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To Scoff or Not to Scoff: A Review on Jay Anson's "The Amityville Horror"

There are definitely clashing opinions on this book, evident by scrolling through the internet alone. After reading the inconsistent reviews on GoodReads recently and the sheer fact that my family and I are in the middle of a “no TV” hiatus for the next two weeks, I decided to finally read it myself. 403 kata lagi

Book Review

JB & The Chop Do: Amityville: The Awakening (2017)

OMG another one of these mother fuckers…. and there’s like THREE MORE!!! FUCK!!! Why do we do this to ourselves??? BECAUSE WE’RE FUCKING COMMITTED, THAT’S WHY!! 1.042 kata lagi


Amityville Cancels 9/11 Remembrance Day In Favor Of Black Friday

Amityville’s Village Board of Trustees has voted to remove the September 11th day of remembrance after their employees said they’d rather have off on Black Friday. 210 kata lagi

Amityville Eliminates 9/11 As Village Holiday

BABYLON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The Village of Amityville has decided to change its days off.

In 2017, village employees had September 11th off as a holiday for the first time, WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reported. 143 kata lagi


AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING (2017): Better as a Stand-Alone than a Sequel?

THE AMITYVILLE HORROR was one of the main films that made me a horror fanatic growing up. I like slasher films, but movies about the paranormal and demonic are my particular addiction. 491 kata lagi

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Amityville: The Awakening (2017) **REVIEW**

Amityville, we all have heard the story sometime in our lives or seen the movies. Something really bad happened there that is difficult to explain. The Amityville house just stands there, no one living in it cause of the bad spirits in it. 334 kata lagi


this day in crime history: november 13, 1974

On this date in 1974, 23 year old Ronald “Butch” DeFeo, Jr. walked into Henry’s Bar in Amityville, NY and announced that he thought his parents had been shot. 205 kata lagi

True Crime