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Amoeba Music

I think this is one of the more famous establishments purveying in music especially vinyl records. I just thought their storefront exuded a great SanFo vibe especially in this area. 26 kata lagi


Learning from Nature: Kyocera's Amoeba Management System

Slime mould is a fascinating organism to study, because it has two distinctive phases in its lifecycle. When food is plentiful, in the form of bacteria, this species exists as free-living and independent amoeba. 1.058 kata lagi


Amoeba Music's "What's In My Bag" with Vic Mensa

The legendary Amoeba Record Store plays “What’s In My Bag” with Chicago Native x RocNation representer @VicMensa… A game where Artists get to pick out 5 vinyl records then show us what they chose and why… @AmoebaMusic is one of the largest indie music stores in the world and has become a historical landmark in the music industry.

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When It’s Cold, We Go Golfing

When we had planned this trip, we thought LA–70s, sunny–let’s book surfing! When we arrived in LA, we found–50s, sunny–let’s cancel surfing! We still wanted to at least see the beach, so Thursday morning, we packed our bag with some wishful thinking swimsuits and set our GPS for Santa Monica Pier with a side stop for breakfast. 672 kata lagi

2018 - Acknowledge, and Resolve Opposing Forces

In terms of numerology, 2018 represents an 11/2 year, (2+0+1+8 = 11; 1+1 = 2) and, is also my personal 2 year. This way I feel somewhat in tune with the collective. 245 kata lagi

Insights Of Understanding


I am a turncoat

Turning me

And my coat

For Every vim of mankind

Floating around like an

Amoeba in the sea of

High morale ground… 13 kata lagi