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My Road to Recovery

I decided that I was going to document my road to recovery on anemia.

(Anemia Stats )Anemia, what is that? It’s a condition that many individuals go through out life without knowing. 704 kata lagi

Journey to Anemia

Hello everyone! Have you heard about anemia before? How does body flying with low hemoglobin (low red blood cell carry oxygen to the body)? And yeahhhh we are here (anemic on board cabin crew) want to share and enlighten with you guys about ANEMIA. 82 kata lagi

Five common habits that damage your kidneys

In the last couple of days have you notice these symptoms; the color change of your urine, nausea, breathing problems, fatigue, anemia, and a sensation of coldness, bad breath, itchy skin, and pain? 202 kata lagi

And A Sensation Of Coldness

Learn something new: Blood cells


Today we will educate you on blood cells. Anaemia is the disease where a patient has abnormally low counts of blood cells, so it would be best to know about blood cells first. 211 kata lagi


In 2016, I was officially diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety along being told that I’m severely anemic. While the anemia is easily treatable with enough iron in my body, the depression and anxiety has been a lot harder to overcome. 703 kata lagi


Contrary to myths cashew is amazing

It is wrong conception that cashew increases cholesterol. According to “National Center for Biotechnology Information” cashew decreases LDL.

1. Keep Heart Fit

Cashew keeps the heart health fit and increases the HDL-carrying capacity.  102 kata lagi


Contoh menu satu hari untuk ibu hamil

Kehamilan menjadi momen-momen yang dinantikan oleh setiap pasangan, apalagi pengantin baru. Berhubung teman-teman saya banyak yang sudah menikah, ada yang lagi hamil, ada juga yang sudah memiliki anak, jadi saya ingin share tentang gizi pada masa kehamilan. 839 kata lagi