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I’m a runner… with a love for trails and healthy living.I love half marathons the most and have raced quite a few over the years. 138 kata lagi


Do you believe in magic??

I’ve been taking iron supplements for over a week now to help with the severe anemia I have. I’m not 100% yet, but I feel it working. 186 kata lagi

Whole 30

NEW BLOG POST: A vampire called Victoria

I uploaded and accidentally deleted in the process of moving it, a package of pork liver from my runner friends group on Facebook…

This pork liver post, as random as it was, is quite an important one though, having enough iron in your body is essential for runners.   488 kata lagi


Anemia is one of the most common disorders of blood. A person is said to have anemia when the number of red blood cells or the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood is low. 522 kata lagi


Novel Options in Iron Supplementation

CKD and anemia go together like Donald Trump and hairspray. And as with every lab abnormality, nephrologists want to fix the anemia despite a thin trail of evidence supporting improved outcomes with improved hemoglobin. 650 kata lagi