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Reminder: Summer Program Saturday August 27, 2016 + PARTY + URGENT regarding first meeting

This message is sent of behalf of Capt. Joe

To Ship Burnaby Ship’s Company, Parents, and Guardians,

This is a reminder that there is no meeting this week until the end of the summer. 348 kata lagi


4th Folk Dance Festival Saturday - Sun - Mon

One, if not THE, highlight of the summer is the Diamantis Palaiologos Dance Festival. A 3-day convocation of “folk” dancers from all over Greece and beyond, the event is exciting as you hardly ever get to see such a variety of costumed dancers in one place. 217 kata lagi


Cast & Crew Call

We are still looking for that “just right” talent to fill a few roles before we can begin shooting the trailer. If you think you’re that person, please visit the “Join the Team” pages and send us your information. 31 kata lagi


Blog Categories

Hello everyone!

I have something I want to address today regarding a change to my blog. I have just added “sub items” in my blog navigation to help people filter through posts to find the ones gathered under a specific topic. 453 kata lagi


Hippocamp 2016 Round-Up

Gentle Readers, I come to you from Amsterdam Schipol, my second-favorite airport, where I can get a haircut and some tulip bulbs and eat hagelslag… 599 kata lagi

News And Events

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I've just recently returned from one of the greatest events I've ever attended, Hippocamp 2016! Not only did I get the opportunity to hear amazing speakers, but I gave a presentation on composite characters. Even more, there were so many excellent writers of nonfiction and memoir, including Mary Karr. First of all, she looks so. damn. young. Secondly, a woman ask her a question and cried. Mary Karr descended from the "stage" area and embraced her. I was among many, voiced and unvoiced, who wanted to be immediately adopted. Moral of the story- go next year. I want to hear from you and to meet you!

Field Trip - updated to add cost!

Please join us for PALS’ fall field trip on September 7th to the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. This is a 2 hour guided field trip with an activity/lesson that runs from 9:30- 11:30 am. 62 kata lagi


DG Kickoff Fiesta

Come join your DG Sisters for a Kickoff Fiesta as we start the new season with taco’s and margarita’s at Sarah Beitler’s house!

Hope to see you there!