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Aneka Snack | Cemilan Sehat dan Halal


  • Ikitaro Snack: Keripik Ubi Madu
  • Ikitaro Snack: Keripik Salak
  • Ikitaro Snack: Keripik Nangka
  • Ikitaro Snack: Keripik Kentang
  • Ikitaro Snack: Keripik Ubi Ungu
  • Ikitaro Snack: Keripik Apel
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Cemilan Sehat dan Halal: Keripik Buah Apel dan Kisahnya

Keunggulan produk:
• Tanpa tambahan gula
• Tanpa tambahan pengawet
• Tanpa tambahan pewarna
• Mengandung pectin dan karoten
Harga/price Rp. 15.000,- per pack 192 kata lagi

Analysis, conclusions and recommendations

Analysis of quantitative data

In terms of participation, it is important to bear in mind the nature of the workforce at City Lit, in terms of their job roles.   2.176 kata lagi


Quantitative data

The quantitative data relates to participation in the process and number of successful awards.  The charts are used to depict numbers, not to be used for comparison. 1.026 kata lagi


Action Research

Practitioner action research is generally employed to develop, improve or change one’s own practice.  This project was initiated to have a wider, organisational impact.   803 kata lagi


For the purpose of this research the supporting literature is categorised in the following areas:

  1. The APEL process
  2. Self-directed approach to professional development
  3. Using technology for bite-size training (Microlearning)
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In 2007, after the publication of the FE White Paper, Further Education: Raising Skills, Improving Life Chances (DfES 2006), which committed to professionalise the FE workforce, the Initial Teacher Education (ITE) qualification routes were intended primarily for new and unqualified teachers, whereas those who became teachers within the sector before 2001 or those who qualified under the 2001 regulations were exempt from the new ITE requirements.   1.035 kata lagi