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Hahoe Village, Andong

Some pictures from last year’s Andong Mask Festival.  Me and my friends started in downtown Andong at the festival grounds, but the real fun began at nearby Hahoe Folk Village. 138 kata lagi


Andong Mask Festival

South Korea loves a good festival, and one of the most famous is Andong’s Mask Festival, which is actually a dance festival showcasing both traditional Korean dance and more modern approaches. 118 kata lagi


the good, the bad, and the germy

I just completed my first semester of teaching, and I never thought I would ever say those words. Mostly because I never, ever, in a million years would have thought I would ever teach. 1.409 kata lagi

Happy Face

Andong, South Korea.

I’ve got a batch of pictures from the last Andong mask festival which I still need to get up.


Majestic Borobudur

18 July 2014

We like the idea of exploring places by ourselves and commuting as the locals do. When done with enough research, DIY trips can be less expensive and more fun. 612 kata lagi

Homer's Korean Odyssey (or, the epic poem that is travelling to Muuido)

This was my first Independence Day outside of the U.S.A. and I knew it would be a whole new experience.

At home, my 4th of July would normally consist of a visit to my grandparent’s house in Macon, Georgia. 1.876 kata lagi

A trip to Andong - Mysterious world of Confucianism

When someone asks us our religion, we always feel proud in speaking about our religious ideology. According to google, religion is an organized collection of  1.267 kata lagi

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