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whelp, 2015 is definitely keeping me on my toes...

For lent, I decided to give up my appendix.

Beat that, suckas!!!

Last week I had lunch at school with my son, and around 2 that afternoon I knew something was wrong but I decided it must be a simple reaction to school lunch and went along with my day. 404 more words


The Big Fly

I’ve seen pictures of balloons, the ones they used to fill with helium, before it went extinct. Floating up and up, as high as the chemical compound would allow. 2.222 more words

Johnny Wideman

THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Sixteen

“He is stable now, we’ve given him something for the pain.” the doctor said, looking empathically at Mrs Ajewole.

“Thank you so much doctor. Can I go in to see him now?” 595 more words


Appendix Out, Disney Cancelled.

Back in October, on the weekend before our big Disney trip we headed up to a swim clinic hosted by Olympic Gold medalist swimmers. They held a clinic working on dry land excercises, starts and flip turns. 315 more words


DefinitieDinsdag: Afriendix

A person who has been a friend, or never really was a true friend, and who is now someone you keep in contact with, but has no real use anymore and who should be taken out of your life before he or she is going to be a pain in the stomach. Or somewhere else.

© Rick Ruhland 2015


To Christianity We Owe The Gradual Extinction Of Slavery

I am currently reading History of the Christian Church by Philip Schaff. It seems through the providence of God, that the day after we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr I be reading Schaff’s section on Christianity and Slavery. 568 more words