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Incense is Back!

Incense is back in my Etsy shop! (Yes, there are some scent sensitivity issues in my household, but my wife and I figured out a way that I could keep offering a limited number of scent blends.) 259 kata lagi


Ancestor altar

Anpu and my ancestors got offerings of whisky, shisha, incense, and rose oil, with love, as I petitioned for my health, strength, and energy. Nature was kind enough to gift me yesterday with a gardenia blossom for love and purity, and crepe myrtle bark for strength, change, and union. 12 kata lagi


CB&W: Two of Anything

Silver in Black and White

Silver vases/flowers decorating the three-story altar dedicated to the Virgin of Almudena, Almudena Cathedral, Madrid, Spain.

CB&W: Two of Anything 8 kata lagi


The importance to Mantra

In Her post, Longing sissy, Miss Andrea mentions “i need a place to mantra before i go to bed tonight”.

Miss Andrea early on enshrined into me the importance to… 207 kata lagi


Lovely Litha

A lovely Litha (Midsummer Solstice) to you all! Today is a good day to spend time with your community, contemplate the meaning of the Sun, harvest herbs for use and preservation, throw a rock at a tree to light the spark of life and dance yourself silly. 298 kata lagi