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Free tool Friday - check what your anti-virus product might have missed

Do you ever wonder if your anti-virus product might have let something nasty slip through?

Sophos has a tool that can help.

The simple and completely… 191 kata lagi


New Lappy – Still getting there

It’s taking a while to get my new machine up to something like I had on my old machine. There are a couple of issues I still need to sort out and some that I don’t think will get sorted. 457 kata lagi

Nothing Special

Treats to Computer System

There are many treats that can harm your computer system when you are using it. Among them here we are going to talking about different kind of software treats. 673 kata lagi

Anti Virus

The Byte-Code Battle

Have you ever cursed your Anti-Virus Software for being ineffective or felt the anti-virus wasn’t worth the money or the hype for all the protection it supposedly offered? 764 kata lagi


Cyber Resilience: What is it and how do you get some?

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of introducing Bruce Schneier and Larry Ponemon at an event focused on Cyber Resilience. If you’re interested in the material, there’s a recorded version available… 333 kata lagi