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Never Write Filler (Writing Advice #2)

There are generally two types of writers when it comes to word count. There are under and over writers. Whether you write too much or you are too concise, there is one rule that always has to be followed. 152 kata lagi

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Burning, Burning, Burning

“A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.” I saw this quote in one classroom and thought it was worth sharing, but couldn’t we broaden the scope a little: 689 kata lagi

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Trying to conceive? Detox the contraceptive pill!

My most recent post about Faye detoxing the pill to resolve her PCOS, may have been one of my most popular posts so far. It was shared so many times and messages peaked since it was posted. 838 kata lagi

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The Portable Veblen, Squirrels and Narration

”Art is despair with dignity” – Veblen Amunsden Hovda

You might wonder what squirrels, families, weddings and neurologists all have in common and you’d be right to be confused.

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Stephanie's Stories: "The Cow"

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the third installment of my series entitled “Stephanie’s Stories,” in which I share and (sarcastically) analyze the “books” I wrote and illustrated as a young child. 1.389 kata lagi

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Empress III


March 24th, 2018

Today, spiritual blessings will show up in honoring the physical embodiment of women and mothers. Without the first pregnancy, nothing physical would be able to exists. 135 kata lagi

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Eternally Winter

This winter feels like it has overstayed its welcome. With an early autumn and thick snow in March, I think we deserve a colourful spring and a hot summer, no?

More blog posts coming soon.

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