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I have been loving all things Alpro at the moment especially the vegan yoghurt and ice cream.

The yoghurts come in different flavours but my favourite is the plain, it is just like eating normal yoghurt and is perfect to have as a pudding or breakfast alternative with fruit. 127 kata lagi

Showdown: Plant-based Milks 🌿🥛 and 6 reasons you should be switching from dairy milk to plant milk

You don’t think it now, but there is in fact a life without dairy. You can exist without it!!! There is literally an abundance of non-dairy milks at all supermarkets worldwide. 1.161 kata lagi


Alpro Chocolate and Hazelnut Ice cream

Contains: Palm Oil, Nuts

Free from: Gluten, Soy

Ice cream has always been one of my favourite deserts and luckily turning vegan didn’t mean cutting it out entirely with Booja Booja (if you’ve got the offshore bank account for it), Almond Dream and now Alpro pumping out vegan friendly alternatives. 267 kata lagi


Program Menghitung Faktorial


Menghitung bilangan faktorial (n!) dengan menggunakan Rekrusif.

Rumus Faktorial:

n! = 1 x 2 x 3 x … x n

Misal kita masukan n = 5… 24 kata lagi

Algoritma Pemrograman

Evaluasi Diri Minggu #6

1.Apa saja macam kegiatan belajar kalian?

Minggu ini pembelajaran Algoritma Pemrograman masih seputar tentang fungsi rekrusif dan fungsi iteratif 41 kata lagi

Algoritma Pemrograman

Mencetak 1-100 yang Habis dibagi 3 Dan 5


Mencetak angka 1 – 100 dengan perulangan While. Lalu di dalam perulangan terdapat pencabangan if else.

Jika x % 3 = 0 dan x % 5 = 0… 79 kata lagi

Algoritma Pemrograman

Bilangan Ganjil 1 - 4 Dengan Down To


Menapilkan bilangan ganjil dari 1 sampai ke n dengan down to.

Misal n = 5

X = n + 1

X = 5 + 1 = 6… 89 kata lagi

Algoritma Pemrograman