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Night at the Lake

Claire supported Emile?
Is that a good thing?

My Thoughts:
I’m done. His harem just keeps expanding.

If you think that one of the girls in Hayato’s harem isn’t annoying enough; they decided to put one more and take one of the girls back to Gurenberg; her hometown. 99 kata lagi


Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 7

“Transformation” was a very satisfying Act for me.  What I love about Sailor Moon the anime & Sailor Moon the character is embodied in the speech she makes to stop the inners & outers from fighting.  257 kata lagi


Kiznaiver : A Battle Touching Upon the Identity of the Pain that's Seven Times the Pain of One-Seventh of a Pain

Episode 7

“Nana-bun no Ichi no Itami no Sono Mata Nana Bai no Shoutai ni Fureru Tatakai” (七分の一の痛みのそのまた七倍の正体に触れる戦い)

We plow ahead with learning about Maki and why she feels so guilty over the death of her friend. 609 kata lagi


Naruto Shippuden 276

“Attack of the Gedo Statue” The Allied Shinobi Forces are on the verge of winning the war when Madara Uchiha appears. Madara summons the giant Gedo Statue and unleashes its devastating power.

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Shiki Series Review

As I’m reviewing the whole series I’m going to use just a few more words than normal.


Shiki is a horror (?) anime that came out in 2010. 1.230 kata lagi


AniMAY: Naruto

Original Airdate: October 3, 2002

Anime Genre: Shounen, Action/Adventure, Comedy, Martial Arts, Super Powers

Total Episodes: 220

Movies: 11

Based on the Manga: Naruto, Sept 1999, written by Masashi Kishimoto

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Kiznaiver : Nothing Good Comes From Being Around All of You

Episode 6

“Anta-tachi to Iru to Hontou ni Rokuna Koto ga Nai” (あんた達といるとほんっとにろくなことがない)

The experiment last episode seems to have succeeded in growing a bond strong enough between the main cast that they can feel the pain in each others hearts. 543 kata lagi