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Appendicitis in Peru

The loud ringer on my Nokia brick phone echoed throughout my room. I let the catchy, yet annoying song finish as I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair. 523 kata lagi

Peace Corps Peru

Appendix- Personal Project



  • Guiding questions/Ideas for the project/Evaluation____ 1
  • MLA references/Source Evaluation________________ 2
  • Side notes____________________________________ 5
  • Rubrics ______________________________________6
  • Timeline_____________________________________ 8
  • SMART goals_________________________________ 11
  • Designs of the product/Justification for designs_______ 13…
  • 6.152 kata lagi

World of Jazz 164


  1. Rudolph Johnson – Time and Space – The Second Coming (1973)
  2. Eddie Gale – A Walk With Thee – Eddie Gale’s Ghetto Music (1968)
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World Of Jazz

Me and my functions

I’ve got some good news! I visited Ninewells Hospital in Dundee on Friday, not because my medical marvel appendix has finally decided to divorce me, but for a medical interview and I think it went really well. 529 kata lagi

Your appendix is not so useless after all!

The appendix may be a sort of sanctuary for good bacteria living in your gut.

Gimme the gist

The appendix doesn’t have a very glamorous reputation. 231 kata lagi


Radang Usus Buntu (Apendisitis Akut)

Apendisitis akut adalah suatu radang pada mukosa apendiks vermiformis yang muncul secara mendadak dan merupakan salah satu kasus akut abdomen yang sering ditemui. Apendisitis akut dapat disebabkan oleh beberapa hal antara lain hiperplasia jaringan limfe, sumbatan… 1.825 kata lagi

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Another Chance at Life - The Inspiration for This Blog

It was just another ordinary annual checkup with my gyno in November of 2013 to renew my birth control – or so I thought. I have never had any serious health issues, never broke a bone, been admitted to the hospital, etc., so this was the first time I was told I may have a problem. 2.068 kata lagi