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Day 102: 01 December, 2015

The joke of the day: 

Mieter zum Hausbesitzer: “Tut mir leid, aber ich kann diesen Mo­nat die Miete nicht bezahlen!””Das sagten Sie mir schon im vergangenen Monat.” “Na und, habe ich nicht Wort gehalten?”

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By Dr. Bruce Banner

So Hulk know that Phins not going anywhere this season. He know that even if Phins manage a few upsets here and there that it won’t mean anything in terms of playoffs. 441 kata lagi

What Make Hulk Angry

"If at first you succeed, try to hide your astonishment"

We welcome you to our official launch!

Thank you for joining us on our day of birth.

Graciously, we officially welcome you into our family… 20 kata lagi

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An alarm

doesn’t point

to itself –

to the ringing bell,

or to shutting it off –

but to something else:


What is the root… 36 kata lagi

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16 Facts You Didn't Know About The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Find out who’s worn the largest wings, how the Angels got the Key to Los Angeles, why the famous Bellagio Fountain turned hot pink, and… 21 kata lagi

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Happy Holidays! Updating the CKPB

Hey guys and girls, I’m back! :D

Since it’s almost December, I’m going to change the CKPB’s theme to Spirit and add snow falling. ;) 10 kata lagi

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