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Jewish singer, David Draiman, admitted that he fucks on an altar in Christian Church.

David Draiman is the front man for the multiplatinum headbangers Disturbed. Draiman attended five Jewish day schools, including Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Valley Torah High School in Los Angeles, California, and Fasman Yeshiva High School in Chicago, Illinois. 159 kata lagi

Daily News

Esto Es Lo Que Te Costaría Casarte Este Año… ¿Te Animas?

Ya estamos entrando a la temporada de bodas y mas bodas, y si tu eres una romántica o romántico que no puede esperar para su gran di ate tengo una noticia importante. 88 kata lagi


Do you know where you are going?

In the many years that I have been in the youth ministry, I realize there is a growing trend where youths taking a gap year to “think about what they want to do with their lives”, I am not saying that this is a bad idea, meaning to say that after years of studying in an environment where what you are going to study is being dictated by the education system, it can be overwhelming to start making decisions on your own that will impact your future. 666 kata lagi


Merry Imbolc!

Hello and Blessed be! Merry Imbolc! Happy Imbolc! Whichever way you prefer to say it.

Today marks the blessed fire festival of Brigid, the Goddess of Fire and Creativity. 240 kata lagi


Family Feud

“This is why I have wives.” Is so far the lesson learned from the altar energy trial. Guess they’re useful for more than a laugh and a fling after all. 159 kata lagi


Altar Experiment

The image above is of an altar set up quickly. Thrown together in about a five minute, spur of the moment thing.

Altars are very much not a requirement. 170 kata lagi


My Imbolc Altar

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

This is just a little blog post, as Imbolc is coming up and I wanted to show you all my altar! 378 kata lagi