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[4 Episodes Impression] Joker Game

Finally in this season I can watch a full of gentlemen show \(^^)/ Big thanks to I.G. Production for manly design :) I can’t remember when the last time I watched such show that full of gentlemen. 648 kata lagi


Dragonball Evolution writer apologizes for film

Eh. He did what everyone told him to do. I thought it was rather effective for what he wanted.


VIZ Media Announces Digital Anime Update for May 2016

VIZ Media announces its digital anime update for May 2016, which includes a variety of new premieres and simulcast episodes.

May 2016 offers new Season 3 episodes from… 457 kata lagi


"I Dropped The Dragon Ball": DB Evolution Writer Issues Apology To Fans

Here’s a quick quiz for you, name just one well-done anime-to-film adaption! It doesn’t even have to be perfect, just well-done. Go ahead, I’ll wait. If you can’t come up with an answer, don’t worry, there probably isn’t one! 1.171 kata lagi


Bravely Second: When at first you do succeed...

Although this is entirely my bias, Bravely Default was a godsend with its classic RPG Job-grind goodness. I had high hopes for Bravely Second but I’m slightly disappointed. 278 kata lagi


6 Feel-Good Anime

You come home from a long, rough day at school/work with barely enough mental power to change out of your clothes.  You’re so stressed out that even the 5 o’clock news makes you want to cry. 1.262 kata lagi


(Review) Sketchbook: ~Full Color's

Sometimes you gotta kick back and watch something nice and slow. There are so many loud and exciting anime but underneath all the flashy shows are a special brand of slice of life some call “healing shows”. 923 kata lagi