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Red houses

The same technique as Winter wonderland.

My idea was to let the white fields be that white stuff that’s falling in winter time.

I’m not sure it is obvious in this painting though.


What Ever

Candle Season

This time of year, when the days get shorter, the candles always come out. There’s something so beautiful about candlelight. It’s no wonder candles are the star of the scene in every romantic moment during a movie or in real life for that matter. 394 kata lagi


Valbonne autumnal light.

The trees have lost their leaves and  give a lovely calligraphic quality to a painting. I chose to paint the access to Valbonne village framed in the foreground by winter branches inviting the eyes to follow the entrance to a narrow street. 21 kata lagi


Winter Boots

For today’s prompt we have a pair of women’s boots, not my own boots, simply because I wanted a bit of color. I’m currently at my mom’s house in Texas and there’s no Wifi available, making posting a bit of a challenge. 426 kata lagi


Winter wonderland

Very simple painting. Cut out a house, stars, moon,bowl with porridge, Christmas tree and sant in paper. Put it on a bigger paper. Color the paper. 29 kata lagi

What Ever


One my best childhood winter memories is waking up to a lot of snow on the ground. Not only did it mean that school was likely to be cancelled, it meant that there might be a trip to one of my favorite places – Sled Hill. 423 kata lagi


GUEST DOODLEWASH: A Journey To Find Your Own Style

First of all, I would like to thank Charlie for giving me a chance to be a guest artist on Doodlewash. My name is Anak Agung Wira Suputra, most of people call me Utha, I am 27 years old, and live in Tangerang, Jakarta, Indonesia ( 719 kata lagi