someone:   “What kind of car do you have?”

The Husband: 206 more words


Thé léger

La théière, celle qui suggère de prendre son temps, celle qui invite à s’asseoir. S’inspirer de ce que fredonnent les oiseaux. Je suis partie dans une petite série. 33 more words



“Aquarelle” means “watercolor” in French, which fits this place in Second Life better than the region that it is in… Dreamworld Volcano… because there is no volcano to be seen… but the place is made to look like a watercolor painting. 68 more words

Second Life