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Anaconda Python needs cleaning every once in a while

As a user of Anaconda python I have been receiving (Ubuntu) system warnings of low free space in my home directory. Investigating what was causing this I found out that Anaconda python had several versions of each package. 76 kata lagi


How to install Conda

Conda is a package and environment management system for Python. To install it on Ubuntu, I used these steps:

  • Download the bash shell script by clicking on the Download button…
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Get NumPy up and running!

About NumPy

    NumPy(short for Numerical Python) is a Python extension module that provides efficient operation on arrays of homogeneous data. It allows python to serve as a high-level language for manipulating numerical data, much like IDL, MATLAB, or Yorick.

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Machine Learning

anaconda (remix)

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His fortress always ready, arm'd stout.
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this rule, assured until our time runs out. 141 kata lagi

Anaconda Installation


1. Download

  1. Go to https://www.anaconda.com/download/#windows
  2. Download Python 3.x version

2. Installation

  1. Install Anaconda3-5.1.0-Windows-x86_64.exe
  2. Open Anaconda Prompt
  3. Type where conda and where python to get path…
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CAO Amazon Anaconda

The final release of the CAO Amazon trilogy is the CAO Amazon Anaconda, made in Honduras with a rare Brazilian wrapper leaf, a Habano from the Bahia region, a Nicaraguan binder and filler from Colombia, the Dominican Republic and the two rare Brazilian tobacco’s used in the Amazon Basin and Amazon Fuma em Corda, namely the Braganca and Guma em Corda tobacco. 358 kata lagi

Honduran Cigars

Update: Handwritten digit recognition and Brian tutorials

Yesterday I worked through the TensorFlow tutorial for creating a neural network to recognise handwritten digits using the MNIST dataset. The tutorial provided code for creating the neural network, training it and testing it. 418 kata lagi