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Every year, Proserpina (in Greek—Kore, Persephone) lived half of the year as queen of the underworld, and then, at the vernal equinox, returned to the surface, heralding in Spring.


Heaven and Earth

The plains of Wyoming in midsummer. This piece started out as practice painting grasses and sky, and I got carried away with it. It was made using a few bad cell phone photos as references. 85 kata lagi

Our Faithful Furry Friend

This is Winji, our faithful furry friend.  If you follow any of my other social media platforms, you know that we said goodbye to her a few days ago after 16 years of unconditional love, snuggles, adventures, and silliness.  142 kata lagi


Plein Air

The outdoor studio. Cold, damp, and perched on a steep bank with only a tree blocking a  three meter drop to the rushing water below. After standing here for two hours the knees were stiff and the cold had reached the bones. 25 kata lagi