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I got mail~!

I signed up for a yahoo email address a few years back and I started to regret that lately. Too much advertisement and what’s worse, too much uninteresting  545 kata lagi

Off Subject


My first screen name/e-mail address was NaughtyPnoy42. My sister helped me make it. I was a 7th grader and she was in 9th. Since then, I’m estimating I have 10 screen name/e-mails registered to me, all  of which I don’t use anymore except for 2. 213 kata lagi

Interesting interview with Joe Satriani with AOL... with host Brad Tolinski of Guitar World...

Joe Satriani, the legendary guitar virtuoso just did a Q&A session with AOL with host Brad Tolinski who is the editor in chief for Guitar World magazine. 414 kata lagi


Desktop Search Engine Share- from comScore- spoiler Google is ahead

No news is good news for some. There has been almost zero change in comScore’s US desktop search engine rankings. Google and Ask.com each lost .1% while Microsoft Bing (20.3%), Yahoo (12.7%) and AOL (1.2%) all showed no monthly change in the rankings. 32 kata lagi

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