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Oscar Bait Gone Wrong

The months October, November and December are known most commonly in the movie world as Oscar season. This time of the year often brings out the year’s ‘Oscar bait’, films that focus on important subject-matter, employ stong casts and are produced at least partially in order to be nominated for, and hopefully win, an Academy Award. 949 more words

List This!


Trying to draw shorter-haired 90’s Angelina from memory.

Jack O'Connell a star on the horizon!

Were in a new era of young stars on the horizon the last few years. With great young talents like Miles Teller,Micheal B. Jordan,Dane Dehaan and Jack O’Connell among others. 656 more words

The High Slit Black Maxi

Ever since Angelina Jolie wore the velvet Atelier Versace gown to the Oscars, you know the one with the unforgettable slit, we have seen the emergence of the high slit dress. 228 more words


Breast Cancer

by Colleen

I saw this article this morning and believe this is news worthy information to pass on to other women.  It made me think about, another aspect of my health and something I was not aware of regarding breast cancer. 544 more words

Super-pale Provence rosé

Yes. This specifically. I used to drink the syrupy, candy-pink Californian stuff when I was a teenager, and still have the odd nostalgic sip to remind myself of barely-legal beer gardens and summer romances. 107 more words

Food And Drink

It's official! Marilyn Monroe has the most iconic legs in history

A white dress and hot air from a subway grate.

That’s all it took for Marilyn Monroe to create one of the most memorable images in cinematic history, and now her legs have been voted the most iconic of all time. 535 more words