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[Loop] Program Cek Kekuatan Password


Password adalah deretan karakter kunci rahasia untuk melakukan sesuatu. Agar tidak mudah ditebak oleh oranglain, password sebaiknya tidak hanya mengandung karakter abjad, tetapi juga karakter angka dan karakter khusus. 467 kata lagi


How to Cope With the Winter Tiredness

Do you find it harder to roll out of bed every morning when the temperature drops and the mornings are darker? If so, you’re not alone. 211 kata lagi

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Dessert Moments van Alpro

Alpro heeft iets nieuw, en het klinkt aanlokkelijk. Een smeuïge pudding met amandel- of kokossmaak. Ik ben niet zo’n fan van kokos, ik lust het wel maar ik ga het niet bewust kopen, dus werd het de amandel variant. 419 kata lagi


Such a great snack and perfect for breakfast! It’s not heavy, and actually tastes like Strawberry & Banana and Peach and Pear. I’m never disappointed with Alpo products. 57 kata lagi


Tesco Unsweetened Almond Milk

Whether you suffer from a milk allergy or intolerance or have revisited plant-based milk alternatives due to health or ethical reasons, there is no denying that the dairy-free (or freefrom) market is on the rise. 1.158 kata lagi


Dairy Free Black Forest Hot Chocolate

Here’s another ‘hot-chocolate-with-a-twist’ recipe for cold nights. This simple concoction was the result of a bit of experimenting, and may sound a bit odd at first but it actually works! 111 kata lagi


Rediscovering Smoothies & Juicing

I can remember buying my first juicer & blender in late 2009. I ordered them online from JuiceMaster alongside 2 books, “7lbs in 7 days,” & “Juice Yourself Slim,” by Jason Vale & the day my package arrived I stayed up late reading 7lbs in 7days cover to cover in an evening, deciding it was a brilliant idea to do this 7 day “juice detox.” I went to the market that weekend armed with my shopping list of 35 apples & a whole wealth of other fruits & vegetables & launched into day 1 enthusiastically but it was very short-lived, you might even say I never got started…I just dusted off my copy of the book & my notes in the diary section are fairly amusing. 333 kata lagi