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Healthy As A Horse!

I went for my physical today. I had to do the bodywork and urine sample. I had to get up super early because both my husband and I had an appointment at the same time. 114 more words


A Fluffy, White Patch in Your Eye

A fluffy, white patch in your eye is called a “cotton-wool spot” and can represent a compromise to the circulation and vascular system.   They can also indicate damage to the retinal nerve fibers, with build-up of material that doesn’t belong there.   78 more words


Goodnight, Stem Cells: How Well Rested Cells Keep Us Healthy

Plenty of studies show that a lack of sleep is nothing but bad news and can contribute to a whole host of health problems like heart disease, poor memory, high blood pressure and obesity. 525 more words

Give Me The Drugs

WARNING: Women issues discussed here. If you get freaked out, don’t read!

I admit I’m a bit of the hippy. I like natural remedies and essential oils, going no poo (shampoo free) and making my own lotions and deodorant. 231 more words