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Analyze of a worksheet

During the last session of “communicative skills as a European teacher” we analyzed worksheets or pages of school books.

I brought a worksheet I made for a 3rd class in Austria. 453 kata lagi


Final preparation

Today was the second lecture, where we were given time to focus on our presentation. Thanks to prior efficient and productive teamwork, we were almost done. 97 kata lagi


Did you hear about zero footprint? What does this mean for us in future Healthcare diagnostic? From our understanding it could mean lots of improvements in respect to the large trend having our data not further stored locally so maybe all patient data is somewhere in a cloud? 429 kata lagi


9th week: final corrections

As we met today to give our presentation the finishing touches, we are now quite confident about our progress and feel well prepared for next Tuesday. 45 kata lagi


23. Mai

Gestern war ich Amsel in der Arbeit besuchen :) hab ihr ein Bild vorbeigebracht, einen Graureiher. Es is recht cool, jetzt endlich zu wissen, wie es da aussieht, mir endlich was vorstellen zu können. 118 kata lagi




this week we introduced a pattern to our code.

We are using the default MVP of Android as base. Because we needed more options we created our own pattern to access the database. 90 kata lagi