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A short data project - UK rainfall


A dataset containing data for rainfall and outflow is investigated. No trends in rainfall or outflow amount is found. The data points to 1995 being a drought year, and indicates 2003 saw heavy rainfall. 725 kata lagi


Use Default Python Rather than Anaconda Path

Anaconda adds the path to  .bashrc so it is found first, you can add the path to your default python to .bashrc or remove the path to anaconda if you don’t want to use it. 111 kata lagi


R kernel always dead: Jupyter and anaconda for R

Got this issue as IRkernal was dying after restarting in jupyter-notebook.

The problem appeared to be with the IRkernel version. The following script after installation using R or Rstudio resolved the issue… 23 kata lagi


Anaconda, Pandas and more: life at B12 Consulting

by Alessia Saggio

As you probably remember from my last post, I started my internship at B12 Consulting two weeks ago as my second secondment foreseen by the network activities. 526 kata lagi

ESR Experience

JuPyTeR Notebook Python Workflow

I am working on an assignment for my Data Science Programming Class and I realize that I have a systematic method of opening windows and setting up desktops for the upcoming work. 700 kata lagi