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How Happy They Are

I was with them, when I visit my mum at the village.  I bring this kids going around with dokar/ Andong (traditional public transportation in my hometown).  127 kata lagi

It Is Finished.

Thursday was the day Nick and I had been anxiously waiting for for months: it was the last day of our contracts here in Korea. 563 kata lagi

Hahoe Village

Today was Sarah’s 30th Birthday in Korea!!!! If she wasn’t married yet, this is the day where she is officially past her prime here and she can expect to live a single life from now on (actually Sarah is 31 in Korea as when you are born here you are immediately 1 year old) 461 kata lagi


bon appétit

If I’m going to rely on this blog to remind me of our time in Andong after we’ve left, I suppose I should write more about food. 1.874 kata lagi

Mama Mandu

Think of your comfort food. Something not only delicious (that should be a given) but something filling and satisfying; this is the meal that makes you warm and happy inside. 980 kata lagi

money honey

Although my  EPIK-application essay spouted many paragraphs about wanting to work with kids and be a fabulous teacher, I’d by lying if I said that our reasons for coming to Korea weren’t largely financial. 1.680 kata lagi

this time last year + catching you up

This time last year I had quit my job, packed most of our beloved apartment in the heart of downtown Nashville, and headed south to soak up every possible minute with my family before the big day. 981 kata lagi