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Making Friends

If I were able to take my anxiety into my palm and mold it into a fist full of metaphors, would it make sense to you? 346 kata lagi


Finding Stillness

This meditation was inspired by a beautiful visualisation I experienced at a workshop a few years ago with friend and colleague Ingrid Jolley.

Here we acknowledge the ever changing circumstances around us, while connecting to a place within that is always at ease, peaceful and stable. 8 kata lagi


Eccentric Ways to Relieve Stress

Me doing an Adventure Race (a few years ago)

I went to a lot of different schools and every time we started a new school, we had to line up for a particularly awful ritual—the choosing of the teams. 1.828 kata lagi


I Almost Destroyed Us All

At the beginning, before Robin, I couldn’t imagine anything that would have the power to pull me away from these babies. Death himself would have to hook his fingers into my flesh and tear me away. 249 kata lagi

Fanfiction and Fire Alarms

So originally this post was supposed to be about some of the good fanfiction I read today which I will post the links to the stories. 930 kata lagi


It is hard to describe the things in your head but I have always tried I think I have stopped now is that why it all manifests in the form of breath le ss ness. 209 kata lagi


Reset Button

I am thankful:

~ that Tatum K and Sawyer are both feeling so much better. Still some ever-lingering hacking coughs, but no more fevers. Thank You Jesus! 2.105 kata lagi

Sunday Gratitude