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The Power of the Appointment

We work hard to make automotive service as little of an inconvenience as possible. 174 kata lagi


2005 Kawasaki ZR 1200 A Zrx 1200 Electrical Generator Alternator

2005 Kawasaki ZR 1200 A Zrx 1200 Electrical Generator Alternator

The Generator or Alternator is connected to the motor, either through a gear, belt, chain or cush-drive arrangement, and rotates as the engine turns, producing current to charge the battery. 71 kata lagi

Electrical improvements – power Part Two

Continued from part one

Improving the starter / solenoid wiring

As mentioned before, the terminal on the starter was loose, rusty and caked in mud. As well as cleaning up I decided to move as much as I could to the relatively sumptuous surroundings of the seat-box, with the battery. 524 kata lagi


Alternator Becomes Motor for This Electric Go-kart

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, a go-kart was a quick ticket to coolness, second maybe to a mini-bike. In both cases, a welded steel tube frame and a cast-off lawnmower engine were all that stood between you and neighborhood glory. 198 kata lagi


Car exclamation points are not good

There are unexpected things that happen in life that are pretty much never wanted.

Like car trouble.

I thought I had my Sunday planned out well. 718 kata lagi