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Sensei, I want to kill myself!

Humour, more than any other art form, is purely subjective. Even with music or novels there’s a general consensus as to wether or not said art is good; there are always deviations from general consensus, there has to be, but theres always things that are going to be thought to be good or bad by the general populace. 848 kata lagi


Naruto Shippuden Itachi The True Legend Nine Episode

A while back we heard that Itachi was getting his own arc with Naruto Shippuden  Itachi The True Legend. The anime is based on two novels of the true legend light and dark. 68 kata lagi


[Halfway Review] Ojisan to Marshmallow

Ojisan to Marshmellow continues to deliver a great laugh with every episode. The romantic relationship between the large marshmallow lover Kusaka and the energetic Wakabayashi slowly moves forward as the series rolls on. 217 kata lagi


A Quick Update: The Death of Some Old Reviews...

Hey there, I hope you are all well.

After much thinking I have decided to take down several, mostly older reviews, off of both this site and MAL. 287 kata lagi


I've given up on falling for real people because I have transcended and fell for all the anime characters of the world

Title says it all, guys. Some anime characters are just so well drawn and their stories and backgrounds are so well plotted that you just *bhbfvjhsbkljsfbgshz* when you see them appear. 176 kata lagi


Sakura-Con Announces Guests

Sakura-Con has announced several guests for its upcoming convention:

  • Reki Kawahara: creator of the Sword Art Online light novel series
  • abec: character designer
  • Shinichiro Kashiwada: anime producer…
  • 60 kata lagi