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Installing Tensorflow in Anaconda on macOS

The Tensorflow website has good installation instructions for the MAC OS X environment. The official installation instructions for MacOS are provided at https://www.tensorflow.org/install/install_mac. Included are instructions for… 456 kata lagi


How to install TensorFlow on Anaconda – Easiest method to follow by TopBullets.com

TensorFlow is mainly developed by Google and released under open source license. We can easily access Tensorflow in Python to create Deep Learning models. I had to use Keras library for Recurrent Neural Networks and found that I need to install Tensorflow to use Keras. 549 kata lagi

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Install Anaconda Python package on Cloudera CDH.

This blog will show how to install Anaconda parcel in CDH to enable Pandas and other python libraries on Hue pySpark notebook.

Install Steps:

Installing the Anaconda Parcel… 358 kata lagi

High-Performing Python

I was pleasantly surprised to see some very useful downloads when I opened the November 2017 issue of the Intel Developer Products Newsletter: