Stuffed Red Peppers with Balsamic Glaze...

I’ve always grown and cooked with fresh herbs but never appreciated them the way they deserved prior to dissecting. I simply can’t afford to cook with salt. 325 kata lagi


Distinguish Aorta vs IVC: walls, spine, branches, location. #pocus #foamed #foamus #meded

Trying to evaluate for volume status or AAA in the long axis?  Probe should be just subxiphoid with the indicator pointed to the patient’s head.  For the IVC rock back and point the probe a bit towards the patient head.   129 kata lagi


Diagnose This #17

Hey guys, and welcome back to Diagnose This! Been another hectic week, so let’s get straight to it:

The type of kidney condition occurring in this patient is a nephrotic syndrome, shown by the oedema and massive proteinuria. 190 kata lagi




Insufisiensi katup aorta (regurgitasi) adalah suatu keadaan dimana terjadi refluk (aliran balik) darah dari aorta ke dalam ventrikel kiri sewaktu selama diastol.


Regurgitasi darah dari aorta ke ventrikel kiri dapat terjadi dalam 2 macam kelainan, yaitu: 450 kata lagi

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A Matter of Degrees: The Terrible Aortic Neck Solved With Geometry

The patient, a younger middle aged woman, was referred for treatment of a large, growing infrarenal AAA over 8cm in size complicating a severe pancreatitis. The pancreatitis occurred about a month prior to presentation and resulted in a substantial pancreatic leak. 798 kata lagi