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'What Do You Mean The Coach Left Yesterday?'

I feel like I’ve finally passed that raw emotional state and can now bring myself to tell you what happened at the weekend.

I mean I know I can be a drama queen at the best of times, but this really was one of the worst things that’s ever happened to me. 607 kata lagi


Headphone Plugin Sensation


When i plugged in a headphone to my computer the sound came out from both headphone and speaker.

Generally people will instruct you to turn on the “Auto-Mute Mode” in alsamixer, but in my saturation that’s not possible, because there is no such options as “Auto-Mute Mode” among the settings. 140 kata lagi


Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Wonder where the $$$ went?? #TBT

Around this time last year, all of your news and social media feeds were probably covered with people doing or talking about the ALS ice bucket challenge… 162 kata lagi


Linux-based active crossover: getting there

A few weeks ago I wrote about my desire to dump Windows and to go with Linux for audio. The aim is to create an active crossover system that is the best of all worlds: 2.032 kata lagi


More mini-hardware

After playing with Arduino microcontrollers I suppose it was inevitable that I turned to it’s larger brother the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is more of a conventional computer but in a small form factor – in a box about the same size as the Arduino in fact. 333 kata lagi


Transition Day!!!! Next Time I Won't Pick A Sunday

Monday, June 15, 2015

Baiona, Spain to Caminha, Portugal via long wait in Vigo and shorter wait in Valenca.

Yesterday I woke up full of anticipation that it’d just be an easy bus ride to A Guarda then the ferry across the Minho River to Caminha. 545 kata lagi

Sound over HDMI cable

My laptop has an Intel video card and an HDMI port, that I want to use for audio signal output, as well. Unfortunatelly, sound over HDMI does not work out-of-the-box, so I searched for a solution. 376 kata lagi