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5 choses à savoir pour se sentir en sécurité avec Windows 10

Les nouvelles versions de Windows étaient comme des fêtes mondiales : les utilisateurs de PC à travers le globe célébraient ce qu’ils aimaient (Windows 7 : ) et ce qu’ils détestaient (Windows 8 et Vista, non ?) de la dernière version du système d’exploitation le plus populaire au monde. 719 kata lagi


Why Israel dominates in cyber security

In recent months, and especially since the nuclear deal with Iran, there has been a strain between the U.S. and Israel. Despite this, one area where the ties remain close is cyber security, with the two parties even cosigning a statement committing continued cooperation on that front last month. 1.067 kata lagi


Threats vs. Vulnerabilities

Although you may have heard the words “threats” and “vulnerabilities” used interchangeably with regards to your technology, they are not the same. A threat is an event or situation, intentional or unintentional, that has the potential to adversely impact your data or technology infrastructure. 333 kata lagi


Monarchy IT Security Tip #1: Don't be an Administrator!

At Monarchy IT, it’s our goal to help you succeed in today’s technological landscape; whether it’s in your business or at your home.  The biggest headache today to both computer users and those that help with computers, (that’s us), is providing a safe and secure environment for computing to take place.  263 kata lagi

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Computer Care Plan Pro

We are happy to announce the debut of our new Computer Care Plan Pro. For the first time ever, in our area, we are offering not just a “care” plan but a “care-free” plan. 57 kata lagi

Computer Repair


Computer Safety, there are many ways to protect your computer; one of them being control who goes into your computer. Don’t just let anyone log on to your computer, because there are many sites where you just open the sites and a virus can come in. 364 kata lagi


Norton Security With Backup (NSBU) 22.5.0 - Trial with Time Reset Download

Just how much security do you need? Is antivirus enough, or should you buy a security suite? And how should you protect your Macs and mobile devices? 56 kata lagi