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How Can You Detect AOL Parasites

An AOL (America OnLine) parasite is malevolent virus computer program. It is designed to contaminate the operators. It has the capability to seize user’s individual identification information, such as password, username, account detail etc. 367 kata lagi

AOL Anti-Virus

How Computer Security Has Evolved Over The Years

Hackers have become more skilled, and their attacks, more sophisticated and unpredictable over the last three decades. When large numbers of computers are affected, hundreds of industries can be slowed down, and hundreds of communities and millions of people suffer. 219 kata lagi


What causes data loss?

Data loss may seem unavoidable at times, but with the right precautions it can be prevented and if not, don’t worry we can help!

  1. Hard drive Failures…
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AOSS Anti Virus- Alternate Operating System Scanner

Creating and using the Live AOSS CD

Creating the Live AOSS CD

  1. Download the AOSS.iso file.
  2. Burn the AOSS.iso file to a blank CD using CD burning software that is capable of burning ISO image files to blank CDs.
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Time Machine: macOS Sierra and Sophos, there's a block

Since upgrading to macOS Sierra I haven’t been able to complete a time machine backup on my MacBook Air, though until now I hadn’t known what the reason might be. 108 kata lagi


Software Review Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Name of software: Anti-Malware
Platform: Andriod, Windows, Mac
Version: 2.2.1 (windows)
Creator: Malewarebytes
Known form: Anti-maleware, Anti-Exploit, Endpoint Security
Use: Anti-virus protection that works
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Mac Users: Think You Can’t Get A Virus? Think Again.

IT’S A COMMON MYTH THAT I HEAR OFTEN: MACS DON’T GET VIRUSES. It’s simply not true. What is true? If you don’t have up-to-date anti-virus software, you’re playing with fire. 232 kata lagi