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Offer Unto Me 

Put him on the altar!

Trust Me!!!

All you Abrahams

Rise UP!!!!

Take your Isaac…

Lay him down

Look for the ram

In the mountain… 41 kata lagi

San Gabriel Arcángel by olemsteffensen

The altar in the convent Convento Franciscano de San Gabriel Arcángel in Cholula, Mexico.

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July for Loki ...

The idea of a month of devotion to a god or goddess is awesome. But I’m not doing it. I wish I could, but I have other crazy promises to keep. 233 kata lagi


Setting up an altar for £0.50

Good title, eh? This is just a little example of how an altar doesn’t need anything specific or specially bought or expensive to work for spiritual practise. 799 kata lagi

Daily Life

Church, Paradise on Earth, in Whose Midst is the Tree of Life. Let us Pluck its Fruit and Live!

An Extract from Jacob of Sarug’s hymn on the Priesthood and the Altar

established on earth the Holy Church instead of Paradise and appointed priests to His service without sacrifices. 342 kata lagi
Syriac Christianity

Does it Matter How We Get to the End Product?

God told the children of Israel to build an altar. However, he told them that if they used a sword in building the altar, it would desecrate it  296 kata lagi

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