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This is not really a review, as much as me wanting to introduce you to this game instead.lol I’m cheating.
IDOLISH7 is a iOS and Android rhythm, idol management and collectible cards game with characters designs sketched by the great shoujo manga author, … 700 kata lagi


Review: Tenchi in Tokyo

Coming to the third of this unofficial “series” of reviews, I’ve had a pretty great time looking back on the Tenchi Muyo! franchise, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that most of my feelings toward it haven’t, thankfully, been clouded by nostalgia. 2.933 kata lagi


So again, for like the third time, Mashiro dies. (Not really impressed by that notwhatsoever).
Apparently when Inori summoned the Red Dragon, she gets some pretty cool wings with that and it seems really nice but when Ibuki summons the Red Dragon, it’s just some fire dragons from his sword. 142 kata lagi