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Andong: Day 3, Rain, Coffee, and Masks

After returning from  Hahoe Folk village, I stopped in downtown Andong to try and find where the main area of festival was being held. I had an idea where it was but sometimes Google maps fails me here in Korea.  1.083 kata lagi

South Korea

Stepping Back in Time: Andong Day 2

It has been a couple of weeks since my Andong trip, and I must apologize for not posting on it last week.  But here I am today, reminiscing on my wonderful trip. 1.099 kata lagi

South Korea

Chuseok Holiday

It’s finally fall! Which means my inner basic white girl is so happy for all things fall (I already bought another scarf). Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with family in a few short months. 1.502 kata lagi


Andong, South Korea Day 1

Chuseok Break has officially started.  What better way to celebrate Korean Thanksgiving than going to vising one of the oldest cities in Korea in order to travel back in time.  1.331 kata lagi

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Andong Soju Museum


This article was written by Ryan.

On Sunday I also went to the Andong Soju Museum which is located right in the city on the south side of the river. 57 kata lagi


DosanSeowon Confucian Academy

Here is an article from our friend Ryan during his visit to the Confucian Academy:

Nestled in the hills north of Andong along a river, lies a secluded Confucian academy, DosanSeowon, that was once home to famous Korean scholars. 94 kata lagi