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Lent Day 33

Spring storm season started this week with a vengeance. In Arkansas and Oklahoma, ‘tornado alley’ struck again.

I never understand why God lets these things happen. 223 more words


Stop Shaming

Stop shaming people who do not look like you
Just because they don’t act or think like you do
They are still humans with feelings too… 31 more words


radicalhope reblogged this on Shapeshifters: Living With Dissociation and commented:

I was seriously shamed in college by students and professors because of having depression. I've lived through it, but it was extremely painful. I wish they, ( a few at most), could read this and understand how much the shaming hurt. The way some of those people tore me down makes me think about how I am seeing and judging others. I appreciate this post.

Finding Joy in the Small Things

I find joy in so many areas of life since loosing my daughter.  I love, love, love, being a grandmother.  My grandchildren bring me so much joy and they give me so much unconditional love.  224 more words

Always and Forever

I know now why i love you so much, i think i finally realised.

Yes, you’re awesome and all of that.
You’re one helluva person! 152 more words


New York love

The bitter of the cold
Won’t slow my footsteps
On a blustery winter’s day
In my city
On the busy streets of New York
My shoes pinching and punishing my toes… 91 more words


I’ve known from the start
You would break my heart
You are cruel, you are
But I’ll keep loving you
I want you to know…

190 more words

International Women's Day

From celebrities to business women, and PR campaigns to days like International Women’s Day, there is a lot of amazing work going on to improve the way women are represented and thought about – and I LOVE it. 653 more words