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35 Day Music Challenge - Day 1

A Song From My Childhood: Travis – ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’

For someone so utterly obsessed with music now, I was almost completely oblivious to it as a child. 497 kata lagi



I was floating around aimlessly,

Like some homeless space debris.

Not knowing what to do, where to go or where to drop anchor,

Because that all-knowing, all-telling, inner voice… 160 kata lagi


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A beautiful poem composed by Varnika Jain. Evokes emotions and warmth inside the heart by conveying how two beings come together in this universe and anchor themselves to the other for all eternity. Do read and let me know what you think in the comment section.

You'll Never Lose Me

I promise you’ll never lose me,

For I’m too much in love

And far too selfish to walk away.

I refuse to let you go without a fight, 75 kata lagi


I Never Want Another

The thought of being with anyone else makes me feel sick.

I will never want to be with another or need anyone else,

Because you are my everything and my life. 246 kata lagi


Britney Spears on being a single mom: 'My kids come first, always' By Fox News

“Britney Spears on being a single mom: ‘My kids come first, always'” Britney Spears may be recognized as pop princess throughout the world, but to her two preteen boys, she’s just mom. 8 kata lagi


My Favorite Quote...

You know how when you read a book there’s always that quote you never forget, even if you forgot some character’s name? Maybe it’s a cheesy romantic expression of love, or maybe it’s some kind of confession of the truth, or that moving acknowledgement of bravery… but no matter which one is your favorite, in every book there’s a quote that’ll stick with you and will pop up unexpectedly into your head for years to come. 242 kata lagi