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A large elderly lady eased herself gently into the patient’s chair in my consulting room recently. I listened patiently while she went through the inventory of her complaints. 165 more words


public toilet diarrhea

the other day, i was using a public bathroom when a guy came rushing in, jumped on the toilet, and unleashed all hell on the unsuspecting thing. 241 more words


Allow me to share this interlude, I have been trying to contact group after group that says they are advocates for the blind veterans.  And do you know that to date I have not gotten a single reply?   8 more words

Sodomie et hémorroïdes

Le sujet n’est pas à l’apogée de la classe mais la problématique est réelle.

Je suis touchée par ce fléau qui est, pour moi, une source de honte indicible. 1.057 more words


Hotkinkyjo and her elastic anus

Starting this category entitled Girls’ anus, I would like to share with my dear readers my interest regarding girls’ anus by showing an extreme anal masturbation video of Hotkinkyjo. 889 more words


583. Heavenly banquet

Herman was a greedy-guts in life; a glutton. He died and went to Heaven. He noticed something strange. He didn’t have a … (Dear Reader, please excuse me, but this is a word I don’t like. 187 more words



Mac and I chose to start our first night out in Copenhagen with some beers. We went to 7/11 and Mac told me that he would pay for a beer and I would walk out with one. 953 more words