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Focus Attention on Your Successes, Not Your Failures

Thanksgiving is symbolic in different ways for different people. This Thanksgiving, I received a wonderfully heartfelt email from a client of mine, Lorraine. She told me about her experience of making an… 353 kata lagi

Pass the Pie, Please!

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday that just passed and in anticipation of holiday dinners in the near future, I decided to do a post on pie.   2.096 kata lagi

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

The best apple pie I have ever made. Go try it yourself!



250g Plain Flour

6 tablespoon Water

110g Butter

2 tablespoon Salt… 226 kata lagi


Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving 2015

Did you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving?? We sure did! :)

We had our ‘dinner’ around 11 am for lunch and were lazy all afternoon. It was great. 301 kata lagi


Failing the Apple Pie Test.

So yeah..my oven.

This would be that infamous piece of equipment that was “tarred and feathered” in 10 years worth of grease and dog hair.  That same oven that I spent days and days cleaning and rehabilitating after we moved into this town home… 218 kata lagi

Random Thought Bubbles

Apple Brown Sugar Pie

I realized my mistake as soon as I opened the Fresh Direct box. This year, we were going to spend Thanksgiving at home for the first time in seven years. 774 kata lagi


Thanksgiving Desserts

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with delicious food and joyous times with loved ones. This year I spent the day at a friend’s house enjoying said delicious food and joyous times – although I did cook a turkey the following day. 206 kata lagi