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A Short Guide To Hahoe Folk Village

If you want to catch a glimmer of the ancient Korea and the peaceful way of life, Hahoe Folk Village is the closest you are going to get in this day and age. 484 kata lagi


The Horse Cart


Kalau di Pulau Jawa dikenal dengan nama Delman atau ada juga yang menyebutnya dengan Andong. Kalau di negeri kami dipanggil orang dengan sebutan “Bendi”. Dahulu sebelum ada angkutan umum, bendi inilah nan disewa orang. 519 kata lagi


#nykeats: Andong Zzimdak (安東찜닭), Singapore

Andong Zzimdak (安東찜닭) is a popular restaurant franchise in Korea that serves delicious Jjimdak (찜닭). While I was living in Korea, I used to patronize them at least twice a month. 1.050 kata lagi


Jogja Menyapa

Hai jogja..

Aku datang lagi..

Dan jogja menyapa dengan andong 😁


How Happy They Are

I was with them, when I visit my mum at the village.  I bring this kids going around with dokar/ Andong (traditional public transportation in my hometown).  127 kata lagi

It Is Finished.

Thursday was the day Nick and I had been anxiously waiting for for months: it was the last day of our contracts here in Korea. 563 kata lagi

Hahoe Village

Today was Sarah’s 30th Birthday in Korea!!!! If she wasn’t married yet, this is the day where she is officially past her prime here and she can expect to live a single life from now on (actually Sarah is 31 in Korea as when you are born here you are immediately 1 year old) 461 kata lagi