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Heartbreaking News - Three-year-old boy 'had been on park swing for two days when he was found dead'


Remember the story of a mother who was found pushing her dead son on a swing?

According to the Police, the boy had been dead for two days when he was discovered. 283 kata lagi

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Abigail at Two | Olympia Family Photograper

Her birth. Ten days new. One year. And now she’s two.

All of these milestones were photographed and are revisited often.

The light within her shines bright.


Tory Majority Day 46: Heatwave & Inner Temperature Problems In People With MECFS

Yesterday was the hottest July day on record. Many people with ME or CFS will have suffered acutely. This is because our inner temperature controls are broken, like a thermostat that has gone on the blink. 355 kata lagi

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Looking Glass

Through the looking glass
I can see the other side
I see so many stories
All of which I know are mine

Some views are crystal clear… 45 kata lagi

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Blood Diamonds

We’re all connected,

each reflected in and reflecting

all others, at once

untrammeled flow

and contorted suffering,

we glinting, pulsing,

pure pure how-so-stone-blind

blood diamonds.

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Overalls? So in

Overalls are defiantly in right now. I mean how cute for a casual day around. Bringing back the oldie feel while wearing. You can wear pretty much any top underneath, a bralette, crop top, tee, tank the options are nearly endless. 17 kata lagi