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It’s Thanksgiving today. I am grateful to be in South Korea but boy do I miss the friend time and food time that happens on Thanksgiving back home. 1.009 more words


Bus Stop, Hahoe Village

When I was making a last batch of photos for my exhibition last year, I travelled to the village of Hahoe near Andong. When I first visited the village about fifteen years ago there were cheap trinkets being sold from a lot of the houses for the tourists. 248 more words

Zeiss Ikon ZM

UNESCO World Heritage: The Hahoe Folk Village, South Korea.

This is a traditional village from the Joseon dynasty, located at Andong in Gyeongsangbuk-Do. The 16th century village, built according to traditional Korean architecture Pungsu (or Feng Shui), resembles a Lotus flower. 160 more words


Andong, Hahoe, and Busan

When you’re traveling in Korea, Seoul kind of is Korea – it’s huge, with almost ten times the population of the next largest city, there’s tons of shit to do, and it’s actually relatively cheap. 1.987 more words


//c'est la vie//


today I suppose was a quiet day. The sky was grey, I went out and met a group of friends whom had invited me to travel with them. 643 more words


A Ding 'Andong

After leaving Jeju – Do on a morning flight to Busan, I took a super comfy bus up to Andong. The Journey time was 2h40mins but the seats reclined a long way and were a lot bigger and more comfy than airplane seats, not a bad way to travel. 274 more words