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Cat Wisdom

This post is based upon a post I wrote for a prior blog I maintained in a previous lifetime.

Cats are amazing creatures. Not just the whole landing on their feet thing, although that is pretty impressive. 546 kata lagi


Would you rejuvenate your body for $8000?

You haven’t seen the Twilight vampire saga, have you? What if I tell you, that your daughter loved it, and  by the way you will need her blood if you want to stay… 453 kata lagi


shadow dance

melody within
plays only for me as I
dance with my shadow

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Graceful


Look like a Wild Turkey

I want to look like a turkey. Don’t misread me. I want to look like one, not look like a turkey. The eyesight of wild turkeys is superior to every other inhabitant of eastern forests with the exception of raptors and vultures, and probably three times as acute as a human hunter with 20/20 vision. 868 kata lagi


Weekend Coffee Share (1/8/17)

#WeekendCoffeeShare is graciously hosted by Diana at ParttimeMonsterBlog.com.

If we were having coffee, I’d advise you to bring a sweater when you come over. The house was 59 degrees (F) when I woke up this morning. 543 kata lagi