Transcranial Doppler

Transcranial Doppler is used to identify and interrogate the intracerebral arterial system. Normally the skull is impenetrable to Ultrasound waves, but using certain windows allows adequate penetration to monitor cerebrovascular hemodynamics. 664 kata lagi


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Tänk att det gått ett år till. Morfar skulle fyllt år i dag. Berättade för grabben om hur jäkla rolig han var som person. Snäll också. 285 kata lagi

Wellcome to Aortic Awareness Day

Wellcome to our Aortic Dissection Awareness Day – September 19 – page.

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12/2/16 Intern Morning Report - Aortic Coarctation, Endocarditis

CC: 2 weeks of shortness of breath

ID: 70 yo male with hyperlipidemia presents with progressively worsening shortness of breath, decreased exercise tolerance, and new 2 pillow orthopnea for the past 2 weeks.   244 kata lagi

Intern Morning Report

Waiting List for Heart Surgery

Heart diseases, as the most common cause of death in Indonesia and worldwide, have always been considered by the public and healthcare policy makers.

Consequently, increasing the number of heart surgery centers has become an indicator of healthcare extension.

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