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Raving Snack Reviews

¡Hola, mis amigos! Hello, today I want to share with you two of my most recently discovered snack – vegetarian jelly and Alpro Go On. 566 kata lagi

New Vegan Ice Creams From Alpro

Um – what it says in the headline – Alpro have just launched a new line of vegan ice creams in 3 flavours: Coconut, Hazelnut/ Chocolate and Vanilla. 16 kata lagi



A few years ago, I cut out drinking cow’s milk as it made me sick, and over time I have grown to hate the taste of it. 263 kata lagi


Review: Alpro Go On

Earlier this week I received a free sample of one of Alpro’s newest products, a Go On pot in exchange for a review.  According to the blurb, these are a delicious, dairy-free, plant based alternative to strained yogurt.   180 kata lagi


My Healthy Creamy Hot Chocolate Recipe

We all need a chocolate boost sometimes but don’t always want to cheat on our diets. A creamy hot chocolate can be loaded in calories, so I created this recipe a few months ago and I have it when I need a sugar rush during ‘that time.’ It’s also beginning to get a little cooler through the day, so we will all soon be drinking hot drinks by the bucket load! 208 kata lagi

Health And Fitness

Review -Alpro Go On Pots 

I know I’ve been a little quiet this week, wedding prep has been taking over, but I’m back and raring to go. And speaking of raring to go, this new yoghurt alternative from Alpro is great for an on the go breakfast, or mid morning snack. 230 kata lagi

Gluten Free

Alpro Cashew Original

Coeliacs disease is bad enough but add an intolerance to cows milk, it’s even worse.

I have really tried with soya milk, and other alternatives. But they just aren’t the same, and whilst they work in tea’s etc. 149 kata lagi