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Stand Up: Women

For Themselves.

Women continue to stand-up for themselves and say enough is enough! This is taking place on several fronts.

After decades of wearing uncomfortable, fashion-forward clothing and shoes, women are starting to prefer comfort. 508 kata lagi

Kathy Oneto

Inscriptions of 30/08/15

She rescued him

But, he needed saving


'eLLo worLd

Hi, I’m Dan and it’s great to be here and Lovely to meet you.

I was once deNIal. Now, I AM the choice I choose to be. 32 kata lagi



I am held together with bandaids.  They are the glue that holds everything in

Each insult, laugh, jest opens another part of me.

But I’ll just patch it up, place another bandaid until I’m more bandaid than person. 85 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Gone with graciousness

For days spent under your decade, all your words of serenity that gave rise to my ethical dilemma, the very source of aggression that now exists. 97 kata lagi



I feel like I’m slowly disappearing. Maybe if I just turn sideways, I’ll fade into the background and no one will notice that I’m gone.


Creative Writing

Snapshot Challenge Saturday

There is always the possibility of greatness and beauty on the other side of potential barriers.

Achieving Happiness