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Can Appendicitis Affect the Large Intestine?

The appendix is not a very popular subject in our homes as far as health is concerned.  Even among doctors and medical professionals little is known about the appendix.   546 kata lagi


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The Tortoise...#MondayBlogs

I’m breaking the rules. Today is Tuesday. I couldn’t get these words to flow until today, after a night of terrifying nightmares and a morning of dropping everything and just running. 500 kata lagi

New Normal

How does the body heal when the appendix is removed?

The appendix is one of the organs that oversees complex healing mechanisms in the body. When it is inactivated because of removal, other organs and healing entities compensate, depending on the person’s overall health. 209 kata lagi

Energy Guidance Complete

Appendix be gone.

Not that anyone on the interwebs really cares too much about my personal life, I’m going to share anyways. I just had my appendix out. So random and kind of unbelievable. 210 kata lagi