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Ring-necked Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) Phasianidae

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Specimen courtesy of the Slater Museum
Photo by Robert Niese

Pheasants are native to Asia, but they have been introduced by European hunters to nearly every continent as a game bird. 54 kata lagi

Finding Happy

The theme for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge is “happy place,” and the question is “where do you go to get your groove back?” 60 kata lagi


Often time, life amiss is,
misfortunes gift a kiss,
of loss and grief,
see, a soiled leaf
that turned time will ease.


Tamiasciurus hudsonicus “Red Squirrel” Sciuridae

Drinking Horse Mountain, Bozeman, MT
June 3, 2015
Robert Niese

Red Squirrels are found throughout Nearctic coniferous forests where they defend territories year-round (they don’t hibernate). 69 kata lagi

Pacific Northwest

Maailman Eläinten päivä 4.10.2015

Into toivottaa kaikille oikein hyvää Eläinten päivää
ja mukavaa Eläinten viikkoa 4-10.10.2015!

Eläinten Päivä on kansainvälinen vuosipäivä, jolla on lähes satavuotiaat perinteet. Tänä vuonna viikon teemana ovat koirat. 51 kata lagi


Barn Work

Taking down a roof!

So. Many. Giant. Spiders.


Catoptria latiradiella “Two-banded Catoptria” Crambidae

Clinton, MT
July 25, 2015
Robert Niese

This small species of Crambid moth is restricted to boreal and montane forests in North America. 32 kata lagi

Pacific Northwest