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The one about Having A Large Appendix

“I have a large appendix.” – This was how someone started a sentence today. At work. Being the 201 kata lagi


The Affordable Care Act has not been so affordable for me.

I hate having to go to the doctor. This is because, in my experience, I would go to the doctor for one thing and come out diagnosed with or prescribed something to treat something completely different. 2.818 kata lagi

My Journal


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UPDATE: (10/22) —

Dear readers, having been overwhelmed I’ve decided to move everything from this blog to a new space… This blog will become something else once everything is more or less settled over on the new space…which should be soon at the rate I’m going. 30 kata lagi


Graylands Appendix: The Black

Found the time for another appendix.
This time we’re going to look at the forces of evil within Graylands….

The Black is the primordial darkness that exists between worlds. 1.129 kata lagi


The Appendix: A Useless Poison Sac

Let’s face it we’ve all been to the hospital for one reason or another. It could be due to sickness or injury, either way some of us have spent more time than others. 1.133 kata lagi

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Cancer of the Appendix – Rare but Dangerous

Cancer of the appendix is rare and you may think it is not so dangerous because appendix is a small pouch that the purpose in not known so the organ is not so vital to human. 143 kata lagi