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Knight's & Magic Episode 7: More combat

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This week’s episode was just a joy to watch. I still feel like I’m missing a lot of context in this series, but both of the fights in the episode were really cool. 229 kata lagi


Ayo I'm Back!

My goodness I took some time off from blogging about weeb crap! To make this short and sweet, I got burned out in the middle of May from blogging. 128 kata lagi


Direction in Owarimonogatari

As promised in my review of Owarimonogatari, I hope to unpack it further throughout the week, explaining just what made it so satisfying. And in search of someplace to start, I decided to look at other reviews of the series, including a review on Wrong Every Time. 1.369 kata lagi


90's Anime Episode 3 (Full)

So I’m gonna try a new thing with uploading the ENTIRE Episode 3 in one post. If you like it or don’t like it, let me know at my… 788 kata lagi


Aniplex of America Announces Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale- Coming to Blu-ray and DVD with Limited Edition

Aniplex of America has announced that Sword Art Online the Movie –Ordinal Scale- is coming to Blu-ray and DVD for the first time, along with a Limited Edition release. 502 kata lagi


Ioanix - Chapter 3: You were right

There’s always a dream about our lives together I always felt that when the wind blows to the south I could feel it in the East and yet when I ask him about while he is in the North he doesn’t feel it. 1.157 kata lagi