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Social Media #LikeAGirl

Social media campaigns are typically very successful when executed correctly. One campaign that I enjoyed following was produced by Procter and Gamble’s brand, Always. This campaign was the #LikeAGirl campaign and was aimed at breaking the negative connotation surrounding the word “girl,” according to an article written by the Huffington Post. 483 kata lagi

Social Media

Eternal Hallelujahs

Eternal Hallelujahs.

The highest points of cathedrals/ in competition with herbally elevated cerebrals/ matched with holographic identities directed once with no sequels/ dancing naked with no shame, yet embarrassed at the sight of a face the same color as lost peoples/ 851 kata lagi


Blooming Heart

What would astound the heart beyond the years

To awaken from a sleepy candescent drought

Showered with flowers from above and poured forth

The knowledge attained from birth to present merged… 77 kata lagi


SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 10/08/15- "Get High On The Rock That Won't Crack—Jesus Christ, The Solid Rock!" (Isaiah 26:4)

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 10/08/15- “Get High On The Rock That Won’t Crack—Jesus Christ, The Solid Rock!” (Isaiah 26:4)

Premise Question: Is there any other Rock, upon which we can stand and be absolutely assured of our eternal salvation, than on The Everlasting Rock, The LORD GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ? 336 kata lagi


Feminist Advertising in the Always #likeagirl Campaign

For the most part of the history of feminine hygiene products, men have been at the head of marketing strategy and business development. This, as this… 537 kata lagi




Alam natin parehas na nagsimula lahat sa blog. Sa totoo lang, hindi ko matandaan kung paano ko natunton ang blog mo. Pero ang alam ko naging… 1.527 kata lagi

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