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Random Thoughts #2

An altar, once the location for the sacrifice of the entails of some unfortunate fauna, now the location for the sacrifice of freedom and privacy by a man and woman (or 2 of either) through a promise to stay together happily till the end of their lives, a promise (according to statistics) that they are more likely to break than one is to break a Chinese appliance.


Things I Love: Rose Quartz Pendulum

My amazing wedding photographers brought me a very sweet and thoughtful gift the afternoon of my wedding; this gorgeous rose quartz pendulum. Rose Quartz is known as the heart stone and is considered to be a crystal of unconditional love. 85 kata lagi

Things I Love

ADF Dedicant Path: Home Shrine (final essay)

My home shrine has come a long way since I started out over a year ago with a TV-tray, a three wick scented jar candle, and an incense burner. 419 kata lagi


'altar' ..... from the 'Psalmist' till the 'Prophets (KJV)

Ye offer polluted bread upon mine altar;
and ye say, Wherein have we polluted thee?
In that ye say, The table of the LORD is contemptible. 2.095 kata lagi


The Altar And The Door

So many things can happen to a person on their journey between the altar and the door of a church. Someone can enter through those doors, have an encounter with their Savior at the altar, and leave through those same doors again as a completely different person—a person without the weight of the world on their shoulders and with the knowledge that they are loved and saved. 577 kata lagi


F is for Fumitory

Today’s blog is also about very little known herb, Fumitory. This is not an herb you would normally grow in your garden in fact usually today it’s considered a weed in most places. 250 kata lagi

Candle Ceremonies

P is for Patchouly

My blog today is on a much rarer type of magical herb. Not one that is found in most common kitchens but usually has to be purchased in a psychic and/or other type of magical shop. 181 kata lagi

Candle Ceremonies