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Stator and Rotor Manufacturer and Supplier

Jumps Auto has in house facility of manufacturing for every kind of stator and rotor. We have been installed to make sure manufacturing of finest quality of automotive parts as per requirements of our client. 89 kata lagi

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All About Alternators

Your vehicle’s alternator is one of those parts you generally never think about, until it fails and sends you to the repair shop. So, here’s quick look at everything you need to know about it. 297 kata lagi


Provera alternatora, postupak, kako, zašto i VIDEO

Da li vam je alternator na autu ispravan?
Ukoliko sumnjate na rad alternatora najjednostavnije ga je proveriti na ovaj način. Zahvaljujući članu Zastava Foruma Fox87, dobili smo ovaj tekst koji je primenljiv na sve automobile.

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Alternator Rebuild

Here is a step-by-step write-up on my expericence rebuilding a Honda alternator. The brushes (probably the most likely item to fail) are very easy to replace. 42 kata lagi


Could We Catch A Break

Please just until the first of the year. Last Sunday my battery in the truck went dead. I locked my keys in and had it turned on just to roll the window up. 855 kata lagi


1995 Nissan Pathfinder Project : Urgent Alternator Replacment

Evidently the alternator decided to give up the ghost. While I had hoped that the belts were to blame for the alternator it was still having issues a day after I had the belt suite replaced. 403 kata lagi


1995 Nissan Pathfinder Project : Timing belt has been replaced

Was able to get the timing belt changed out at the mechanics. They replaced the V belts, the water pump, and the timing belt. The belts were very loose and were so loose they were having issues keeping the alternator gripped, which led to some initial concern that I may have a bad alternator. 245 kata lagi