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Necessary White Christening Baby Boy Tuxedo Suit Gold Maria

Life becomes very difficult when you are holding an infant and doing your daily work at the same time. You are often called as the one handed parent because you are holding the… 366 kata lagi

Brain-eating amoeba kills 14-year-old star athlete

HOUSTON — The fatal brain-eating amoeba has struck once again, this time claiming the life of a 14-year-old star athlete.

Michael John Riley Jr. was just days away from starting his freshman year of high school. 544 kata lagi


Good Out of Misery

I have discovered through my grief support groups that many times in the midst of loss and hurting, people are inspired to give back, to make a difference for others. 124 kata lagi


Cooperative Slime: A sociable amoeba that sheds light on altruism?

The first time I saw a video of a slime mould I was completely captivated. Dictyostelium discoidium is not slimy or a mould, but an amoeba with an amazing ability. 813 kata lagi


Texas Teen Has Deadly Infection After Contact With Amoeba

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HOUSTON (AP) — A 14-year-old boy is in critical condition in a hospital after coming into contact with a rare amoeba while swimming in a lake north of Houston. 111 kata lagi


Off the Top of My Head

I’m introducing a new feature here in the salt mines fueled by my insatiable desire to innovate. Off the top of my head I’ve decided to call it… 377 kata lagi


Swimmer Dies from Brain-Eating Amoeba

(CNN) A deadly brain infection caused by an amoeba killed an Oklahoma resident after a recent lake swim, state health officials said.

The adult died Wednesday in an Oklahoma City hospital after swimming last week in Lake Murray in Ardmore, Oklahoma, CNN affiliate KFOR reported. 152 kata lagi