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Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 Episode 2


I really like Rose as a character. Her few appearances in season 1 weren’t really enough to get much of a feel for her so it has been nice to spend so much time with her now. 164 kata lagi


First Impression: elDLIVE

At first I wasn’t supposed to add this title to the series I will watch from the Winter 2017 season, the summary didn’t really appeal me. 654 kata lagi


Yuri!!! On Ice Sims 4 Download and Information

Update: 1/17/17 Added updated Chris and Victor. They look so far away from their screenshot selves lol. Will likely add the rest little by little. 664 kata lagi

Yuri On Ice

Holiday Matsuri Review

Hey Darlings,

It took me a little while but here is my REVIEW of one of my favorite conventions Holiday Matsuri. One of the reasons why this convention is so special is it’s holiday theme! 423 kata lagi


Emil, Seung Gil, Leo and more (Update)

I went kind of crazy making the rest of the skaters today so here’s a sneak peek. There’s some I’m not satisfied with but they’ll be updated through time and as I play them. 427 kata lagi

Yuri On Ice

Welcome to the NHK is pretty comfy

Welcome to The NHK is probably one of my favorite anime, because i (and possibly a lot of others) relate to it so much,┬ásimply because Satou’s problems are somewhat relatable and we see our-selves as Satou or even possibly relate to the other characters in the show, as almost all of them that Satou meets or interacts with, are at some low,depressing point in their lives. 50 kata lagi