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Grooming Under the Horse Tail

Can I just skip grooming under my horses tail – skip cleaning his anus? Or her anus and her exterior genitals?

As tempting as it is to routinely skip this area, it’s just as important to clean and inspect under the tail as the eyes and feet. 800 kata lagi


What the heck is that… a new guessing game… with a twist… part 4…

Well, nobody is guessing anymore, so I guess we are done with this game… but this…

…was an extreme closeup of Trump’s mouth… or, as I like to call it… his face anus.


Bad to worse

“and if God is willing, you’ll be out by…”
“Do you really think God has anything to do with this? Like it’s all part of his grand plan for me?” 811 kata lagi


Things You Can Shove up Your Anus


1. My baby brother

2. Cucumbers (*make sure they have that gross wax coating*)

3. Four Beatles albums (*vinyls*)

4. My girlfriend’s hair while she sleeps (SORRY JENNA) 64 kata lagi



Okay my dear fellows, this is awkward but I’m gonna say it anyway.

#SEXTALK is going to be on my blog on impulse. Just as today’s post came to me suddenly, lol, I’ll speak as led. 129 kata lagi


Upside down tick

This is a tick off Galileo, seen through the microscope.

Seeing one up close like that doesn’t make me feel any better about the species. 38 kata lagi

Living In Italy

How's The Wi-Fi In There

‘There’s no out port. WHY DID I NOT INSTALL AN OUT PORT’