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Dog Day(s) of Summer

The “dog days of summer” actually have nothing to do with dogs (they refer to the Dog Star Sirius and its position in the heavens during a portion of the summer). 160 kata lagi

Photo Essay

Chataigne : the not so wild boar

In response to CAMERA LUCIDA Photo Challenge : Out of place

Last May, JM told me that he had seen a wild boar running behind cars on the road, which was odd for a wild boar. 396 kata lagi


Black Bear like a Hairy Bell-ringer

Yesterday was a beautiful experience, but this morning was a revelation.

Shortly after 7:30 am I took my breakfast outside on the front deck, but had to duck down when I saw Sooty already looking for his (hers). 610 kata lagi


Bearly in Spitting Distance

I had to post this news while it is still fresh in my mind. Around noon today, I decided to take a break from writing and have lunch on the deck of our Allegheny Mountain home. 456 kata lagi



May your spirit guide you truly,
westward sun light your horizon,
silent winds lift gently forward,
heavens rainfall quench your thirst,
your whole life journey, and beyond. 8 kata lagi


Home Kittens

Friendly and affectionate

Best friends already!


Wild Rider Fitness Challenge - A Guest Post by Maggie C

I would like you to meet Maggie C from, What Rhymes with Stanza? She has taken the 90 day Wild Rider Fitness Challenge. Maggie has written a wonderful outdoor photo essay about the pet-ometer and how it keeps her going. 477 kata lagi


Maggie C reblogged this on What Rhymes with Stanza? and commented:

Susie Lindau was kind enough to run a post I wrote for her Wild Rider Fitness Challenge (#WRFChallenge) a couple of months ago, but since I promised a moratorium on dog posts, I held off on reblogging until today. Thanks, Susie!