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Always. I will be always here. I will be next to you forever. I will always help you. Always. Often. Sometimes. Never. Always but then never… 107 kata lagi


Entry #3

Can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so much life than a withered dandelion at the farthest corner of my haven which was in your arms.

98 kata lagi


a bath
the curtains
me close to you
Let’s end this day how it started-together


My best friend

The premonitions had hit me strong,

I knew something was coming,

I feared it, for I knew it could damage him,

Petrified as the waves got intense. 698 kata lagi


best laid plans

i’ve just created a new rule for myself:
to only ever go to bed before ten PM
under one of two circumstances,
one- i’m seriously ill… 150 kata lagi


Review: Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

I know, I know – this is meant to be a comic blog. However, I am unashamedly a huge Harry Potter fan and I was beyond excited when this arrived in the mail. 517 kata lagi

Albus Potter


I love my part time job for several reasons…but the major reason is that I get to encourage others with the Contemporary Christian music and a positive message. 57 kata lagi

Spiritual Encouragement