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Next-Gen Genomic test helps Identify mystery cause of illness as Brain-Eating Amoeba

Nothing can be more frustrating than not knowing the reason for your loved ones’ death. But for patients having brain infections, such situations are all too common, with six out of 10 cases going unsolved in California, according to a… 471 kata lagi


Book review: Squish #7: Deadly Disease of Doom, by Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm

Holm, Jennifer L. & Matthew Holm. Squish: Deadly Disease of Doom. Random House. 2015. $6.99. 91p. 978-0-307-98305-3. Ages 6-9. P9Q9

The theme of the seventh in this series addresses a child’s fear of death as Squish makes out his will because he thinks he has a dread disease. 116 kata lagi

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Hello, L.A.

Sweaty bodies, loud music, the sun beating on your chest; these are the things I live for. Since the beginning of time, music events have always made me feel like I belonged. 224 kata lagi


Who is studying the rest of the eukaryotes? The protistologists!

It is a cabinet of marvels where Russians draw meticulous illustrations of spines and spikes, where mitochondria are optional but always leave their shadow, where roots are elusive, basic biochemical pathways variable, and new discoveries can be made at the phylum level. 506 kata lagi

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U.S. welfare is a broad name that expresses federal -funded social and financial incentives developed to help out people which can establish a need in… 278 kata lagi