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The Last Five Years


Based on a Broadway musical of the same name, this Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan film exceeds expectations. I mean, my expectations were not set at all when going into the film. 250 kata lagi

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Ms. Teething Aria

I’ve been seeing little signs that Aria is starting to teethe for about a week or two but its getting real! Ms. Teething Aria has been a little drool monster for about a week (is is weird that I think that her drooling is adorable?), on the one crazy day she would drink 2 oz. 261 kata lagi

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Sardinia Minestrone | Blue Zones

A bountiful dish that is eaten every day for lunch by the some of the world’s longest-lived families in Sardinia, Italy. It can be made with seasonal vegetables from the garden, but always includes beans and fregula, a toasted pebble-size semolina pasta that is popular in Sardina.

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The Birds Are Fed Well

By now, there is no hiding my love of wildlife, nature and the great outdoors. The winter months give me time to regroup, restructure and plan for the warmer months by hiding inside the house more often. 253 kata lagi

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An update on PPSP Bike Fun planning

As winter has progressed, Poky Pedaling Stevens Point has kept a focus on warmer weather to come. The rising temps will be accompanied by another season of Bike Fun for Poky Pedalers throughout the Stevens Point area. 965 kata lagi

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Sam Griswold is the son of Scott and Sonia Griswold. He began attending Dayton Christian in his 7th grade year and has played basketball all 6 of those years for DC. 139 kata lagi

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