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A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 3: More Jargon, More Punching

Part of me wonders whether there’s any reason why after two seasons of this show I firstly still like it and secondly am still watching it. 407 kata lagi


Goblin Slayer Pre-Show - Episode 3 Analysis

I don’t know what to say. I think i’m gonna have to drop the show because I will just sound like a broken record at this point. 1.497 kata lagi

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No Game No Life Zero [2017]

My only wish is to live together.

No Game No Life Zero

The 6 Pledges

[一つ]誰も殺してはならない – No one may kill

[二つ]誰も死なせてはならない – No one may die…

243 kata lagi

A late review for Tokyo Ghoul:re S2

As I am on a blogging spree, lets get this over with. 2 episodes of the show came out and all I can say is- Season 1 was the best. 258 kata lagi


Attack On Titan S3 ended and no one noticed!

It has been a week since AOT s3 episode 12 came out. And to be honest, I was excited for the next episode. But then they announced that this season will have only 12 episodes. 125 kata lagi


Ms. Vampire Who Lives in my Neighbourhood - Episode 2

In this episode, there are two small stories.In the first one, Sophie and Akari go to a book signing for a light novel and the second, Akari has her friend over. 437 kata lagi

7 Deadly Sins

I’m so excited that Netflix has finally put season three of Seven Deadly Sins the anime up to watch. I personally felt unsatisfied after the way season two ended. 45 kata lagi