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Three-quarters finished with the internship and I’m really starting to notice some changes.  When I first started I was probably eating a half pound of pastured meat from the farm each day.  299 kata lagi



I have always been proud of being a strong woman. Even when I was young I was described as “tough” and “no nonsense” (while sporting the most feminine of lacy pink frocks – I was born tearing down that juxtaposition it seems). 883 kata lagi


i was in... now I'm out...

I was admitted to the hospital Thursday. I had seen my heart doctor on Tuesday.. heres some slight change but he wasn’t concerned about it. What worried him was my breathing. 283 kata lagi


Anemia Could Be Killing Your Training

If your training has taken a terrible turn lately, and you’ve been feeling tired, sluggish, and run down, the culprit may not be overtraining or lack of sleep. 530 kata lagi


Anemia in Runners & Healthy Iron Rich Recipes

IronDo you love this?
Iron Anemia in Runners & Healthy Iron Rich Recipes These rain and sea life motif chandeliers bring the beauty of nature… Baked Macaroni and Cheese… 20 kata lagi

Feeling Tired, Irritable, and Just Plain Worn Out?

These could be signs of anemia, a common blood disorder. Certain risk factors can make you more prone to becoming anemic.

Find out if you’re at risk