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2018 - Acknowledge, and Resolve Opposing Forces

In terms of numerology, 2018 represents an 11/2 year, (2+0+1+8 = 11; 1+1 = 2) and, is also my personal 2 year. This way I feel somewhat in tune with the collective. 245 kata lagi

Insights Of Understanding


I am a turncoat

Turning me

And my coat

For Every vim of mankind

Floating around like an

Amoeba in the sea of

High morale ground… 13 kata lagi


NKRIOT Plays Packed Tape Release Show At Amoeba Records Hollywood

Fast-rising electronic artist NK Riot stormed the Amoeba Records Hollywood stage recently to celebrate the tape release of his acclaimed album, ‘Reality Pages’. Never has Amoeba been so lit. 243 kata lagi


It Begins.

Today, I’m finally kicking myself into gear to take writing much more seriously than I have. When I’m not drawing, writing has been a natural outlet for many of my thoughts and emotions for as long as I could hold pen to paper, but, because the experience is so intensely personal, I have been reluctant to share myself with the world. 121 kata lagi


Rsn: Amoeba - Aska Toys

A antiga Amoeba – sim, pq desde que eu sou criança que isso já existe e acho que quase todos nós já tivemos uma! Mas agora do ponto de vista meu – como mãe e cuidadora – e não como criança, eis a avaliação. 1.670 kata lagi

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Social Darwinism

Papa! Is this rice?

Yeah! It is…

Aaah! Actually babe… it’s called rice but…!!?

We believe our Earth originated from the sun in accordance with ‘ 505 kata lagi


Amoeba eats BRAINZZZ....

Naegleria Fowleri is a seemingly harmless, free-ranging amoeba that lives in water and just wants a bit of warmth and its favorite food, bacteria, to enjoy. 769 kata lagi

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