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Kaspersky Blocks Network Printing

When I tried to print to a network printer, the anti-virus firewall software would block it automatically. The printer queue will shows the document failed to print. 49 kata lagi

Windows 8

SFR Sécurité : 3 mois offerts pour découvrir le service !

Bonne nouvelle pour les nouveaux clients des offres box de SFR : Ils bénéficient en ce moment de 3 mois de gratuité sur le service… 319 kata lagi


The Growing Importance of Online Protection in 2016:

As we have all witnessed this year more so than recent years, controversial political subjects have become the center of attention and of course attracts the wrong croud to the subject so in this post i will explain the importance of ensuring your online safety now more so than previous years… 751 kata lagi


Anyone can Pick Up Malware – Part 2

Sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy…

A while back, I posted an article about how anybody could get a computer virus. It was telling, because the anybody was me. 171 kata lagi

Chris Spera

Amazing Anti-virus Apps for Android

What do you do when you are sick? Or what do you do so that you do not fall sick? You take medicine right? Just in the similar manner, your phone needs precaution so that it does not fall sick. 635 kata lagi

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