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Alternator Replacement

Many of you have probably noticed a bunch of warning lights on the dash when you start your engine.  They flash on to test the circuits and then off if everything is OK.  231 kata lagi


Not all Vibrations are Good Vibrations....

I noticed last time I ran the engine that the alternator had some vibrations happening at certain engine speeds.  In this case, any vibration is a bad vibration.  241 kata lagi

1959 Fin Monster

Quick Tech: Tips for Choosing and Installing an Alternator

There are many factors to consider when purchasing an alternator.

Things like amperage, voltage, pulley ratio, and wiring all come into play. We’ve covered some of these topics in this  117 kata lagi


Get Ya Face on!

Alternator Diode

You may recall I had an issue with switching the engine off….that is not being able to do it.  A quick bit of research showed that I needed to add a diode in the GEN warning light circuit.  810 kata lagi

1959 Fin Monster

January 2, 2016: His In Your Face Interface

I’m woken up a few times from seven to nine before I finally relent and get up. When Clay and Chris head out to go to the old I house I ride with them. 245 kata lagi

January 1, 2016: Any Type of Repetitive Motion Makes Me Sick

I wake up as Johnny leaves and try to go back to sleep. After thirty minutes or so that isn’t working, so when Calie gets up I do too. 295 kata lagi