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Watch Out Wednesdays: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (2009)

Ta-da! This is my first post ever for “Watch Out Wednesdays” and I’m featuring one of the greatest anime ever made in Japanese history (lol): … 1.052 kata lagi


Kamu Ini Termasuk Otaku Macam Apa?

Pernahkah kamu berpikir, apakah dirimu sudah termasuk kategori otaku atau tidak, apakah kamu bangga menjadi seorang otaku atau tidak atau seringkah kamu menyebut dirimu otaku di publik? 537 kata lagi


Wednesday's What About: Anime Adaptations of Light Novels

In recent years, it has become rather common for light novels to receive anime adaptations. This in itself is not anything particularly noteworthy. After all, I cannot count how many anime series initially started off as manga series, visual novels, video games, or even card games. 1.539 kata lagi



2008 Anime series by Masaaki Yuasa

…dystopian space body swapping memory manipulating oppression and power and love

~nichey~underdog masterpiece. if you’re tempted to *hfeuw^%$#sdha because of the cute animation, don’t! 18 kata lagi

10 Pekerjaan yang Cocok Bagi Penyendiri

Bersosialisasi adalah sifat dasar manusia. Manusia tidak bisa hidup tanpa bantuan  orang lain. Pada dasarnya, manusia juga senang punya teman dan berbagi dengan sesama.

Tapi, bagaimana dengan mereka yang susah bergaul dan terkadang cukup sulit untuk bersosialiasi? 491 kata lagi


Surviving in a dying industry with powerful customer service

“My parents trained me to be kind to customers. There are many kinds of customers. Some are very rude, but you have to stay cool. When I do business, I do business honestly, and give prices that are fair.

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91 Days Anime Review

“A raison d’etre gives a person power. Friendship is a more reliable tool than a knife.” – Angelo

This was recommended to me by a friend. 1.098 kata lagi