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From pale to pink ……Diet for “Nutritional Anemia”

Anemia is medical condition in which you suffer reduced ability to carry oxygen in your blood.

It could be due to low production of Red blood cells or low hemoglobin (protein in the body which carries oxygen) or decreased volume of red blood cells (Blood loss). 827 kata lagi


Basic Questions and Answers about Anemia

What is anemia?

Anemia is a condition defined by blood containing a lower than normal number of red blood cells or if the blood cells present don’t contain sufficient hemoglobin (the protein that carries oxygen throughout the body). 664 kata lagi

Sterling Medical Advice

Clued Up: ANEMIA and your PERIOD

The ever so popular Period track App Clue have recently written an article on the relationship between anemia and your period. Could your period actually be causing you to become iron deficient?

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10 Health Benefits Of Spirulina

Spirulina is incredibly good for you. It is loaded with nutrients that can have powerful effects on your body and brain. Here are 10 evidence-based health benefits of Spirulina. 316 kata lagi


1. Menstruation cause anemia

Normal menstruation dont cause anemia! But if you are suffering from menstrual disorders such as menorrhagia which is abnormally heavy bleeding. Normal menstruation according to Menstrupedia is only about 80 mL of blood loss which would not be leading to anemia. 288 kata lagi

Your tiredness may be due to Anemia!!

Are you feeling tired with normal activities? and if it does not go away with the sufficient night rest then be alert and take action as you may be suffering from… 1.075 kata lagi