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Punishment for disorganisation

is to find another eleven spidery plastic bags in a corner of the garage, each with a lump or two of dried out clay at the bottom, and all completely unlabelled.     112 kata lagi

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My Third Semester in Songs (Plus MMMM #5)

Hello, everyone! Now that the last Monday of June is already upon us, it is time for the fifth installment of my series obnoxiously entitled “ 2.504 kata lagi

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Currently watching - Boku unmei no hito desu

By Amerie

Country: Japan

Year: 2017

Other names: Boku Unmei, I am your destiny

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Overview: Makoto Masaki and Haruko Kogetsu live their lives normally, unaware of each other’s existence. 626 kata lagi

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Things have been rather lacking in inspirational power as of late, and I’ve been slacking in all areas of my writing. Stories, documentation- heck, even my ability to log into my PC has just gone out the window. 313 kata lagi

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Stroke and Dementia

One in three Canadians will develop stroke, dementia or both and having a stroke doubles your risk of developing dementia. Although this risk increases with age, a stroke can increase dementia risk at any age, even as early as 40s or 50s. 51 kata lagi

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 PICS Cheddar, Farm to Fork

Dairy farmers are passionate people. They love their “girls”, and they have to – dairy farming is a 24-hour, 365-day per year job. Farmers are always looking for ways to take better care of their cows – literally, a happy cow enjoys better health and makes higher quality milk as the farmer’s reward for that care. 358 kata lagi

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All About...

I have spoken about Babe a couple of times now and I am fully aware that a lot of you probably don’t know much about him, so here is a post, all about Babe! 1.586 kata lagi

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