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N63 alternator,,,battery discharge

¬†Welcome to the jungle of shit,,,,yes the beautiful mess of wiring and hoses under that engine cover on a N63,,,,customer said battery discharge light was on,,,,some other dealer replaced the battery and didn’t register the battery to the car,,,,so I check fault and found the alternator not charging,,,,the alternator lost the BSD signal,,,,if you look closely you can see the alternator buried under everything. 180 kata lagi

New Alternator Fitted

After lunch I fitted the new Alternator to the Micra it was a bit fiddly getting one of the bolts out but otherwise didn’t take long, air conditioning pipes where the biggest problem, obstructing one of the bolts and made it difficult to get the alternator out and in

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Friday 18.11.16

Woke up to horrible weather this morning thunder and hail, had coffee in bed and Lynne gave me a lift to work, on her way to the farm the battery warning light on the car came on to say it wasn’t being charged, had a very busy day in… 166 kata lagi

Every Day Stuff

Belt Up!!

My new fan belt arrived on Saturday morning but the weather was bit a rubbish, so I began work on the Alternator today. After finding more bad workmanship around the pulley alignment I eventually got everything in place, but to my disappointment I found that the standard Model A fan belt is a few inches too long meaning that it will rub the radiator hose. 13 kata lagi