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You Asked For It! General Schedule Updates!

Here by popular demand, a new publication has been added to the Retention Schedule page of our website! The publication, “General Schedule Updates”, is an appendix that lists all new, edited, or obsolete General Schedules to date. 83 kata lagi

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What I suffer from isn't schizophrenia as rumoured!

I thought I would spend a moment to fill in the blanks, it has become clear to me that individual who can’t even write as literate English as I do seem to think I suffer from schizophrenia, well I don’t and this view like these individuals entire make up of their belief of who and what I am let alone the introspective relationship that is to them or themselves like spiritual rubbish or made up rhubarb that people like the decrepit… 1.334 kata lagi

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Is the Government in a Blade-runner with @Google, @Facebook & @Twitter and the likes!

Have you ever read the Science Fiction Blade Runner? The movie doesn’t do the book credit but basically at a time not long from now… 173 kata lagi


Welcome to Your Colonoscopy...


I don’t want to alarm you, but before I begin, take two extra strength Tylenol, and have somebody standing by with a defib. kit, just in case your heart stops!  638 kata lagi


Let's talk about the appendix

The appendix doesn’t seem to have any specific purpose, say the doctors as judged by an absence of side effects following appendectomy – the surgical removal of the appendix. 268 kata lagi


All Futures and Overseen Obscene Universities are closed forever!

There once was a place called Unseen University that was the basis of all Futures of University or the basis of having a qualification it was Overseen University that is now closed: There for disqualifying any means of there being possible to have an Overseen or Qualification.

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Yes Virginia, the Appendix Does Have a Purpose

Students watch in amazement as the abdominal cavity of the cadaver is opened. We remove a few structures and after a few minutes we get to the colon. 270 kata lagi