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Transmission -is it a "go"?

There are a lot of arguments and opinions about when to change your transmission fluid and when it needs flushed. Bottom line is this: if you want your car to stay on the road beyond 10 yrs. 45 kata lagi

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Alternative lifestyles may require new alternators

All the systems on a boat need to be working properly for a vessel to be ship shape and safe. If you have a sailboat, of course the first means of propulsion ideally are your sails, powered by the wind. 249 kata lagi

Boat Maintenance

Backwards to go Forwards.......

Some of you may have noticed that I have been MIA for about 3 weeks.  I had to go to the US for work for a couple of weeks, which stopped work on the Cad, however I did come home with a number of needed parts, which saved hundreds on shipping :-)  Anyway, lets get on with it……. 789 kata lagi

1959 Fin Monster

Balmar - Leece-Neville - Motorola Alternator Project

Switching from the mechanical to the electrical side of things, today I evaluated and tackled the Western Flyer’s alternator(s).  The starboard engine, for perhaps the past ten years utilized a Balmar 60-110 (model 60 – 110 amps charging power) with a Balmar MaxCharge Multi-stage marine regulator (model MC 612) for house bank charging needs. 780 kata lagi

What is OBD?

What is OBD ?
On-board diagnostics, or OBD, is a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability system.
When one of these lights on your dashboard lights up, it’s never a good time. 60 kata lagi

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Does my vehicle have alternator problems?

Does my vehicle have Alternator problems? How do I tell?
Slow starts , flickering dashboard lights ,headlights dimmming or brightening momentarily , gauges stop working , other items that run off electricity may slow down as well… what does this mean? 81 kata lagi

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