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Batik tulis Lasem motif amoeba abu-abu dan biru muda

Batik tulis Lasem motif amoeba abu-abu biru muda

bahan kain katun prima

ukuran 230 x  110 cm

Rp. 180.000,-

sms 0852250282028 atau wa 08817681083


Dealing with the amoeba state

Sometimes, for even quite long times, I live like an amoeba. Although they are maybe interesting to watch under a microscope, I do not feel as interesting as them when I am in that state of mind. 532 kata lagi

Nor-Cal Residents Will Soon Be Able To Get High At Their Favorite Record Store

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Chances are, you could always buy weed at the Berkeley, California offshoot of Amoeba Music. But now you can but it… 205 kata lagi

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Miracle survival: Teen beats brain-eating amoeba

ORLANDO, Fla. (NBC News) – A Florida teenager has beaten the odds, surviving an infection of a rare amoeba that kills nearly all of its victims. 171 kata lagi


Dreams of Ancient Alien Civilizations - August 19, 2016

This year, I’ve had three dreams involving ancient alien civilizations, ones that have existed for billions of years, and have colonized many star systems. These civilizations are being destroyed. 530 kata lagi