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He knelt before her

She matched his movement

He asked,

Why do you always do that?

She responded,

I am neither above or beneath you. 11 kata lagi



The wave
of a moment…
surging the still
of an azure sky.

A sigh
airily held…
hemmed in the palm
of Loves infinity.

A glance… 20 kata lagi


So I thought

I thought you knew
there was nothing left to prove.
But I guess it ain’t real,
until you announce it from the roof(top).

I thought we were safe, 107 kata lagi


J & O Take on Graduation!

*An open letter to J as he graduates and embarks on the next phase of his life.*

Dear J,

You did it. After 5 years and a few summer classed you did it. 185 kata lagi


Always wear your invisible crown.


The Moment.

The intensity drew them closer,
The love kept them still,
As their heartbeats synced into a rhythm.
The zeal to be held kept their hands firm, 252 kata lagi