Cirugía a corazón abierto

La cirugía de corazón es cualquier cirugía realizada en el miocardio, las válvulas, las arterias o la aorta y otras arterias mayores conectadas al corazón. 1.142 kata lagi



The largest artery that takes blood away from the heart. Greek “aortir”=hangar or strap < “aeirein”=to lift up, to raise.



I will start from the Marfan Conference. It was very nice, informative and good for us to go. I got to meet so many families that are in the same boat as we are. 780 kata lagi

Finding a Congenital Heart Defect at the Worst Time

A congenital heart defect, for those that don’t know, is one that has been present since birth. In these modern times, with so much screening, tests, and other procedures doctors are capable of, most are found at birth and can be dealt with in the most appropriate way. 1.686 kata lagi

The call.

She got the call today.

One out of the gray.

And when the smoke cleared, it took her breath away.

She said she didn’t believe it could happen to me.

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Jeff Bales' Heart Valve and Strokes Video

My video of my heart valve defect and the strokes that it caused in 2010. The 32-minutes video starts with my birth and ends of my hubby Bruce Horvath 65th Birthday. 45 kata lagi


Never Been Kissed

Some people deal with past trauma by creating distance internally. At its most severe, this is called disassociation. I will not say I have this clinical condition. 313 kata lagi