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Quote on imagination in meditation.

“Imagination can become as active in meditation as it is in dream sleep. Sometimes the mere vividness of the experience can convince the practioner that what he or she ‘remembers’ is a true recall of events. 71 kata lagi

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3 Must-Visit Sweet Spots in Dublin

You’re sitting at your desk working, it’s a few hours after an early dinner, you’re out and about shopping or wandering around, it’s the perfect timing right before or after a movie and the urge hits you. 535 kata lagi


email us ASAP if you can’t get to the studio tomorrow, we’ll put the order on your account til you make it in!!

$5 off 2 items, $10 off 3+!!!

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Kansai Yamamoto thrifty Tribute

Ladies and gents, boys and girls,

Have you ever heard of the Japanese Designer Kansai Yamamoto? Yes, no or maybe? Just to give you a little hint (or reminder for those who know him), he is one of the most colourful, experimental and legendary designers who clothed David Bowie for his Ziggy Stardust Tour. 219 kata lagi

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What Growth are You Cultivating in Your Life?

Growth is Happening

It’s that time of the year.  Rain is falling, grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and allergies are in full swing.  I’m always amazed at how quickly this transition takes place as we move from Winter into Spring.  614 kata lagi

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John Edmark - The Never Ending Bloom

Its been 6 months since my last Featured Maker post; what better way to ease back into the blogosphere after my little hiatus, than with this outstanding video snapshot of John Edmarks arts practice as the May – Maker of the Month. 224 kata lagi


Mad Mikes Bar, Corfu. Ideas for a sign/logo.

For fun I had offered to have a go at a design for the logo for a freind’s bar in Corfu, as a gift to them. 148 kata lagi

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