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this time last year + catching you up

This time last year I had quit my job, packed most of our beloved apartment in the heart of downtown Nashville, and headed south to soak up every possible minute with my family before the big day. 981 kata lagi

Naik Andong Ga Pake Kuda

It’s been awhile since my last post, huh? Awhilenya setaon ya. Ehehehehhehh…

Okay, jadi masih seputar cerita jalan-jalan sok-sokan. Deket-deket sini aja (untuk Salatiga dan sekitarnya) dan pastinya praktis, ga pake ribet. 543 kata lagi


Lunar New Year

Whenever I am faced with a handful of days unspoiled by work, my mind immediately vaults into travel mode. I go through the list of places that I would like to visit and figure out how much I can fit into my limited amount of freedom. 555 kata lagi

Trip Across Korea Part 4

After dropping Kristen off at the bus terminal I headed north to Andong and decided to visit a traditional village (하회마을). I arrived about two hours  before the place was closing and so I strolled along  aimlessly looking at all the different houses.   381 kata lagi


time warp

I swear sometimes I feel like I’ve stepped back in time when I walk the streets of Korea. The current state of life in this country is akin to America in the 1950s (as I imagine it was), with all the good and the bad that goes along with that era. 649 kata lagi

All we want for Christmas is Dave P

The hardest part about living here (for me) has been being so far away from our friends and family.  So, when Nick’s cousin Dave announced he would be visiting us for Christmas, we were thrilled.   1.002 kata lagi