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Allrounder Meguru

I am a huge fan of MMA. I enjoy watching the UFC, however I am a product of the Pride FC era. I am a much larger fan of Japanese MMA and I pine for the days of Pride. 722 more words


Welcome to Sakurasou!

This is my first dramatic anime to watch. I never thought that it could be as shocking and heart touching ’cause its usually found in movies. 595 more words


Perfect Blue at iba pang anime bilang isang representasyon ng realidad sa mundo

“The essential feature of the dissociative disorders is a disruption in the usually integrated functions of consciousness, memory, identity, or perception of the environment. The disturbance may be sudden or gradual, transient or chronic.”

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Ok, THESE might be the most annoying DVDs ever.

I may have sort of lied a little when I claimed to be completely done converting DVDs for our media server.  It turned out that I’d set aside a box of concerts and music videos, and I had to go through those. 347 more words


33 Days until Anime Boston 2015!

Boy, is it going to be EPIC.

I usually talk about Anime Boston on my Anime and Manga blog but I’ve decided to give everyone an overview of what my routine at Anime Boston is like. 902 more words

Brendan Aurabolt

Any Movie And Show On Android.

Ever suffered from slow internet? Wanting to watch a movie directly for free on android without downloading them? Or maybe a cartoon, anime or a show? 203 more words


Pretty Boy or Pretty Girl?

In the latest episode of Akatsuki no Yona, Yoon (Yun in the Anime), a self-proclaimed pretty boy dressed up as a girl to help Yona in infiltrating Yang Kum-Ji’s ship. 88 more words