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Angelina Jolie Refuses To Talk To Brad Pitt After Blindsiding Him With Surprise Divorce

Angelina Jolie has COMPLETELY cut off contact with her husband Brad Pitt after filing for divorce on Sept. 19, just a minute before the courts closed that night, making it almost impossible for him to find a lawyer. 375 kata lagi

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Footage of Angelina Jolie describing her satanic initiation into the Illuminati

A video containing secret footage of a 23-year-old Angelina Jolie talking to two friends, in which Jolie admits to and describes the satanic ritual she undertook to enter the Order of the Illuminati, including twisting of nipples and the sacrifice of a snake. 370 kata lagi


Brad Pitt's Ready To Prove He Didn't Cheat On Angelina Jolie With Lie Detector Test

Brad Pitt wants to prove he’s innocent! He’s so adamant about the fact that he didn’t cheat on Angelina Jolie that he’s apparently begging her to let him take a lie detector test to prove it. 365 kata lagi

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Jennifer Aniston Gets Revenge After Brangelina Split: Hot Date Night in NYC -- Pic

Brad who?! Jennifer Aniston SLAYED on a hot date night out with husband Justin Theroux in NYC on Sept. 24, looking sexier than ever! The duo dressed in black and looked so in love. 286 kata lagi

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Brad Pitt Desperately Wants Angelina Jolie's Father To Play Peacemaker & Help Them Rebuild

Angelina Jolie’s father could play a huge role in bringing her and Brad Pitt back together, or at least, Brad hopes he can. The actor has reportedly spoken to Jon Voight about Angie and hopes he can ‘play peacemaker’ between the two of them, as Brad isn’t going to let go of his wife that easily. 378 kata lagi

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Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp: It's Only A Matter Of Time Before They Hook Up

It would make perfect sense! Angelina Jolie is one of the hottest women in Hollywood and Johnny Depp is obviously one of the hottest men in Hollywood. 330 kata lagi

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