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Jesus , Savior in Repose

O, my Jesus, 
In gentle and humble repose upon the altar,
Wrap Your arms about me.
My body yearns for Your embrace. 

Only Your Humanity can unlock 
The treasure trove of grace, 
You hold in store for me, 
A repentant sinner,
Grace, You purchased for me 
By Your coming to Man as Man, 
In Your weakness and poverty and might. 125 kata lagi

Let's talk tools: Athame or not-thame?

‘3. Witchy tools: athame

-LittleCityWitch (Tumblr)

Now, as if I never left this blog to the metaphorical dust bunnies for two years, I’m picking up where I left off: LittleCityWitch’s questionnaire. 614 kata lagi


The Altar

This is called the altar.

In the Bible (especially the Old Testament), the altar was the place where offerings and sacrifices were made to God. 208 kata lagi


Seraphina Unveils 'Altar': A Debut EP That's A Mix Of Darkness And Light

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb 

If you asked me to recommend new music for you that treads the uneasy waters between something sweet, and something dark, where the lines blur between innocence and deep debauchery, I’d stop what I was doing and say ‘Seraphina’. 356 kata lagi


First Time

I had dragged my feet for a couple of weeks as I worked to procure all the ingredients that I would need for my first few spells, the main focus of which is money. 512 kata lagi


Living in a Fairy Tale: My Enchanted Altar

An altar means something different to every witch, especially depending on the type of Craft the witch chooses to practice. My altar is a place for daily devotionals, meditation, divination, creative visualizations, etc. 602 kata lagi

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