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Bongchu Jjimdak 봉추찜닭 – The Other Must Try Jjimdak Restaurant At Seoul

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“The Korean teacher says Bongchu Jjimdak is better,” which was why we made our way to this jjimdak restaurant. Better than which one – she didn’t announce, but we assumed it is the popular Andong Zzimdak (with the ‘Z’). 346 kata lagi


Andong: Mask Dance and Jjimdak

For months, our friends who live in the pokey town of Andong have been begging Kris and I to visit. We always thought that they were so intent on having us there because there was literally nothing to do in Andong, so they needed people to spice up the atmosphere there. 423 kata lagi

Andong Attractions

Highlights of Andong:

  1. Hahoe Folk Village (안동하회마을)
  2. Andong Maskdance Festival 2016
  3. EAT- Andong Famous Jjimdak
  4. Dosanseowon Confucian Academy (도산서원)
  5. KBS Drama Set


HAHOE FOLK VILLAGE (안동하회마을) 420 kata lagi


Andong - Yeongju - Mungyeong (3D2N)

Wow Korea Supporters 2016 2nd Field Trip:

Andong – Yeongju – Mungyeong in 3D2N

Day 1 

Seoul -> Andong (by bus) -> Hahoe Folk Village -> Andong Jjimdak Street -> Andong Maskdance Festival ->  Stay @ Richell Hotel… 99 kata lagi