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An Appendix To A Confession Of Faith- Appendix Point 12

12. Though there be no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, yet are they taught, and that effectually, to be ashamed of their sins Rom. 123 kata lagi


Character Bio: Travis

As requested, Travis! I had a lot of fun with this goofball, trying to make him look silly/fun, but not stupid. Hopefully I succeeded.

As always, you can find this on the character bios page. 21 kata lagi


The source of money for investment, spending and circulation of money in society

In order to eradicate inflation, the source of money for investment and consumption needs to be derived from the income of the society, from the proceeds of the sale of goods (or services) to the Commercial enterprises and society. 467 kata lagi

4. Appendix

The currency of any country can become a strong foreign currency

The problem of a country’s inflation does not need to depend on whether the country has a lot of gold, silver, mineral resources or not. Such as Singapore, Japan, … just a small country with few mineral resources but a wealthy country, they rarely have budget deficits. 303 kata lagi

4. Appendix

Increase salary may lead to increase inflation ?

The increase in the basic wage or salary increase in general, itself does not say whether it will increase inflation or not. It is important that where the source of the money to raise salary will be taken from. 359 kata lagi

4. Appendix

Positively depositing savings into banks contributes to limiting inflation

  1. Actively depositing money into banks contributes to increasing the circulation of money, both useful for the country, both for the benefit of the family:

Savings Bank is a credit intermediary organizations that is both a borrower and a lender, borrowing to lend. 590 kata lagi

4. Appendix

To deal with inflation, what consumers should do to reduce inflation

Consumers are always the victims of inflation unless they are rich and / or do not care about the rise in commodity prices.

To deal with inflation, with the desire to reduce inflation, prevent the recurrence of repeated recurrence of inflation, consumers can through the Consumer Protection Association to impact on subjects who cause inflation: 403 kata lagi

4. Appendix