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Being Real

How honest can one be?

I question God. I asked Him for help. I asked Him for answers. I would tear up and break down. I would not be able to stand properly, as i’d rather kneel and wont get up. 202 kata lagi


I vow to....


To: My Ever Dearest Wife… CHING,

I vow to live life and every moment of it with you,
To hold you in moments of sadness and in moments of laughter… 212 kata lagi


After all this Time ?

This is a revised version of a post I wrote a while back

I used to read a lot. Now don’t go into the wrong idea and think that I’m someone who spends time day in day out reading my textbooks cover to cover (although I do wish that I’d be patient enough to spend quality time at that too. 1.035 kata lagi

[334] Unattainable

Words alone cannot express
The extent to which I cannot express
The extent ad infinitum
Of everything and its derivative.
Existence has not enough yet, 17 kata lagi


Never Say Never


Love this song! It never gets old.

Heard it today on the job-well not really the job. Let’s face it, I’m having fun for six hours. 344 kata lagi


What’s In My Travel Toiletry Bag (Part 1)

Hey Dolls,

we have finally come down to the season of holidays and I am so excited because this is my first time writing about what I’d be taking along with me. 1.277 kata lagi