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Adventures in Hoodoo - Ancestor Altar

Please read Adventures in Hoodoo-Candles and Adventures in Hoodoo-Spiritual Baths for the first two pars of the story.

I burned the candles and I took the bath, the only thing left to do was build an Ancestor Altar. 419 kata lagi


Matrimonial Bed: Furniture or Altar? 

I recently happened to listen to a TV discussion on respecting the matrimonial bed and what it stood for. Before listening in, I never really gave much thought to it. 473 kata lagi


The Altar of Incense

The altar of incense speaks to us of intercession.  Our great Intercessor is Christ Jesus.

Moore, B. (2014). A WOMAN’S HEART God’s Dwelling Place (p.118). Nashville, TN: LifeWay Press.

Review: Anything But Love by Abigail Strom

In this well-written romance the male lead seems to be the center of the story in the beginning … which makes sense, because the heroine has felt invisible for so long. 255 kata lagi


Transformed by the Power of the Spirit

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is very significant in the life of the Christ follower. Every Christ follower must continually seek to understand the purpose of the Holy Spirit’s ministry, both personally and in their service to others. 948 kata lagi

Holy Spirit

Notre Dame du Lac

Friends from the east coast were here and asked for a tour of the Notre Dame university campus.  They, naturally, were impressed with all of the sports facilities, but were most impressed with the cathedral.  188 kata lagi


Keeping it REAL


I’ve had quite a few conversations lately, Karen Burton hit the nail on the head with her word last week and all rolled together it simply comes down to two words ‘be real’. 808 kata lagi