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Baby Jumbo, the Daily Mirror Elephant Attends Queen Alexandra's Garden Party

“Baby Jumbo, the Daily Mirror Elephant, entering Marlborough House to attend Queen Alexandra’s garden party.”

Mailed October 9, 1912, to Miss Phyllis Craven, “The Johannesburg.” Grand Parade, Brighton. 54 more words


O - Oh what a story. Overcoming dyslexia

When my oldest daughter was born I would tell her alphabet stories. I was inspired by Graeme Base’s illustrated book  Animalia.

As she started school the teachers worried that she wasn’t learning as fast as she should. 674 more words


Kuvapäiväkirja torstailta 16.4.2015

Edellisenä iltana olin saanut tietää työkaverin jälleen sairastuneen ja minun oli suotavaa mennä häntä tuuraamaan. Menin aikaiseen aamuvuoroon, jotta ennättäisin illemmalla Animalian tapaamiseen. Siinä meni kaikki suunnitelmat tämän päivän leipomisista ja pakkaamisista ja siementen viljelystä. 787 more words


The Regulation of Animal Research and the Emergence of Animal Ethics: A Conceptual History

By Bernard E. Rollin

The history of the regulation of animal research is essentially the history of the emergence of meaningful social ethics for animals in society. 120 more words


If Lions Could Speak: Investigating the Animal-Human Relationship and the Perspectives of Nonhuman Others

By Clinton R. Sanders and Arnold Arluke

Though they have not tended to be the focus of sociological attention in the past, interactions between humans and nonhuman animals are central to contemporary social life. 94 more words


Welcome to Animalia, a Forum for Animal Studies Scholars

This is a welcome post that I will make sticky – that is, it will always be at the top of the site. In this post, I will welcome readers to our site; talk a bit about our goals and history; and invite them to share this site with colleagues and potential contributors.