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Raspberry Pi v1.2 B+

I followed, and updated where needed, the instructions from Getting Ready (without the RT audio patch for fun), Audio Looper Setup and confirmed using my Raspberry Pi v1.2 B+ I can run the code. 19 kata lagi

Setup, Configuration, Code links

Finally I am presenting the setup and code for this project. I will be adding another “how it works” page later, but for now, you can get up and running. 26 kata lagi

Code Committed

Initial commit done and pushed to my GitHub site, but I need to create a new summary and explanation of the system first. Then I will draft a “how-to” for setting up the Pi for the code. 142 kata lagi

Sound in Firefox without PulseAudio

  1. Uninstall PulseAudio and install apulse instead.
  2. As root patch Firefox library:
    patchelf --set-rpath /usr/lib/apulse /usr/lib/firefox/libxul.so
  3. In Firefox ‘about:config’ tab insert into ‘security.sandbox.content.write_path_whitelist’ parameter ‘/dev/snd/’ value.

Fix "unmet dependency" issue for pulseaudio in KXStudio (and others)

If you are a user of the KXStudio repos, and use an environment rid of pulseaudio, you probably were disappointed to see that Firefox recently stopped supporting the ALSA backend. 260 kata lagi


Jackd1 Running!

So after installing jackd package then uninstalling it, because I already the source and wanted to remove the dependency on the X-server, I cloned the source and after some learning, compiled and installed it. 637 kata lagi

Estar en casa.

Esta es una creación para el certámen: cuentos sobre ruedas, el último hasta el momento en el que he participado ya este año. Admito, está ligeramente inspirado en personas y acontecimientos de mi novela.  1.657 kata lagi