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Gluten free diet, iron deficiency and athletic performance

It has been suggested that gluten can contribute to iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency is one of the first signs of celiac disease, and it has been suggested that removing gluten from the diet of people with celiac disease can help to prevent iron deficiency. 1.026 more words

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South Fort Myers’ Dixon putting doubts to rest

The cloud of doubt hanging over Antwan Dixon was supposed evaporate following the 2014 football season.

Many refused to believe the South Fort Myers defensive back would ever return to the field after missing his junior season due to a blood disorder, but he did. 823 more words


Weekend Grocery Haul

Hi all!

I have been toying with a new grocery and eating routine in the last few weeks and thought I would share. I’ll start by listing everything I bought this weekend and then explain a bit more about why I choose certain things! 609 more words

Lab Results inspired Recipes for increasing Iron

Today I had my third appointment with my Naturopath and we were in part discussing my lab results. As it turns out, my levels of ferritin (iron) are astronomically low. 555 more words


Feeling better

One goal I have for myself is to feel better, mostly to have a little more energy. Currently I’m in pretty good health. Last time I went to my doctor my blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol were all good. 178 more words



Babesiosis is a malaria-like disease caused by protozoan parasites (piroplasms), usually Babesia microti, that affect red blood cells. It is generally tick-borne (as it was for me) but can also be transmitted through infected blood transfusions and via maternal-fetal transmission. 335 more words

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