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It Was Not Smart For These Guys To Wake Up A Sleeping Anaconda

Most people, when they see an anaconda resting, would be grateful that the giant snake wasn’t awake and trying to make them its next meal. For whatever reason, that wasn’t the case for this man and his fishermen friends. 15 more words

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (2014)





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Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Video Breaks Records - Grab And Go Gossip

Taylor Swift’s star-studded video for “Bad Blood” is pretty awesome, and now it’s racked up some pretty huge viewing numbers.

After premiering Sunday night at the… 92 more words


Getting pissed at work

I knew there was something weird about Anaconda Adventure Store as soon as I arrived at the orientation day. They handed me an embarrassing vest to wear and made me march around the room chanting the bizarre anthem of the shop, which went something like, “Anaconda is the place/saviour of the human race/mountain high and river deep/Anaconda’s prices are quite cheap.” I came up with my own verse that went, “If you need gear for camping or stunts/don’t go to Anaconda ’cos they’re a bunch of…” but was cut off before I could finish it. 1.354 more words


Villagers rescue 16 foot anaconda

Anacondas are the biggest snakes in the world.


Learn About Anacondas from Nicki Minaj (well, sort of)

The following video is brought to you by the educational geniuses at CollegeHumor.com.
And by educational genius I mean this video is educational and they are geniuses for creating such a hilarious animated parody of Nicki Minaj’s song “Anaconda”.
*NSFW and Not for Kids*