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How to get to Andong from Seoul

For someone who is a die-hard fan of Korean dramas (like me), Andong is a must-visit place because you get to experience the traditional Korean way of living. 507 kata lagi


Ain't gonna happen

My previous post discussed the bits of Korean culture that have become second-nature, even though they were initially so foreign to me. Now, the fun part: where I… 1.015 kata lagi


Now that we’ve been here for the better part of our one-year journey, I can discuss what aspects of S. Korean culture that I am used to, despite their stark differences from my own culture. 920 kata lagi

Pemberton, party of four!

About a week ago we found some paperwork taped to our door. The logo told us enough to know that it was for the census, but as the form was completely in Korean I tossed it away and thought no more of it. 645 kata lagi

School Lunches

This year I’ve really enjoyed having lunch prepared for me every day. All I have to do is show up with an empty belly and greet the smiling ladies who serve our hot food, whereas at my previous job I threw together an unhealthy, sub-par lunch as I rushed out the door for work. 1.074 kata lagi

The Mask Village! / Le Village des Masques!

Hahoe Folk Village

My visit to the Hahoe Folk Village was definitely the highlight of my short trip to Andong. The Hahoe (pronounced “Ha-hway”) Folk Village is where Korea’s Hahoe Tal masks have originated from and it is also No.122 on the UNESCO World Heritage list as a historic village in Korea so it is a place rich in culture and history. 802 kata lagi

Korea / Corée

A folk village in Andong and its beautiful lake! / Un village folklorique à Andong et son beau lac!

Andong Folk Village and Andong Ho Lake

This folk village was my first tourist stop after arriving in Andong. I chose it because of its proximity to the downtown area and I really enjoyed the bike ride to the village and the walk through it was very pleasant as well. 706 kata lagi

Korea / Corée