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Violet Evergarden ep 11

This show is hell bent of dishing out content that is emotional in one form or the other. Though, I have to say, this week’s story had the nice touch of taking Violet back to the frontlines even though she still retained her role as a doll. 645 kata lagi


Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san – Episode 12 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Not that emotional of a goodbye, but I will miss this show. How Evil is Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san’s final episode? 426 kata lagi


spring break!!!!

spring break is here!!!! here’s what’s happened so far!

  • we went to visit my sister at college and it was fun??
    • we stayed at an airbnb and the whole time my mom complained (but it wasn’t really that bad??).
  • 228 kata lagi

Beatless Episode 10: Are we seriously getting another recap?

Click here to check this post out on my personal website.

I really want to praise this week’s episode for being interesting, but I felt like the plans were overly convoluted. 308 kata lagi


セクシー女性: Starchaser's 7 Sexy Anime Women

I guess I can say this is a sequel to my 10 beautiful anime women list. The subject of attractive anime women happens to be my specialty and one of my favorite things to talk about. 2.057 kata lagi


Clips from my time as an Anime News Network news intern in 2015

I recently noticed that Anime News Network began listing bylines on all articles in its news section (where I interned for six months in 2015… 225 kata lagi