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What is the evidence for iron deficiency causing pica?

Pica refers to the compulsive craving and persistent consumption of substances not fit as food such as ice (pagophagia) and soil (geophagia). Several reports have implicated iron deficiency as a cause of pica, with resolution of symptoms following treatment of iron deficiency (1). 172 kata lagi

Spicy Blood-Building Liver Paté!

As recently as last month if I had been given the choice between eating liver and stabbing myself in the eye with a crochet hook, it would not have been an easy decision.  972 kata lagi



I lift the veils of the morning in tears
I pray as i slumber in fears
I summon the hope that has died after me… 112 kata lagi


Energy: A Simple Six Letter Word with a lot of Meaning

Energy, a six letter word meaning 1. the capacity for vigorous activity; available power: 2. an adequate or abundant amount of such power(dictionary.com). Most of us take this six letter word for granted.  613 kata lagi


How to overcome anemia

రక్తహీనతను అధిగమించడం ఎలా?

సాధారణంగా ఒంట్లో తగినంత రక్తం లేకపోవడమే రక్తహీనత అని చాలామంది అనుకుంటూ ఉంటారు. కానీ అది నిజం కాదు…continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Cancer has positioned itself on the second spot next only to cardiovascular disease when it comes to the most common cause of death, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 575 kata lagi

Parenting Advice On Health And Fitness

If this little girl can do it, so can you

This will melt your heart.  She is a singing sensation, Audrey Nethery, a little girl who has a rare blood disease.

But see her enthusiasm. See how she performs despite her illness – Diamond Blackfan Anemia – she has had since she was an infant. 62 kata lagi