9 Weeks Post-Surgery

It’s been a while since Samuel did a blog post so I decided to do it for him.

His recovery seems to have plateaued, and while he isn’t moving backwards, he feels that he hasn’t moved forward making progress as fast as he wishes. 196 kata lagi

Heart Surgery Recovery

Day 50

I’m back to writing my blog again after a couple of days off, Sunday was a bit of a nothing day as I slept all day then went out for a meal at night to celebrate with some friends. 616 kata lagi

Heart Surgery Recovery

Day 46 - hospitals, parcels and an Indian

The day started as usual with Charlotte getting up but after the 3 awful nights sleep that I’ve had I took her putting the bedroom light on to wake me up. 1.534 kata lagi

Heart Surgery Recovery


I’m a healthy 41-year-old woman. I try to eat well and rarely get sick – knock on wood. I get my flu shot at the beginning of November every year. 458 kata lagi

Day 45 - More hospital visits

My Thursday started with a terrible nights sleep I woke up at 2 am and then was up again at 5am. I keep getting this awe full muscular ache in my right side of my chest, it only happens when I sleep on my right side for some reason my body hates me and no matter how i fall asleep I end up in that position, I may have to go back to using my V pillow to prevent this. 952 kata lagi

Heart Surgery Recovery

Day 43

Got up fairly early this morning to see Charlotte off to work, that and I wanted to get my freedom back (be able to drive). 892 kata lagi

Heart Surgery Recovery

Day 42

Its been 6 weeks since I was admitted into hospital for my surgery and today is the day of my post surgical review. Important day as it means hopefully I’ll be able to drive myself to my INR blood tests, provided the doctor says my sternum has knitted well. 824 kata lagi

Heart Surgery Recovery