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An Appendix To A Confession Of Faith- Appendix Point 3

3. Although all the power of the creature to act be from the Creator, and there is a providence of God always extended to every creature, and to every action of the creature; yet we judge that the sinful corruption of the creature, and the sinfulness of the creature’s action, is from the creature, and not from God: and that it is a greatsin to say that God is the author if sin: Eccles. 88 kata lagi


Of Lore Appendices

So a plan of mine is to include excerpts at the end of the work from various texts within my novels.

Such as a newspaper clipping, so not to bore the reader too deeply–I’ll include the article the character actually read in it’s entirety at the end of the book. 71 kata lagi

An Appendix To A Confession Of Faith- Appendix Point 2

2. We believe that the eternity of the punishment of the vessels of wrath, is an absolute eternity, knowing no end; as well as the eternity of the life of the Saints: Mat. 25 kata lagi




When it comes to any trend I am usually late to the party. Apparently, turmeric was listed as a “Rising Star” in the… 263 kata lagi


The end of the book of Jeremiah (Jer 51:64-51:64)

“Thus far are the words of Jeremiah.”

Simply stated, this is the classical ending to the Book of Jeremiah. This line is not in the Greek Septuagint text. 35 kata lagi