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First Race Post Baby Recap

As I told you in my previous weekly runs & workouts post, last Sunday I ran my first race post baby! About 4.5 months after… 727 kata lagi


Jumping At My Shadow

There are times that we feel most confident and then there are times that we are at our most vulnerable and sometimes for the silliest moments of doubt and we pray no one saw us jump at our shadow! 385 kata lagi

Preventing Iron Deficiency with Plants

Whether you follow a full-fledged plant-based diet, or you’re a conscious carnivore, iron-rich foods are critical for our overall wellness.

Iron deficiency is a pretty big problem around the globe. 376 kata lagi


Minnesota To Reap $1.2M In Settlement With Drugmaker

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s share of a $71 million multistate settlement with biotech drugmaker Amgen tops $1.2 million.

The deal to end an investigation into illegal marketing of two drugs made by the company was announced earlier this week. 83 kata lagi


Iron Deficiency Anemia - Causes, Symptoms and My Experience |Beauty and Ballet

Hello everyone!
Well, as you may know it’s not usual for me to write about those topics. But, my experience with iron- deficiency anemia is so bad that I want to share it with you! 507 kata lagi


Pšeno so slivkami, mňami-mňami !

Máte chuť na niečo sladké, a zároveň výživné? Skúste pšeno so slivkami (alebo s akýmkoľvek ovocím). Môžete ho uvariť aj piecť, a jesť ako nákyp alebo kašu. 207 kata lagi

My Sugar Free Diary