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The Doorway of the Heart

(To read the contemplation on the doorway of attention, click here.)

Opening the doorway of the heart brings us nearer, enables warmth and intimacy.  The giving of our heart forces to something or someone enables a much deeper connection than the simple giving of our attention.  689 kata lagi

The Chapel of Saint-Gobrien, Brittany

On a recent cycling trip along the Nantes-Brest Canal in Brittany I came across a small village named Saint-Gobrien. Looking at it across the canal, I instinctively sensed that this interesting-looking little place was worth a small detour. 479 kata lagi


Summer 1992

I Remember You

Young, vibrant exciting you were

 Shiny brunette hair with auburn highlights

What a delight you were

Boundless curls as men’s toes bowed… 362 kata lagi


Thoughts on Quitting Smoking, Broomclosets, and Other Things

When I ended a FB convo with a friend to write this blog she suggested I start a second one for it. For awhile I considered it since I can’t talk about this subject without discussing spirituality, but I’ve decided against it as I think as humans we compartmentalize ourselves too much as it is. 1.130 kata lagi


I am SO very freaking excited! I finally am getting a Loki statue for His Altar!  Its supposed to arrive sometime on Monday!!!*happysqueakflail*