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Trouble again with PulseAudio and Thunderbird sound notifications

In an earlier post I described how I fixed a scratchy-sounding sound file which the Thunderbird e-mail client plays when a new message arrives. Well, the problem started again recently, but this time the contents of… 320 kata lagi


Places around Benidorm that you must see

“Todos los viajes tienen sus ventajas.”

Benidorm is a big city. A bustling city with plenty of things to do. But, sometimes a change of scenery and a day out is needed.

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“Welcome to Hell”: Barcelona Taxi Drivers Prepare for Uber’s Return.

Uber has taken a more conciliatory approach this time, but taxi drivers are not convinced.

War is about to break out once again between Uber and the highly mobilized taxi drivers of one of its most febrile markets, Barcelona. 230 kata lagi


SOF Project and Project ACRN

Sousou: It would be great to see even more firmware move towards open source. #lfelc #openiot

— The Linux Foundation (@linuxfoundation) March 14, 2018

Sousou: We are launching new projects in areas where open source has not been used.

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The Call

There are moments which mark your life. Moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same, and time is divided into two parts: before this, and after this… Sometimes you can feel such a moment coming. 402 kata lagi


Setting up analog surround sound on Ubuntu Linux with a 3 3.5mm capable sound card

A while back, I received the Logitech Z506 Speaker system, and with Windows, setting it up was a pretty plug and play experience. On Linux, however, its’ a wholly different ballgame. 700 kata lagi


Firefox drops ALSA; apulse to the rescue

Once again I’m caught between a rock and a stupid place. Mozilla joined Harry Pottering and the eternal september of GNU/Linux, who carries on dead-set on tearing down everything simple and elegant in the userland, replacing it with crude immitations of the beast (MacOS X). 692 kata lagi