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October Favourites 2018

Halloween! I didn’t do much this year (handed out some sweets to trick or treaters) but I a couple days before I went to a Halloween Burlesque Show which was a lot of fun! 372 kata lagi


My 25th birthday and new discoveries :)

I am now a quarter-century old (yikes where did that come from?!) and I have some lovely new vegan discoveries to share with you…

Firstly, though, I just want to take a moment to say how happy I am that my boyfriend has now gone fully vegan as well <3 He wasn’t far off anyway, but it’s gradually happened over the last few months; I’m really proud of him and it’s lovely to share such an important aspect of life :) 154 kata lagi

Useful Finds

Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Pasta with Quorn Bacon

A couple of weeks ago when I came back from holiday I realised I had a tub of Alpro Soya Go On Protein yogurt in the fridge that was about to go off. 398 kata lagi


Is Nima SAFE?

As any tests methods using antibodies in the world – from blood tests to pregnancy tests, false positive or false negative are always possible to occur. 1.411 kata lagi

Gluten Free

Chocolate Orange and Almond Cake. *Dairy Free*

Being under the suspicion for quite some time that my Dad is in fact a lactose intolerant sufferer in denial, I decided that once I had returned from Kenya I would make him a late Birthday cake. 608 kata lagi


Got Milk? Pt 2

Hey guys,

So further to my previous post about the appalling cruelty that goes on in the dairy industry I wanted to look further into what dairy does to our health. 717 kata lagi


Got Milk??

Hey guys,

So recently I came across a post Gemma Collins posted replicating a shot Kim Kardashian did a while back. Gemma’s post was aiming to empower the larger woman whilst inadvertently advertising milk. 827 kata lagi