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Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume Episode 10 Review - "My Brand of Table Tennis"

The fated showdown between Koyori and Kururi is finally underway! Who emerges victorous?

(Spoilers in this review) 675 kata lagi


One Punch Man: An Anime That Works as Its Own Abridged Series

I’ve been on record of saying how bored or unsatisfied I am with so much superhero media hype these days. It’s rare to find a superhero who is himself bored with the whole affair, too. 559 kata lagi

The Written Word


Barakamon is an anime about a famous calligrapher, Handa Seishuu, who is sent to a small village because of his bad attitude when a veteran called his winning piece as “unoriginal”. 333 kata lagi


5 Anime I’m glad I watched in 2016: Older Shows

So here I am kicking off my end of 2016 stuff.  It would be an easy thing to just make a post of the top shows that aired this year and I will in a way, but I wanted to put my own spin on it.  768 kata lagi



Gosh. This one is a tough one… Having to pare down so many epic scenes down to one! I think I may just have to go with my most… 459 kata lagi


Movie review : Kimi no na wa

Mitsuha yang telah membenci kehidupannya tinggal di pedesaan, ia sangat berharap untuk tinggal di Tokyo suatu saat nanti. Suatu hari dia bermimpi menjadi seorang lelaki yang tinggal di Tokyo, di sana dia mengalami kehidupan yang berbeda dari kehidupan yang ada di desa tempat Mitsuha tinggal. 664 kata lagi


Good Reads : Kurosagi

What do talking corpses, aliens, a dower, and a mortician have in common??? The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service! This manga follows the story of five students at a buddhist university with a knack for helping people … dead people! 34 kata lagi