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spyder crashes with pyqt

spyder installed in my Windows 10 PC failed to boot after update conda –all. The error cause is a kind of conflict between pyqt and pyside. 26 kata lagi

Anaconda: pydicom 1.0.0a on Windows 10

To install pydicom 1.0.0a to Anaconda on Windows 10, we should build the package by ourselves.

  1. git clone https://github.com/darcymason/pydicom.git
  2. cd pydicom
  3. python setup.py install

Install with conda cloud installs the version 0.9.9. 11 kata lagi

Amazonian Queens & Kings!


I can’t believe I’m here, after so many years wondering!    So guess where I am, today 16th April for five nights and days?

I am in the Amazon jungle!!!! 741 kata lagi

Clear Mind Thinking...

conda update anaconda error

I launched the command in pycharm conda update anaconda, and I got the error

AttributeError: 'Extensions' object has no attribute 'get_extension_for_class'

To sort it out,  29 kata lagi


Anaconda Swallows a Wolf Alive (Anaconda vs Wolf) - YouTube

Anaconda Swallows a wolf Alive. Man Eating anaconda's now swallowing a wolf. http://www.mercilessnature.com swallow,digest,eat,feast,feed,foot,alive,life,gir…

WPA2 Key Derivation with Anaconda Python

This post is regarding the WPA2 4-way handshake that is used for authentication and the establishment of encryption keys for secure wireless communication. A practical implementation of the key derivation process is provided in python. 2.786 kata lagi

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Don't Forget The Audit Report!

November 12, 2016

The County Audit Report Needs To Be Addressed.

Yep, the newly elected Chief Executive will have his work cut out for him. As mentioned in previous blog posts, the latest county audit report contradicts Connie Ternes-Daniels’ statements about how the county is in “great financial shape”. 375 kata lagi