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Vegan apple pie and custard review

Hi everyone,

I finished work last night at 9pm and I’m back in tonight at 9pm. I hate night shifts! I’ve just had breakfast for dinner because it’s my favourite meal and I’m hoping I make it through tonight and back on the bus tomorrow morning without falling asleep. 353 kata lagi


Alpro soya plain with almond

I was never really a fan of yoghurt even before I went vegan I didn’t enjoy fruity bits or the artificial fruit tastes and plain yoghurt I just found boring! 124 kata lagi


Alpro Go On Yogurts

(18/04/16) Having had some great news from Alpro this morning I am updating this post!…

Have you heard of the new Alpro yogurts called Go On? 508 kata lagi

Palm Oil Free

NEW Alpro Fromage Frais

Great new dessert from Alpro – in Sainburys for just 50p!

Just a super quick post to tell you about these delicious little pots.

They come in three flavours, blackcurrant, mango and passion fruit.  114 kata lagi


Alpro Dairy Free Desserts

Due to some ongoing medical ailments, I decided to try going Dairy Free in my diet to see if it made any difference. I wasn’t too concerned as I’m not a big cheese eater, I’d found that rice milk was a suitable replacement in my tea and coffee but my big downfall was going to be chocolate. 156 kata lagi

Reviews - Food & Drink

My flavour of the week: coconut chocolate.

Mix three teaspoons of hot chocolate (Cadburys) into a cup with coconut milk (I use Alpro) or coconut almond milk! Put in the microwave for one minute. 20 kata lagi

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#9: Alpro Soya Dessert - Dark Chocolate

This thing deserves a shoutout. The moment I tasted it I regretted it. Why? Because I knew from then on that I would never be able to stop buying this. 110 kata lagi