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Anemia and low potassium

So the next step hoop we have to jump through regards my ongoing anemia.  The most recent CBC came back with my hemoglobin even lower – somewhere in the 9’s I think.   552 kata lagi

Natural Blood Loss Anemia Treatment To Prevent Iron Deficiency In Body

Hundreds of health queries can be solved by answering one question. It is of course the problem of anemia that might be the source of many other diseases. 475 kata lagi

Herbal Supplements For Iron Deficiency Anemia Problem In Men And Women

Blood is the most important part for healthy working of the body. It supplies oxygen to the cells and gives support and also helps in flushing out poisons from body. 505 kata lagi

Maybe I can do this.

I remember the exact day I found out I was pregnant with Hunter. February 12, 2012. Blayne knew before I did, or before I was willing to admit it anyways. 550 kata lagi


We have 10 frosties

So we decided to not call on Saturday morning and just leave the plan to pay for up to three more in place.  We ended up with three more.   160 kata lagi

Hemoglobin, Iron & Other Musings

A few hours before having Oliver my hemoglobin was at 7.8. Normal is 12-15. Once hemoglobin drops below 7 they discuss blood transfusions.

I never let the possibility of one even cross my mind. 1.876 kata lagi

Iron Deficiency Anemia: More than Hemaglobin

For years I suffered from rounds of debilitating fatigue that would ground my life to a halt, days of miserable headaches so strong that I could barely tolerate the intense agony of opening my eyes, at times the slightest effort would leave me winded, and with an ever increasing need for ice water.  1.012 kata lagi