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Apple Crumble - Vegan

You know how sometimes you just wake up craving something? This morning it was apple crumble, and the craving was strong. This recipe I made is based off the quick apple crumble my mum used to make when we were younger, but veganized. 166 kata lagi


Last Week on My Mac: Testing trust in system upgrades and updates

The relationship of trust between an operating system supplier and the user is very complex. Apple makes it more so by its extraordinary secrecy, a policy which last week was brought into ridicule by the leaking of instructions about that policy. 864 kata lagi


Perempuan Ini Kegirangan Saat Diberikan Ipad, Padahal.....

Perempuan ini girang bukan kepalang setelah memperoleh hadiah dari temannya. Dalam video yang di posting akun Twitter @rykalhakim, perempuan itu menerima kotak produk terbaru iPad. 85 kata lagi


Apple’s Ambitious Bet on its Ecosystem

To overcome these hurdles, once every few years, companies come up with an entirely new category of products. A decade ago, it was the smartphone, then tablet computers, convertibles, smart watches and so on.

172 kata lagi

Google Photos Removes Option to Backup Media Only While Charging

Google Photos app for Android and iOS has quietly removed the feature that allowed devices to backup images and video files only while charging the device. 264 kata lagi


Houzz raises a huge $400M round at a $4B valuation

If you ask investors in Silicon Valley about Houzz — an app where you browse ridiculously nice homes and check out interesting interior design ideas — they’ll probably quietly mutter that they’re just growing their business. 37 kata lagi