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Bocah Asal Garut Ini Sejak Lahir tak Miliki Anus

GARUT, FOKUSJabar.com : Jaenal (9) bocah malang warga Kampung Panunggangan, Desa Sukabumi, Kecamatan Tarogong Kidul, Kabupaten Garut sejak lahir tidak memiliki anus.
” Ya, sejak lahir Jaenal tidak memiliki anus,” kata ibunda Jaenal, Aan kepada FOKUSJabar.com di kediamannya, Senin…

How long do you take to poop?

Yes, it is really about the ‘big job’ that I am asking. Surprised! Read on – I think it is important.

Most of us do not take excretion as a serious business. 214 kata lagi

Leading Thoughts

I can just see eyes bulging in their sockets from the topic. Lmao am sure people that know me are already on a spiral. Sure they are saying things like ehen-funom iyaf spoil o. 1.201 kata lagi

Man who put two live fish up his ANUS rushed to hospital when one swam into his intestines

The man admitted to voluntarily putting the pond loaches into his bum when he was heavily under the influence of alcohol