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wake me ~

wake me home
some other time –
beyond this life remembered
fall to me the places
I have known –
save for me
a little house… 14 kata lagi


Week 3: Burna! B

Friends are an important part of life, especially when we’re young. As we age, a lot of times friends tend to take the backseat when we start meeting the people we plan to spend the rest of our life with, creating our passions in careers and building our family. 591 kata lagi


I listen but do not watch

as you prepare to leave,

the closing of a cupboard door

a cymbal clatter to my ears;

resisting every note of goodbye – 60 kata lagi


Simple Quote Sunday

“The time is always right to do what is right.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.


The family is always looking.

The family is always looking for more counter space in the bathroom will have a little way to fix that now standard toothbrush holder well unfortunately for like.The larger toothbrushes and they don’t seem to fit in there also razor seems always find itself.The way on the counter gets some these little hooks believe.They’re made by 3 m this has to be a clear one to make them in white and believe other colors.It has little hook want to take when want to attach them to mirror also took a little hook and bent them.A little bit to make it a little bit closer then get some PVC now this happens to be a 3/4 inch and a 1-inch piece they’re both four inches long within caps, they’re also both the schedule 20 version which makes them.The skinnier version so it has a little bit more room inside going to take on a drill hole and then want to just hang them right there from the mirror and that way.It can take in case razor a large toothbrush can put them where they still get plenty of air to dry out and out can eliminate a little bit more stuff on the counter behind.


Me and You;

It’s unimaginably magical how things keep coming back to us
Like you never let them go
Me and you

Our feelings, our fears and our emotional reactions to them… 444 kata lagi

Safe Place