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Dear Nicki Minaj...

Nicki Minaj, this I address to you.

I just have a few questions for you. And please know I don’t come as an angry feminist just a curious one (although I don’t know why being an angry feminist would be justifiable excuse not to listen). 496 more words


The success of MTV in 1980s dramatically increased the popularity of music videos as well as the sexual objectification of women. Most rap and hip-hop music videos at that time featured men surrounded by half-naked and provocatively dressed and dancing women which they called art. 909 more words

Iquitos - The Start of our Amazonia Adventure!

Our final destination in Peru was a trip up to Amazonia; this was a long and gruelling journey from Juliaca to Lima, via a very time consuming layover – and then a 3 hour flight into Iquitos. 1.375 more words


Starting using MAVProxy

It was decided that MAVLink would be the best protocol for me to use to send commands to the UAV from my custom controller.  From having a conversation with someone that has used it before, it was suggested to me that I use MAVProxy instead.  292 more words


'snake' & 'charmer'

My 3-year old was gifted an eerie looking snake by her aunt. It’s a scary piece of toy but my girl loved it!

She names most of her things and toys, and when asked what she’d like to name this one, she started thinking. 28 more words


Storage Tutorial: Live from Spark Summit East with Continuum

This Storage Tutorial was filmed live at Spark Summit East.

Our host, Brian Chang, is joined by Peter Wang, president of Continuum, along with show regulars Irshad Raihan and Greg Kleiman of Red Hat Big Data. 602 more words


The Intruders is about as scary as iCarly


By Steve Newton

Horror movies featuring actors who are also pop stars are often nothing to scream about. J.Lo in  315 more words

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