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With a busy day and very little time to paint, I decided to try a different kind of experiment. This time, I skipped my trusty fountain pen, scribbled a quick pencil contour and jumped straight in with watercolor to create a few little eggs in a nest. 594 kata lagi


A Well Spent Afternoon

Hi again everyone!

Yesterday had been a very busy day for me….

I kicked back, relaxed, read some, wrote some and basically had a very creative day. 380 kata lagi

Art & Illustrations

Just Sweet Grapes

Since I just painted a leaf and didn’t feel like painting one again yet, for today’s prompt of “plants” we have some grapes on the vine. 601 kata lagi


The Genie In The Shell

As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in the Midwest surrounded by lovely lakes, but I never saw a beach until I was in college. This made shells that didn’t come from a snail, rather mysterious and cool. 614 kata lagi