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Man who put two live fish up his ANUS rushed to hospital when one swam into his intestines

The man admitted to voluntarily putting the pond loaches into his bum when he was heavily under the influence of alcohol

Magnus annus

I don’t give a damn. That’s a rather specific statement you might be tempted to use for this or that, from time to time. Me, personally, I’d call it a general fact. 722 kata lagi


Upset Stomach

Upset Stomach

If there is one area
I’m considered famous
it’s with topics related
to events of the anus
So me in India
is like a meeting of kings… 206 kata lagi

#3 Give Rim Job

Welcome back fellow sex enthusiasts for another item crossed off the list and the story behind it. This one is actually a continuation from the shower sex story, but can be read on it’s own. 626 kata lagi