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Tales of Old Andong: So-maek-col

Author’s Note: This story was inspired by my three years in Andong, South Korea. Certain characters are inspired by real people that I love dearly and incidents are a mish-mash of things that have happened to myself and others. 1.603 kata lagi

13. Feeling nostalgic.

What do I miss about back home.

I’ve been in Korea since… ahm… May. Which isn’t long. The first few months where all about the adventure. 612 kata lagi

#CuriousAbout: Korea

9. Things you might need to know.

What are somethings you’ll need to look out for if you’re living in Korea? What are some minor differences that’ll bow you away? 944 kata lagi

#CuriousAbout: Korea

8. Feed me Andong, feed me all night long

What food should you try in Andong? Easy…. so… so…easy. Find out now. 422 kata lagi

#CuriousAbout: Korea