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Bible Repetitive?

Q. In Numbers 7:10-88, what is the significance of listing out what each of the 12 chiefs offered as they were all the same?

A. Numbers 7 is probably the most repetitive chapter in the Bible, with 6 verses for the leader of each tribe, offering the same dedication offering for the altar: 205 kata lagi


A Place Near Your Altar

God allowed a sparrow to come near His altar and build her nest. (Psalms 84:3).  He also killed Uzziah instantly for reaching out to steady the altar and keep it from falling. 403 kata lagi

Current Issues

He knows

Things aren’t always what they appear to be!  I remember many years ago, when I was employed as a church youth worker, a summers day when some of the youth group had gathered in my front room for a prayer meeting.   987 kata lagi


God is coming to see if there is fire on the altar

Dear Saints,
“I Am Coming to See If There Is Any Fire on Your Altar”

Have you ever experienced the fire of God on your body, I have, it was awesome!! 1.513 kata lagi

Street altars, Bali

One of the things I love about Bali is how they mix their spiritual beliefs into their daily lives.  Although there are many temples and shrines on the island, you don’t need a designated place to make an offering in Bali.   286 kata lagi


takin' care of business: where-in many things on "the list" are accomplished

it turns out that when putting off writing a blog entry, it gets harder and more difficult to want to update the longer one puts it off. 354 kata lagi