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Recording Otaku History (And The Growth of The Western Anime Community)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a (cleaner) copy and paste free write of my thoughts of the evolution and history of the Western anime fandom taken from my Facebook page… 1.173 kata lagi


AnimeCulture 文化 - Nyamat Gundam

Nyamat Gundam – There is an interesting discovery of a Nyamat Gundam statue which has a same look as Gundam Exia from Gundam 00 series. According to local Nyamat people there, this ANCIENT Gundam statue has been bulit so far and “protected Indonesia people” there since the period of Majapahit era, Nyamat, Java, Indonesia……..   100 kata lagi

Anime Culture

Finding The Time To Watch (And Talk About) Anime

From spending 40-45 hours a week cosplaying as a stable adult at my job for drug and alcohol money (for both anime con partying and to deal with life), to working with my homeboy The TV Guru on our new podcast… 1.129 kata lagi


Learning Japanese through Manga

The warm rays of spring are almost upon us in America which means one thing: convention season is almost here!

Whether you’ve been neglecting your studies or have yet begun, this is a post for anyone who would like to study and improve their Japanese using manga. 1.194 kata lagi


12 Days of Anime: The Zambian Anime Community

Anime is a globally revered medium, its huge in Europe with countries like France even co-producing some anime, it’s obviously massive in North America and Australia as they have vibrant industries and communities and ofcourse its big in Asia. 1.645 kata lagi


My Oddly Interesting Observations at Anime NYC 2018

I’ve been waiting for this.

After the rather lacking experience of Anime Fest @ NYCC, I was ready to shake it off and be surrounded by nothing but fandom. 2.764 kata lagi


List of Known Freebies at New York Comic Con | NYCC2018

In no particular order or booth numbers because that is essentially how the con rolled this year… 1.490 kata lagi