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Adventure Club Manifesto

Our bodies are grossly capable. The human form, physical and spiritual, is incredible. We are equipped to deal with any possible hardship the world can throw at us: climbing a mountain, swimming in a flood, fighting off predators, running a hundred miles at a time. 624 kata lagi

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Slow train to nowhere in particular

also going via nowhere in particular.

Cool and drizzly.

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VR & AR Game Promo - Task 4: Questionnaire Creation & Peer-Assessment

We had to create and shoot a VR game concept involving a green screen shot into the concept footage. This was at the end of the coursework, but our work was still not over, as we needed to create a questionnaire for our peers to assess our work. 38 kata lagi

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FMP 2D Game - Showreel Process & Long Timelapse of Game Design

We have to make up our own assignment & complete the task. I wanted to create a 2D game with a completed level. I will need to create a 30 second showreel to go alongside my display photos. 343 kata lagi

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We Have Lost The Pelicans by Paul Mathews

London, 2044. The St James’ Park pelicans have gone missing – the day before the British President unveils the country’s new pelican flag. At the same time, British intelligence uncovers coded messages about possible anti-Government activity.

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Being awkward

I think that awkward may be the perfect word to describe me.



1. causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with.


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The bad days

Bad days exist. Bad days are okay. Bad days are a part of every day life. My bad day and your bad day are probably completely different. 417 kata lagi

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