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Poisonous Snakes Frozen in the Mountain

Last night, I had a dream where I was travelling with the Top Gear guys, excuse me “Grand Tour” guys: Jeremy, James and Richard. We were in a mountainous region and I think I was working as part of the camera crew, like a grip or something. 589 kata lagi


2017 Wayne Estes Tournament Update

Posted by Scoop Trooley, February 13, 2017

The Montana Standard reports that the Wayne Estes basketball tournament is returning this year. Here’s what it says: 88 kata lagi


How to install Spark on a Windows 10 machine

It is possible to install Spark on a standalone machine. Whilst you won’t get the benefits of parallel processing associated with running Spark on a cluster, installing it on a standalone machine does provide a nice testing environment to test new code. 769 kata lagi


Winter Blues Music Break

Shovelin’ The Blues: Put On Your Dancin’ Shoes.

Are you sick of shoveling snow? Got the snow-shovelin’ blues? Then take a break and listen to this. 67 kata lagi


Wayne Estes Tournament 2017

What Happened To The Basketball Tournament?

Posted January 30, 2017 // Anaconda, Montana

Is the Wayne Estes basketball tournament being held this year? It was canceled last year. 77 kata lagi


Brick Walls of Anaconda

Brick Walls That Talk To Us.

There are some really great old vintage ghost signs painted on the sides of buildings around Anaconda. Do you know where these are? 23 kata lagi


Thank You. It's Been Real.

January 26, 2017

This will be Poopsie’s last blog post here on the Anaconda Double Standard. It’s been an angry blog, and with good reason. The information I have posted here is just the tip of the corruption iceberg, but now it’s time for Poopsie to move on. 123 kata lagi