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Alternator Diode

You may recall I had an issue with switching the engine off….that is not being able to do it.  A quick bit of research showed that I needed to add a diode in the GEN warning light circuit.  810 kata lagi

1959 Fin Monster

January 2, 2016: His In Your Face Interface

I’m woken up a few times from seven to nine before I finally relent and get up. When Clay and Chris head out to go to the old I house I ride with them. 245 kata lagi

January 1, 2016: Any Type of Repetitive Motion Makes Me Sick

I wake up as Johnny leaves and try to go back to sleep. After thirty minutes or so that isn’t working, so when Calie gets up I do too. 295 kata lagi

Charging problems could it be the bulb? Frame not earthing? No red charge light on the dash?

Since I have owned the Moto Guzzi California II the last couple of years I have had issues with the charging. I would go on a journey and the charge guage would read no volts. 410 kata lagi

Belt Slippage

We have a great big alternator. 210 amps at 12 volts – over 2500 W. Huge.

It’s driven by two large V-Belts off the main crankshaft. 188 kata lagi

Battling my Nemesis - The Alternator

This evening has seen the latest episode in the soap opera that is my serial ownership of cars. I’m not complaining about this car in particular, but generally my cars are great until they suddenly develop a fault that’s expensive or going to seriously increase the running costs and I have to find a new one. 238 kata lagi

Andrew Clayton

Maintenance is a must!

Changes are a big part of life, but some things remain a constant. You know where I’m going with this…
Keeping your car or truck maintained helps you get the most out of it. 48 kata lagi

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