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7 Health Dangers of B12 Deficiency

There are a great number of people out there who rely on vitamin B12 supplements as a natural way to help ease stress and boost their energy levels. 689 kata lagi

Biological Medicine

Hot chili for chilly days

Here’s a vegan/vegetarian chili that can warm up a crowd on a cold wintery day. It’s made with black beans, adzuki beans, green lentils, dark beer, peppers, … 686 kata lagi


"Doc, What's Anemia?"

Physicians often assume (mistakenly) that when we begin taking to our patients about their anemia our patients understand all about this blood condition.

I found out about this ignorance of mine the hard way. 291 kata lagi

Primary Care

Anemia- tired blood

How many of you have seen people suffering with anemia with symptoms as fatigue and breathlessness but when asked about which anemia you have nobody is able to answer. 684 kata lagi


Rambut Rontok Bisa Jadi Tanda Anemia

SOLID GOLD JAKARTA – Rambut rontok bisa jadi tanda bahwa anda mengalami anemia. Sebab, anemia yang terjadi akibat rendahnya kadar zat besi dalam darah (anemia difisiensi besi) berkaitan dengan kerontokan rambut. 173 kata lagi

Solid Gold

Have You Ever Just Craved a Hot Dog?

It started subconsciously. With a conversation in which someone mentioned a hot dog, being fed to gar fish and snapping turtles no less. By evening, I was craving a hot dog. 296 kata lagi


Like Iron for Vegetarians

A vegetarian diet is great, but there’s a lot of nonsense out there about filling your nutritional requirements on a vegetarian diet.

We are probably meant to eat some meat. 514 kata lagi