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Thoughts on Brian Eno & Friedemann

Brian Eno is a well known for being a producer, composer, and arranger, as well as being the father of Ambient music. His production style is most known for his odd ways of approaching things; adding parts and pieces into a song that others just wouldn’t think of doing: or would think that it would make the piece of music sound bad. 541 more words

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Doors Open Toronto takes us to the York Railway Modellers club

John and Mark took advantage of Toronto’s Doors Open event to visit the York Railway Modellers Club in Toronto. Their setup is the connection from Toronto to London, Ontario and points in between during 1955. 193 more words

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The Canyon Rim Line is Operational!

We finally defeated the short (more on that in this post). The Canyon Rim line is open for business around the entire loop including the connection to the climbing wall. 336 more words

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Sledding On Life's Hills

When I was young we lived on a farm in eastern Kentucky that was over 350 acres. Most of the farm was wooded hills and valleys (hollers). 729 more words

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Events 5/25 - 5/30 [PREPARE FOR WAR]

Yeah, I see Chaos is on the verge of dying. But I don’t want to see that quite yet. EVENTS FOR THE WEEK!!!

Get ready for war!!!!! 112 more words

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Key book-organization tools: Secret Writers' Society (ALWAYS)

The Alliance of Literary Writers, Authors and Yabbering Scribes (ALWAYS) —  a tribe of established, Phoenix-area writers — gather once a month for lunch and a chat about writing. 201 more words

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Week 9-10 - Brain scans, sudden hearing loss and the NHS

By now I had got myself a Sonido Listener to get by in the world. This is a handheld electronic device which amplifies sound. It has an inbuilt microphone at one end which you point at people to make them feel important, and a headphone connection the other end which you hear them through. 1.209 more words