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Using eSpeak to make a Raspberry Pi Talk

Introducing using eSpeak to make a Raspberry Pi Talk. eSpeak text to speech is a compact open source software speech synthesizer for English and other languages (including Afrikaans). 37 kata lagi

Using Voice RSS to Make a Raspberry Pi Talk

With this post I would like to introduce a simple to run, text-to-speech (TTS) system for the Raspberry Pi. Yes, you type it and it get’s spoken! 23 kata lagi

Sane Programming

While understanding the ins and outs of Python I decided to draft a set of basic principles for myself and hopefully for posterity. As a high level scripting language Python can pair up with a number of other languages, though seeing how many are under active development, one can get easily lost. 480 kata lagi


no sound in ubuntu with asus x7 usb sound card and radeon sound - two soundcards - no sound in clementine but in mixer

best guide ever:


inĀ /etc/modprode.d/alsa-base there are some lines added “prevent bogus sound drivers from loading” – just exlude usb-sound from there and x7 works again.

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fix linux mint audio stuttering

With certain Intel HD audio cards, Linux Mint is found to stutter when sound volume is high. The exact threshold of the volume varies with the application/ media being played, but the stuttering is definite and bad enough to the point of being unusable. 223 kata lagi


Using a2jmidid to Re-Route ALSA MIDI

As I created a larger setup I discovered that my MIDI connections were becoming complicated. Some programs support ALSA MIDI, some support JACK MIDI, and some support both. 408 kata lagi


RaspiDrums Uses Expensive Sensors

Piezoelectric sensors are great for monitoring mechanical impacts with a microcontroller. Whether you’re monitoring knocks on a door or watching a heartbeat, they are a cheap way to get the job done. 188 kata lagi

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