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How to Use McAfee Network Access Control? | mcafee.com/activate

Make sure your network, free disk space, Intel Pentium-compatible processor, 500 MB of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and the McAfee ePolicy Orchastrator including the basic system requirements. 166 kata lagi

Activate Your Mcafee Installation

Anti Virus - Free and Inexpensive AV for Windows Server


These days the top tier AntiVirus tools are free for Desktop computers.


As Vendors have to make money somehow they usually charge a bit for server products. 143 kata lagi


Advanced Endpoint Protection Traps

Advanced Endpoint Protection Traps

Advanced Endpoint Protection Traps is a better solution than traditional antivirus. AEP traps has a multi-method prevention approach that secures endpoints against known and unknown malware and exploits before they can compromise a system. 249 kata lagi



I installed TotalAV which is the best Antivirus for 2017.

The first step was to click the save file to download TotalAV

The second step was clicking on the TotalAV.exe to launch the total AV installer… 25 kata lagi

Malware Types

Malware is short for malicious software, meaning software that can be used to compromise computer functions, steal data, bypass access controls, or otherwise cause harm to the host computer. 950 kata lagi

Sophos Installation error: Account has insufficient rights or simple file sharing is enabled [0x000003b]

The Scenario

I have a workgroup server called ServerA running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise that I want deploy Sophos Endpoint Protection Anti-Virus from the Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC) v5.3.0… 201 kata lagi


Malware Removal Techniques

Malware Removal Techniques?

Malware is a kind of malicious software which can damage the computer systems of anyone.
Usually is gathers sensitive information, passwords, and search history of user. 444 kata lagi

Anti Malware