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Canine Culpability

It’s National Dog Day. Let’s celebrate man’s best friend (and world’s worst actors).

“I’m really sorry I did it. Really, really sorry. Um… which ‘it’ did you discover?” 85 kata lagi


Weekend Coffee Share 8/20/16

If we were having coffee… well, we wouldn’t be. Not yet. It’s barely light outside. I’m dog-sitting for my daughter and her sweet Bella seems to think my wake up time should be 3:00 a.m. 240 kata lagi


Pittsburgh Zoo

Due to my limited skills I only pick four pictures that in my opinion are better compare to the others.


Rare Gold: Early Morning Light

Shortly after obtaining my puppy Chules, we began training. Chules  is an America Eskimo dog, which is a breed known for ease of training, so I was eager to get started. 179 kata lagi


Eight Things

Eight things I wouldn’t want to be:

I.  A big fish in a small pond.

II.  Just another brick in the wall.

III.  The lone fire hydrant in a dog park. 49 kata lagi