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Battling my Nemesis - The Alternator

This evening has seen the latest episode in the soap opera that is my serial ownership of cars. I’m not complaining about this car in particular, but generally my cars are great until they suddenly develop a fault that’s expensive or going to seriously increase the running costs and I have to find a new one. 238 kata lagi

Andrew Clayton

Maintenance is a must!

Changes are a big part of life, but some things remain a constant. You know where I’m going with this…
Keeping your car or truck maintained helps you get the most out of it. 48 kata lagi

Auto Repair 15102

Does my vehicle have alternator problems?

Does my vehicle have Alternator problems? How do I tell?
Slow starts , flickering dashboard lights ,headlights dimmming or brightening momentarily , gauges stop working , other items that run off electricity may slow down as well… what does this mean? 81 kata lagi

Auto Repair 15102

The Evolution of Oscillations

The laptop I’m using, found for 50 bucks in the junk bins of Akihabara has a CPU that runs at 2.53GHz. Two billion five hundred and thirty million times every second electrons systematically briefly pulse. 1.162 kata lagi


Blue Bomber Part 2

Truck home, go over it for maintainance that’s been deferred.

Seller assures that oil change is due in a few thousand k, so that will be on hold for few thousand kms. 992 kata lagi


Starter, Alternator & Headlamps

Starter Motor

Today I started with the starter motor.  The unit I removed is disgusting – you can see where the welch plug was leaking onto the casing which made a mess.  431 kata lagi

1959 Fin Monster