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I have said “yes”
To something
I cannot completely yet fathom,
The pieces have not all come in to place,
Come in to view,
Fear of the unknown… 46 kata lagi


Emerging Life

An Emergent Life cannot be lived frozen into the worship of the status quo.

Although it could be argued that the seeking of status quo is settling for that which is safe and predictable, life in reality never is. 651 kata lagi

Mental Health

When Feeling Insecure

Everyone has their own insecurity.

Insecurity is useful when you use it to drive yourself to make yourself better and improve your life… 101 kata lagi


Thoughts on Sport Climbing: Too Many These Days

“The most valuable thoughts which I entertain are anything but that which I thought. Nature abhors a vacuum, and if I can only walk with sufficient carelessness I am sure to be filled.” …

512 kata lagi

Spring Cleaning

I’m thinking about volunteering this summer. I’m not sure where yet but there are many opportunities where I live.  It would be great to get out of the house, deal with my social anxiety, and gain some experience.  293 kata lagi

Random Thoughts/Journal

Worst Teacher I Ever Had

For anyone who has read any of my posts about my disorders, you know that I was diagnosed at four. This means that I have had roughly fourteen years of experience, and the majority of them I spent going through the American public school system. 697 kata lagi


the puppy and the squirrel

I hate to disappoint you but ‘the puppy and the squirrel’ is not going to be a heart-warming tale of interspecies love – nah, I just like the title. 1.684 kata lagi