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not too swift

snail murmuration
slight delayed reaction time
slow motion ballet

The Daily Post daily prompt: Murmuration


Just Because I Can

Three Things Thursday is hosted at NerdintheBrain.com. Simple: List three things that make your life awesome.

Easy one today: Pets, Birthdays and Three-year-olds.

Today is my dog Chules’ third birthday. 75 kata lagi



Sounds like a rock group, but hellbenders are mute, cryptic, and uglier than any band! I imagine some American pioneer naming them after turning over a rock in a mountain stream and recoiling in horror at the sight of something looking like it crawled out of H***. 653 kata lagi



calm rumination
perfect day to chew the cud
bovine reverie

The Daily Post one-word prompt: Ruminate


Weekend Coffee Share 3.4.17

If we were having coffee, I would invite you in and advise you — as usual — to mind the obstacle course of clutter on our way to the couch. 473 kata lagi


Artificially Produced Animal Behavior

“A striking example of artificially produced animal behavior has come about as a by-product of drug research. Pharmacologist Peter Witt discovered that spiders spin strange, misshapen webs when they are under the influence of drugs. 145 kata lagi