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I survived to find my purpose

I grabbed my laptop and decided to write this at my kitchen table. As I sat down I almost played out word for word of how this entry was going to go. 2.002 kata lagi

Extreme Heat Warnings - and other such concerns.

It’s approximately 1000 degrees this weekend (that’s the scientific estimate).

Horse activities have been limited to bringing the boys inside the barn so they can nap for an hour or so and be away from the nasty flies. 308 kata lagi


Appendix, Sizes of Sets, 14


A number is called algebraic if it satisfies an equation where . Prove that the set of algebraic numbers is countable.


  1. By def of polynomial: let be the set of polynomials of degree …
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Coming of age, a party I have also experienced!

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Clinical Corner - Joanna Briggs Institute database

by Kristen DeSanto, Clinical Librarian

The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) database provides evidence-based resources specifically for nurses to guide patient care practices. It contains over 3000 records across seven different publication types, including evidence summaries, best practice information sheets, and systematic reviews. 186 kata lagi


Exciting News for Anschutz Medical Campus Faculty and Staff! FREE ILL!

Beginning July 1, 2015, most CU-Anschutz Medical Campus Faculty and Staff will now receive FREE ILL! This includes paid University faculty and staff of CU Anschutz, faculty paid by affiliates, volunteer clinical/faculty, retired CU Anschutz faculty, CU Anschutz fellows, CU Anschutz visiting scholars and students, and UPI employees. 133 kata lagi