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Starting the Holiday Season: Double Whammy Style

Finally… I can rest from what I can say was the worst, most tiring, craziest week ever in my five years of working in retail. Why? 1.003 kata lagi


My Anaemia Diary - Week six and seven

I’ve bundled two weeks together again, but I have a reason. Two actually.
1. I thought I had nothing to report in week six.
2. Once I realised I might, I needed to wait til week seven to see if I was right. 463 kata lagi


Anemia - Where Did Those Red Blood Cells Go!

Any animal that has red blood cells can present with anemia (a reduction in red blood cells), so of course that means most creatures on this planet! 433 kata lagi


The good stuff

My gosh there’s so much to talk about. So much to tell you. If you’re into supplements and medications, that is. As I was typing this my laptop keys were burning up like fiery brimstone…ouch! 641 kata lagi

Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms and Causes

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), characterized by the inflammation and ulcerative aberrations in the wall of the large intestine. It is also known as colitis or proctitis. 120 kata lagi

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