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Maghreb singer accuses French police of blanket racism

For the deputy of the National Rally in France, the speech of the singer Camélia Jordana on Saturday evening claiming she is afraid when she sees a police officer, is a typical example of the excesses of the cultural left: They prefer to defend the delinquents rather than the police. 746 kata lagi


WATCH: Hundreds of Turkish Fascists Gather in German Ikea Parking Lot for Socially Distanced Eid Prayers

Hundreds of Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr with socially distanced prayers at an Ikea parking lot in Wetzlar, Germany, on May 24. The “festival of the breaking of the fast” is one of Islam’s two major holidays, and begins when the moon rises on the final day of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. 114 kata lagi


Open Sea

It is time for him to go now

Lift the anchor

And sail to the open sea

Sailing to new frontiers

Exploring new shores

Hoping to find my love… 9 kata lagi


75 years later still searching for missing soldiers of WWII

Thomas Siepert looks across the verdant grain field, glowing in the sun after a spring thunderstorm, as windmills slowly churn in the distance. 1.136 kata lagi


We stopped our world and the world stopped with us

Let’s start with the WHY. Why did we stop our world?…

A critical phase in starting our journey was packing up our home and transitioning our lives into humble backpacks – trust me, this was not an easy task! 1.319 kata lagi

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The Corona Virus has changed the world in many ways and aspects. This guest column shows us one way Covid-19 changed and that is the psychological aspect. After having gone through a rat race, this author found some time to take stock and make the changes necessary for the better of one's physical and psychological well-being. Her story should serve as an incentive for all of us to consider.