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Judging Books

I’ve noticed that generally, I either love something or hate something… There isn’t much in-between. Some might say this contributes to the somewhat popular opinion that I’m an “intense” person. 445 kata lagi

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This, is my way

Such a beautiful human, inside and out, with a heart of gold and a strong head on your shoulders. Decisions within and without your hands pass by, they have been borne together with pride, as new opportunities and challenges arise, always moving forward you take them in your stride. 118 kata lagi

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Guys-since I’m inactive because of finals, I need more authors to help me post more on the blog. The reason why I’m posting because I’m so scared the blog might fall apart, I want to post this. 52 kata lagi

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Teacher Talentless Returns

Teacher Talentless is back! After a long wait, it finally returns this year. Get hyped for P4 on Thursday June 2 to watch your teachers show off all the talents they don’t have. 8 kata lagi

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Seeing Through

It’s not just a matter

of seeing through delusion,

but of seeing through

insight as well

(or it hardens

into delusion).

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Vancouver Community Network


The VCN Community Pages.

The community page you were just viewing is hosted by the Vancouver CommunityNet (VCN), a community online information system serving British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, Canada. 290 kata lagi

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Perfect Picnic

Alli and I have always wanted go to have a picnic. Finally, arranged one and it was fun fun fun! However, there are a few rules you need to follow in order to have a perfect picnic. 237 kata lagi

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