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Jeane Phialsa (Alsa)

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Jeane Phialsa
  • Nama lahir: Jeane Phialsa
  • Nama lain: Alsa
  • Lahir: 4 Juni 1993 (umur 24)
  • Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia…
  • 192 kata lagi

Fix "unmet dependency" issue for pulseaudio in KXStudio (and others)

If you are a user of the KXStudio repos, and use an environment rid of pulseaudio, you probably were disappointed to see that Firefox recently stopped supporting the ALSA backend. 260 kata lagi


Jackd1 Running!

So after installing jackd package then uninstalling it, because I already the source and wanted to remove the dependency on the X-server, I cloned the source and after some learning, compiled and installed it. 637 kata lagi

Estar en casa.

Esta es una creación para el certámen: cuentos sobre ruedas, el último hasta el momento en el que he participado ya este año. Admito, está ligeramente inspirado en personas y acontecimientos de mi novela.  1.657 kata lagi

Sad Day Indeed

I’ve been using Firefox since before it was Firefox, and having checked up on Wikipedia just now, that would have been around 2002.

Over the years, the developers have made some decisions which I disagreed with, although often there were user-developed extensions which restored lost functionality or appearance. 739 kata lagi


What the Heck is a Daily Goodie Box + Why Do You Want One?

What the Heck is a Daily Goodie Box + Why Do You Want One?

I love having the opportunity to try new things but spending money on something that I may not like often keeps me from actually taking the first step. 211 kata lagi

Product Review


It happens often. Near exams. Near important dates. I get the lurching feeling sickness in my stomach and it crawls up my throat. It feels like I can’t breathe and at times, I just want to do nothing but scream and cry. 207 kata lagi