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Anime 102: What Do I Watch?

So maybe you’ve seen some of my earlier anime posts, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’re just curious about this “anime” thing. You might have read my… 1.518 kata lagi


WatchPlayRead Link Roundup for November 2015

Here are the anime and manga reviews and news articles that I wrote for WatchPlayRead.com during November 2015.

Manga Reviews


Anime Music Madness-Main Theme 2014

Today’s song in the lineup is the Fairy Tail Main Theme, background music from Fairy Tail, composed by Yasuharu Takanashi

What better music than a new version of Fairy Tail’s main theme? 63 kata lagi


Manga Artist/Creator Shigeru Mizuki Has passed away

I feel lately I am reporting the obituaries for anime and manga artists. (I feel like I might need therapy soon if we keep losing veteran talent like this.) The Artist/Creator of the known eerie manga GeGeGe no Kitaro passed away this morning in Tokyo, according to Nikkan Sports. 292 kata lagi


The Seven Deadly Sins Review

So Netflix made an anime? I was hesitant to start this since I felt there were so many other anime I could be watching, but eventually I gave in when a friend said he was going to watch it with me. 787 kata lagi