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Nicki Minaj: Black racism against Asians (A parody)

ATTENTION: This is a parody. It does not in any way reflect my actual views on cultural appropriation or any group or community of people in the United States. 556 more words

Feminism And Activism

Isla Mágica - Anaconda / Iguazú


Welcome back \(^▽^)/

Today we will continue our visit to Isla Mágica @Seville.

If you are visiting the park and you want to refresh yourself look for  246 more words

Amusement Parks

Skinny-Shaming is Not the Same Thing as Fat-Shaming, But You Still Shouldn't Do It

There are a lot of female artists who are trying to actively subvert the body negative media our society puts out in their song lyrics. YAY! 487 more words


Dear Nicki Minaj...

Nicki Minaj, this I address to you.

I just have a few questions for you. And please know I don’t come as an angry feminist just a curious one (although I don’t know why being an angry feminist would be justifiable excuse not to listen). 496 more words


The success of MTV in 1980s dramatically increased the popularity of music videos as well as the sexual objectification of women. Most rap and hip-hop music videos at that time featured men surrounded by half-naked and provocatively dressed and dancing women which they called art. 909 more words

Iquitos - The Start of our Amazonia Adventure!

Our final destination in Peru was a trip up to Amazonia; this was a long and gruelling journey from Juliaca to Lima, via a very time consuming layover – and then a 3 hour flight into Iquitos. 1.375 more words


Starting using MAVProxy

It was decided that MAVLink would be the best protocol for me to use to send commands to the UAV from my custom controller.  From having a conversation with someone that has used it before, it was suggested to me that I use MAVProxy instead.  292 more words