High and low

I’ve just come out of hospital, following emergency heart surgery to prevent my aorta from rupturing. Had it done so, I would not be sitting writing a blog. 324 more words

The Inner World

Get well soon, dad!

Aortic gridlock
A bad thing to suffer, but
Great name for a band

Chest Cavity

Carrying on with illustrating the aorta, I tried painting how I imagine it inside of my chest. I wanted the emposing sense of blackness and mystery from the background – it also brings out the clean ribs and the lines of the aorta/spinal column. 62 more words



This image, again from my new bible of anatomical illustrations, inspired me to create the piece below. The shape was really interesting and I wanted to draw something more challenging and thought this could be it. 80 more words


Cardiac cycle and the Human Heart: A* understanding for iGCSE Biology

The human heart is an organ found in the middle of the thorax.  It is made from a specialised type of muscle called cardiac muscle… 1.059 more words

F Block

Aortic Dissection - Silent & Rapid Killer

I’ve tried to make this blog as short as possible. The truth is I really need to write more but feel most people wouldn’t bother reading it all the way to the end. 1.370 more words