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A sac at the lower end of the large intestine. It isn’t exactly known what purpose the appendix plays.



i. Pictorials

None, because we are not allowed use our phones inside.


References Section Caution

Cite all referenced work using the APA 6th edition format. Search if needed to find out what we mean by APA formatting of a reference. Here are some videos that can help. 23 kata lagi

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Communication Samples

Provide a few (not many!) samples of your global communications. Try to find an example where the team made a decision or came to an agreement. 34 kata lagi

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List of Tables and Figures

Each table or graphic in your submissions should be labeled and discussed in the narrative. This list often appears right after the Table of Contents, but is also fine to include as an Appendix item. 36 kata lagi

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All sources should appear in the References list. If a source is in the Reference list, then it should also be found somewhere in your narrative. 43 kata lagi

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Surgeries Went Badly

I had two surgeries one in late 2015 and one in Early 2017, one for my appendix and the other for my gallbladder. Shortly after my appendix was taken out my bladder lost communication with my brain and damage to my prostate from the hospitalization lead to urinary retention and catheterization that may never go away. 273 kata lagi