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Banana and Berry Breakfast Bowl

I eat this for breakfast ALL the time- I never get bored of it! I find Alpro yoghurt is too plain as it is, so I jazz it up a bit by adding some apple sauce- it gives it a nice sweetness and helps to boost your fruit intake too. 306 kata lagi


Alpro Go On yoghurt. 

It would be fair to say that I bang on about these yoghurts a lot. And they feature regularly on my instagram.

They are absolutely, without a doubt my favourite yoghurts. 380 kata lagi


Alpro Coconut Chocolate Milk

I’m a fan of all things Alpro after going vegan for a month or so a while back. Now, I’m seriously not vegan – but I have carried on having Alpro soy milk in my tea and Alpro yoghurt instead of the dairy stuff. 223 kata lagi


Tuesday - Food day.

Okay, so I’m aware this is the worst photo in the world, but I had to put something in here. One thing I want to use this for is to help me keep track of my ‘diet’ and my progress through my ‘diet’ and gym going. 261 kata lagi


Mencari Query Dengan Struct

Diberikan data dalam bentuk table yang meliputi Mata Kuliah, Dosen, Mengampu, Ambil Mata Kuliah dan Mahasiswa.

Program yang saya buat dalam bentuk statis ini akan mencari nama dosen dan outputnya adalah nama mata kuliah dosen tersebut dan nama mahasiswa yang mengambil mata kuliah dari dosen tersebut. 386 kata lagi

Algoritma Pemrograman

[Review] Alpro Vanilla Ice Cream

I love ice cream so much, always have! I will never get over how excited I was when my lovely mother-in-law first introduced me to dairy free cornetto and I have since explored dairy free ice cream even more. 407 kata lagi

Why I'm trying 'Vegan'

I’ve actually finally stuck to something, for almost 3 weeks anyway. (Disclaimer, last time I gave up something it was coffee and it lasted 29 days before I went straight back to my caffeine addiction without hesitation). 1.003 kata lagi