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Why women rarely accepts anal sex?

Why do some women rarely accepts anal sex?
Anal sex can be painful, and the idea scares them women. Some women are adept at anal sex, especially since the area is problematic and can be very painful if not lubricated properly. 19 kata lagi


Super Soft Ultra Realistic Material Devon Vagina And Anus Male Masturbator

Every detail of the Devon UR3 Vibrating Pussy and Anus is true to life, because it was molded from the real life pussy and anus of petite Vivid superstar Devon herself. 24 kata lagi


Rutgers Lands No. 1 Recruit Dylan Moses

By Andrew Blustein
Sports Editor

Chris Ash has done it.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Dylan Moses signed on the dotted line yesterday, officially committing to Rutgers. 426 kata lagi


First blog post

Hi! I recently retired as a medical massage therapist specializing in Craniosacral Therapy and other light-touch techniques, including Visceral Manipulation (movement of the internal organs for optimal health).  950 kata lagi

Lake Anus

Upon first glance, one cannot help but to think of chocolatier passages, and I am not talking Willy Wonka. I mean, c’mon, even the most mature person could see that this thing looks like a butthole. 178 kata lagi


Permanent cure for Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins  around the anus or in the lower rectum.  It can either be internal or external. The Internal hemorrhoids develop within the anus or rectum while the external hemorrhoids develop outside of the anus. 95 kata lagi

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