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#PoeticAnswers 72 - Do Amoebas Feel Love?

Love is a divisive subject
Especially for amoebas.
They won’t look for love,
There’s no personal ad saying
“Single cell organism
Seeks single cell organism… 81 kata lagi


Praise Corner: Amoeba's "What's In My Bag?"

Praise Corner is a regular feature aimed at focusing on the positive rather than the negative aspects of online life, everything from cute animals to more cute animals. 439 kata lagi

Heartbreaking: Amoeba Hollywood property listed on the market

An anonymous tipster using a masked number sent along a link that will break the hearts of record collectors and music lovers across Southern California: … 402 kata lagi

Bacterial Lads - Ep 2: We Want Your Genes

“Come here boy!”

Bob, who’d been completely flattened, felt the hulking great mass lift off him.

“Who’s a good boy? You are!” That’s Howard’s voice! 1.960 kata lagi


Bacterial Lads - Ep 1: A Vast Swarm of Eyes

Bob the bacterium wandered about the mud at the bottom of his tiny pool. The miniscule basin was nestled among rocks at the edge of a wild and windy coastline. 922 kata lagi


I came to Amoeba here a few years ago

“I came to Amoeba here a few years ago and I had to buy Big Star CDs for someone and I walked up to the counter and put it down to the counter, I was pulling out my credit card and the girl behind the counter said ‘Oh, my brother really likes this band!’ and I said ‘Oh, that’s great! 70 kata lagi

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