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We are in the single digits from our max of 400 for the first time in my 4 years at the club.  Keep in mind, we were below 325 just three years ago. 

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We only have the edge of the storm, and the sea has often been more spectacular; however, there was plenty of white water and the horizon was lumpy and vigorous. 36 kata lagi

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Tiny Tears, Baby Annabell and …ummm Chucky!

Back in December an elderly neighbour gave us a ring. He had some old dolls that belonged to his late wife and did the children want them? 360 kata lagi

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For Sale BOCA CHICA Waterfront & View $395,000

Incredible property in Boca Chica with great potential. This is the last undeveloped plot in this commercial prime area of Boca Chica with beach and view. 625 kata lagi

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How To Shoot A Hyperlapse To Add Production Value To Your Next Project

Time lapse photography is a great way to add production value to any kind of project particularly in the professional realm. The vast majority of time lapses you see in online videos though are from a static angle and view point. 591 kata lagi

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Beware Students : Throw your laptops away because A pen is mightier than Keyboard.

As the technology is progressing, the laptops have become compact and easy to carry. With the development of advanced tablets and laptops the ideology of typing notes has increased which has led to the felling that… 298 kata lagi


Pre-Grenada: Sun brain and my pink pants dilemma

Bug spray. Check. Warm weather clothing. Check. Valid Passport. Check. Pink pants or no pink pants. No check. Can you tell I’m about to take a trip somewhere? 366 kata lagi