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Jennifer Lopez Vs Nicky Minaj? #AMAs

L’espressione di Nicky Minaj durante la performance di Jennifer Lopez in “Anaconda” dice molto sulla rivalità che da tempo esiste (senza neanche troppa censura) tra le due TOP B-SIDE. 20 kata lagi

Big horn sheep

I went on a road trip to Anaconda, Montana with a friend to hang out with friends and participate in a few events. Firstly the drive from San Francisco to Anaconda, Montana takes at least 16 hours. 262 kata lagi

Wildlife Encounters

SlowRover Snapshots #14

Title: Anaconda’s lair in Kerala
Location: Poovar, Kerala

I hope you won’t judge me for admitting that I haven’t seen any of the movies of the Anaconda franchise. 223 kata lagi


TensorFlow installation using Anaconda on Ubuntu

TensorFlow, python package of deep learning, is installable via Anaconda. See the stackoverflow discussion.

conda install -c https://conda.anaconda.org/jjhelmus tensorflow

what are the facts behind Earth's largest snake - Anaconda

Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world. Using their powerful bodies  to squeeze their prey, they tighten their grip every time the animal exhales, until it cannot take another breath.

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Python - Multiple Environment Support

Have legacy applications which require Python 2.x ?

Switched to futuristic Python 3.x ?

In a dilemma – how to manage both ? Read Ahead … 154 kata lagi

Computer Geek

Shakespeare and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’: 15 seconds that will motivate your teenagers

#15secondshakespeare is a new awesome Twitter trend similar to Ice Bucket Challenge. It involves people reciting a 15-second snippet of a popular song – anything from Taylor Swift to Gangnam Style – as dramatically as possible. 293 kata lagi