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YouTube Needs to Rediscover Customer Service Motto: The Customer is Always Right

Forget Facebook’s bad service. YouTube is worse! For over 6 years I’ve periodically tried to get YouTube to restore my access to my lost hit YouTube channel KidsTalkPolitics. 512 kata lagi

Mark Bouris’ secret to being successful

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The Question That Made Milk Famous

Once in a blue moon, comes along a slogan that encapsulates the truth of an entire era.

Throughout the 1990s, AOL would cheerfully announce the arrival of each new electronic message with the greeting: “You’ve got mail.” Back in the early days of the web, one looked forward to receiving such communication. 157 kata lagi


Winfrey gets exhibit in Smithsonian

It’s not often that someone gets to actually see an exhibit of their life, let alone actually have one dedicated to them. But for Oprah Winfrey, both of those just came true. 218 kata lagi

The Inspired Life

Young men told to shape up or face early death

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I'm a Boy Scout now

May 24 was the day I crossed over to Boy Scouts and before that we had our AOL ceremony. Now this part was not in the ceremony, but I heard this story as like maybe a Wolf Cub Scout. 371 kata lagi

Scout Adventures

It’s a marathon not a sprint for former Wallaby

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HE\u2019S a championship-winning Wallabies star who played at the highest level for more than a decade so the last thing you expect is Drew Mitchell to struggle with his fitness. 8.272 kata lagi