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Dictyostelium: social amoeba

unite with their neighbours in
times of need. When food is aplenty slime mould cells
happily hang out by themselves reproducing as they
please. But when food runs short, they congregate… 19 kata lagi

Bacterial Lads - Ep 2: We Want Your Genes

“Come here boy!”

Bob, who’d been completely flattened, felt the hulking great mass lift off him.

“Who’s a good boy? You are!” That’s Howard’s voice! 1.960 kata lagi


Bacterial Lads - Ep 1: A Vast Swarm of Eyes

Bob the bacterium wandered about the mud at the bottom of his tiny pool. The miniscule basin was nestled among rocks at the edge of a wild and windy coastline. 922 kata lagi


I came to Amoeba here a few years ago

“I came to Amoeba here a few years ago and I had to buy Big Star CDs for someone and I walked up to the counter and put it down to the counter, I was pulling out my credit card and the girl behind the counter said ‘Oh, my brother really likes this band!’ and I said ‘Oh, that’s great! 70 kata lagi


Nothing @ Amoeba Green Room Session

Nothing, as if the band was to perform an acoustic set in your bedroom, well, almost. the quartet performed an intimate, very moving, live session in the green room at Amoeba Hollywood in last february. 11 kata lagi

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Estampa em camisetas

Bonecos com rolo de papel

Bonecos de bexiga com farinha


Amoeba colorida comestível

Atividades para fazer dentro de casa

1. Circuito, 2.

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