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Anime/Games I liked during 2017.

I’m late and I meant to do this a month ago. Things I liked during 2017, not necessarily stuff -from- 2017. I’ll keep the descriptions relatively short. 541 kata lagi

Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody Episode #07

This is Arisa as she couldn’t believe that her master Satou didn’t ravish her last night. Um Arisa, you know that he’s busy saving two people on the previous episode. 349 kata lagi


Living the Good Life, Episode 72 (February 23, 2018): Very nice amount of writan completed!

Very nice week this time! I hope all of ’em go this well…


Darling in the FranXX ep. 6: This was a fun episode. Most of it taken up by fighting, of course, but the bit of dialogue also reveals a little about Zero-2’s reasons for fighting. 431 kata lagi



Here is a prediction video I made regarding the post credits scene at the end of Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. To add some extra flare, I also included the Mothra song in the video.

Chapter 179: Gundam Cafe

To complete a Gundam day. Visiting the cafe next to the mall entrance is a must. Other than drinks, they sell merchandise and some sweets. With plenty to see on display.



Anime review: Air

I have officially had my man card rebuked as of the time of this review. I will no longer be getting my discount at Hooters and Best Buy as well, because this time I’ll be talking about Air (Tv series). 365 kata lagi