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Good Ole Dr. Knapp

Our children had the best pediatrician for many years, Dr. Roger Knapp. I cannot forget his kind words to me when I was a new mother and was in his office for a well child checkup. 539 kata lagi

Apple Pie recipe

True to form the inspiration behind this post is attributable to none other than Julia Child. After taking a few days off (from Cape Town and life at large), I returned motivated to make Julia’s renowned Pâte feuilletée recipe with my own connoisseur caramelised apple filling (when Julia met Zorah – if you will). 463 kata lagi

How to Make Pumpkin Apple Pie, Thanksgiving Day Pie

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French Charm Apple Pie, Vegan & Gluten Free

Apples are still falling from the sky. It is windy and warm in Helsinki. Ini and her husband are invited to their neighbor´s house tonight. It will be fun, she knows. 579 kata lagi


Oh my! Pie!

Autumn: the sweetest time in Charlotte? Devotees of pie think so. On Friday, Sept. 2, fro 3 to 5 p.m. the Charlotte Congregational Church will begin the annual pie sale that is the apple of the town’s eye. 18 kata lagi

Around Town

BON BON-FIRE! APPLE CAKE, Vegan, Gluten Free

It is a once a year apple season in Southern Finland. Apples are dropping from the trees. Making Ini think of cannon balls. Some how it makes her think of a song called Bonfire!  801 kata lagi


Hot Weather, Friendships and Mini Apple Pies

The last 4 weeks were filled with lots of fun and sightseeing with our friends from out of town. Seattle becomes the “destination city” for our friends who live in hot places like Minneapolis or Denver. 871 kata lagi