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Du ser det i ögonen

Jag ser på mitt barndomsfotografi. Skolfotografiet. Jag ler, men mina ögon ler inte. Jag var inte ett lyckligt barn. Jag var inte glad på riktigt. Ett fejkat leende på läpparna, men ögonen ler inte… det är något jag sett som vuxen, men inte tänkt på hela början av mitt liv. 273 kata lagi


Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Prophesy : Part 7

The evening arrived, and Harry’s birthday celebration began. He was enthralled about going to HOGWARTS. Sirius was late, having left after the discussion in the morning. 658 kata lagi

Harry Potter

Good bye


Goodbyes are good

I love our kinda goodbye

Cuz we part with a

Cuddle and kiss




When Love is Beyond

We reach out to the skies

a morning sunrise

is our only grasp of an energy

we once could feel

against the skin of our… 164 kata lagi


Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Prophesy:  Part 6

“How can he disappear?” Ariana asked.

Dumbledore, who was quite for a long time, began, “He hasn’t disappeared. He is hiding. He is staying low to regain his powers. 488 kata lagi

Harry Potter

Right Does Not Always Mean Right

Proverbs 14:12, “There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.”

There is right and then there is right.   587 kata lagi

Hope Now

Hope now.

Right now.

Open wide your heart and let hope flood in.

Let it rush into your mind and fill your spirit to the brim. 37 kata lagi

Just A Minute