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Award for advocacy

I was happily surprised last Monday to receive the ALS Association Rasmussen advocate of the year award. Jill and ALSA’s Steve Gibson tricked me by saying I should prepare a few remarks for the luncheon. 181 more words


We are not alone

Remarks to the ALS Association annual advocacy conference

Thank you to the ALS Association for inviting me here. My name is Michael Gollin and ALS took my voice last year, but not my will to speak. 381 more words


The Serenity Of The Long Distance Bus Traveller

Am travelling on a bus on a gorgeous, sunny day from Granada to Madrid.

There’s nothing much going on. I’m staring out of the window and this is what I can see and feel: 64 more words

Inspiring Positive Simplicity

Back to ALSA in Debian 8.0 (jessie)

After few times of upgrade and downgrade of distribution lately, the system lost sound. Reinstallation of pulseaudio package didn’t work out. What would I do? Instead troublshooting pulseaudio, I decided to use ALSA. 242 more words


the day I got paid to judge people (literally)

So last Saturday to Monday, I was invited (or actually I applied) to become a judge at the Faculty of Law’s annual ALSA competition — I was chosen to be one of the judges for the speech contest. 534 more words


The surprising circus inside San Miguel de Lillo

The rewards for those intrepid travelers who hustle up Mount Naranco in a heavy rainstorm are manifold.

Exhibit A: San Miguel de Lillo.

This petite beauty has been rewarding water-logged church lovers since 848.  364 more words


No MIDI Devices!

I recently got an unpleasant surprise when I tried to connect the input from a MIDI keyboard. I have a MIDI interface on my sound card plus a USB keyboard, so I was expecting to see something like the following on the ALSA tab of QjackCtl’s Connections window: 343 more words