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Bella says


Bella says, take the time to smell the leaves! 🍂 Be present, enjoy each moment and feel the magic in the everyday things!  <3 We should all listen to Bella, we might learn something ! 7 kata lagi


Bella posing

One of the rare moments where Bella stood still and posed very professionally for me! I think she’s got some serious model potential though, don’t you think?  48 kata lagi


Bella under the autumn sun

  This photo came to life one lovely autumn afternoon while walking with friends in the Prater and playing with Bella. As a professional top model she gave me countless beautiful poses but i was slow to capture them and my framing was kinda off because i was trying out an old manual lens, the Helios 44M 58mm f2 but the soft bokeh is well worth it, i think and i slowly got the hang of it. 19 kata lagi