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Meet the Bennet's

Mags Bennett meets Elizabeth Bennet.


Apple - Fruit of the Week

Welcome to my second entry of vegetable/herb/spice/fruit of the week! (Yaaaay!!! Cheers!!)
Today I will ramble about ~

Oh my these luscious globules have saved my life many a times. 325 more words


Mixed Feelings

It’s always a little bittersweet, baking pies for auction. I imagine it must feel like when painters sell their art; there is consolation in knowing that someone else will enjoy your creative work, but isn’t that joy sometimes mixed with the sentiment, “but…but…I want to keep it!”? 429 more words


Socratic dialogue: A Basketful of Goats (and pages of empty quotes) #1

Including Joan of ARC, Jean-Paul SARTRE, Ernest HEMINGWAY and the 1st Duke of WELLINGTON (Eleanor ROOSEVELT absent, delayed after her fridge blew its fuse) on the topic of democracy, pizza, long names, and none of those things. 1.228 more words

Easy Apple Pie

After a couple of weeks of inactivity, since working on my thesis is quite time-consuming, I’m posting this suuuper easy recipe. It’s an apple pie with almond cream. 158 more words


Skillet Apple Pie (Adapted from Trisha Yearwood's recipe)

The skillet apple pie recipe I am sharing was adapted from Trisha Yearwood’s skillet apple pie recipe. I was watching her show one day and she made an amazing looking pie in just a few minutes. 447 more words


this day in the yesteryear: The First Academy Awards (1929)

The First Academy Awards (1929)

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was formed in 1927 by Louis B. Mayer and others to raise the standards of film production, and its first Academy Awards were presented not long after. 44 more words