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A good day to be vegan

Last night was one of those nights. Friday food shopping after work when you really can’t be bothered to cook anything but don’t want to eat out or order in. 443 kata lagi

Mushroom soup

In an earlier post I talked about the difficulty we had in finding a plant based milk that we liked. We finally discovered Alpro Simply Mild soya milk which works really well on cereals and in custard but, as it’s quite sweet tasting, it doesn’t work so well in savoury recipes. 283 kata lagi

Healthy extra: Alpro dark chocolate almond milk

How much as a healthy extra?

250ml as an A choice

Where can you get it from?

I get it from tescos, in the aisle with the long life milk and cereal, I think Asda does it too… 80 kata lagi

Slimming World

May 11th

Hey guys!

So took my first Metformin Xr yesterday. This morning I felt really spaced out! But I didn’t have crazy sugar cravings today, which is AWESOME! 61 kata lagi


Review - Alpro Go On Pots

I’d heard about this new product from Alpro a little while ago. I even had a voucher code to get a free one from Sainsburys but when I tried to find the product online it didn’t appear and it wasn’t available in my local store, so when I spotted them on a rare visit to Tesco (there isn’t a big one near me) I decided to give them a go and I was so glad I did! 209 kata lagi


Vegan apple pie and custard review

Hi everyone,

I finished work last night at 9pm and I’m back in tonight at 9pm. I hate night shifts! I’ve just had breakfast for dinner because it’s my favourite meal and I’m hoping I make it through tonight and back on the bus tomorrow morning without falling asleep. 353 kata lagi


Alpro soya plain with almond

I was never really a fan of yoghurt even before I went vegan I didn’t enjoy fruity bits or the artificial fruit tastes and plain yoghurt I just found boring! 124 kata lagi