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She is Going to Get Sicker Before she Gets Better

I accomplished two noteworthy things this week:

  1. Got a job. Come visit me at The Cheesecake Factory :)
  2. Went running several times this week (YAY)
  3. 659 kata lagi
August 2017

Curve Ball

In case you were counting (and color me very impressed if you were!), I made it through Day 47.  Neeeeearly the half way mark to my… 331 kata lagi


Appendix (Appendicitis): Causes & Symptoms

​What is an Appendix (Appendicitis)?

An appendix is an a thin, long, 4 inches long tube (a pouch-shaped organ), that is a part of your gastrointestinal tract. 804 kata lagi


Appendix 1 - A Note On The State Of Human Language In The 24th Century

Despite the continued presence of English as a lingua franca and the reduction in the total human population, real linguistic diversity has increased significantly from its current state by mid 24th century. 217 kata lagi



Okay, so in my first post I told you guys that I’m a coach. I coach girls volleyball for a local club for the 12 and under. 280 kata lagi

An Appendix To A Confession Of Faith- Appendix Point 22

22. As Christ doth not teach, nor allow that we should be without natural affection, or unsociable; (see Rom. 1:31.) so our being made partakers of Christ, doth not discharge us from the duties of our relations. 148 kata lagi