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The BBC.....a personal reflection from an irritated amoeba.

As an independent producer of over twenty years ‘standing’,  I suppose I should have got used to the BBC by now. But today .. wow. 845 more words

day 4: animal, concrete poem, enjambment


are either assholes

or altruists

no one really knows why

one amoeba will sacrifice his only

chance to reproduce, just to let one of his                     fellow brethren… 96 more words


Knock. Knock. Who's there?

What do people listen to/look for/search for when listening, interacting with, exploring places and people, I wonder. What ticks a person? For sure, they don’t hear what I want them to hear, don’t see what I want them to see. 183 more words


Living within the nucleus: the unusual life of Nucleicultrix amoebiphila and other intranuclear symbionts

Endosymbionts are small symbiotic partners living inside a host organism, establishing endosymbiosis. Symbionts may live within the host’s cells (intracellular) or outside cells (extracellular) in multicellular hosts. 1.034 more words


Happy Chinese New Year/Adolescents at Amoeba/Mike Watt & The Tom and Jerry Show in Long Beach

When I was a little kid, I remember my Popo lighting firecrackers on her freshly swept porch and it scared the shit out of me. Being a third-generation Chinese American, I didn’t really understand everything about it. 602 more words

Valentine Special #10 : My Answer...

Sweetheart.. Remember? You asked me.. If I would still love you when you are old and not anymore a heart throb…??

Here’s My Answer… :) 50 more words


Daily Bangalore

Fun evening at Amoeba Bowling :) Lost miserably but what fun…