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Hitchhiking Solo as a Girl: A Guide

On your own? Never!

Basically my mum’s first words after I told her I wanted to hitchhike around Ireland all by myself. Now after a lot of explaining, talking and research my mum is still not a hundred percent convinced but accepts my decision and well, that one time I got a hitch with a Jaguar she had to admit it was pretty cool! 154 kata lagi


Beautiful game!

1860 Munich wins another game of Regional League of Bavaria.

score: 5:0


Tag 11 - Good bye Rumänien

Wir haben uns entschlossen, das 2013 versäumte nachzuholen. Damals erreichten wir die Tatra in der Slowakei leider nicht, aber auf unserem Heimweg über Krakau lag sie fast am Weg. 92 kata lagi