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Best Natural Supplements To Increase Hemoglobin Level In Body

Hemoglobin is the iron-rich protein present in the human body, particularly in the red blood cells. This specific protein in the human body plays the important role of transporting oxygen to the different parts of the body. 443 kata lagi

Well, I am all healed and everything's back to normal. Right? RIGHT!?!?!

Today is my 6 month anniversary of my surgery. Woot Hoo for post-op me!
Did you think I forgot about this blog? au contraire

Rather, for those 6 months things happen super fast, and then after you go back to work, get into your routines, things happen slowly. 518 kata lagi


The unexpected benefits of volunteering

I decided to volunteer for selfish reasons: I thought it might be good for me. I was excited about the potential for social interaction and for helping others, as well as the structure a new activity or two might add to my long and sometimes lonely days.  517 kata lagi



Man, I’ve been so blah lately. I’ve been keeping up less in workouts and I get out of breath a lot more easily. I’ve been shedding hair a lot and my energy levels have really plummeted. 1.197 kata lagi


Sickle Cell Anemia: Side Effect of the Battle with Malaria

One of the milestones in the history of molecular biology and genetic diseases occurred in 1949, when Lines Pauling ( 1901-1994; 1953 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) discovered that  sickle cell anemia, an inherited blood disorder,  was caused by a single change in the structure of a single protein in hemoglobin, the complex molecule which carries oxygen in everyone’s red blood cells. 890 kata lagi


Today a stranger changed my life. 

Now I can’t be certain but I’m betting you’re expecting some dramatic story here. I may have overhyped this a little but bear with…

As you know (or may not know if you’re a new reader), my cancer and the treatment has caused severe anaemia. 549 kata lagi

The anemia that your father manifests could clearly be a result of his chronic kidney disease (CKD).  CKD is commonly associated with anemia.  Your father also has iron deficiency anemia based on the testing that you describe.   133 kata lagi

Kidney-Related Health Questions