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The Alternator Blues

I am trying really hard to remain calm.

I had a really relaxing and amazing morning. I woke up early and I prepared for my day while listening to birds sing and the warm breeze. 1.262 more words

Live Pono

Car Parts and Confession: 5 Common Misconceptions About Bible Study

I promised¬†in my last article¬†that I would share with you some practical instructions on how to study your Bible. Since I’ve already made the case of the importance of study in that article, I won’t be redundant here. 898 more words

Bible Study

Repairs for Life: A Column by Sarah Morris

Column by Reporter Sarah Morris Life comes with many surprises. Some are great; others, not so good. But when these obstacles hit, what do we do? 564 more words



The excitement about the Panama Canal builds as we approach Colon and see many ships in the distance. In fact, check out this photo taken of our chart plotter. 746 more words

BPO Part1

San Blas, and Mainland Panama to Colon

Switched alternators between the two engines, as a final confirmation that our problem is in the alternator, which it is. So we’ve ordered a new one that hopefully will get through to us in Colon next week. 847 more words

BPO Part1

Cruising in San Blas

Thursday: We headed east to the more classic sandy cay anchorages behind the reefs. But first came engine issues. The starboard alternator is putting out low amps, like 10 instead of 80. 557 more words