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Leon stood looking at an identical room to that that he’d seen opposite but with two exceptions. The first was the quickly evaporating liquid that he assumed had filled the chamber prior to its opening, the second literally made his jaw drop. 1.207 kata lagi


5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 26

It is summertime and the sun is shining. But when it comes to our series of creepy unsolved mysteries this just means the shadows are even darker. 1.104 kata lagi


NASA'S biggest mistake

In my opinion the biggest mistake that NASA made is not an failed mission or simillar.It’s the Golden Record on the Voyager,launched in 1977. The Golden Record contained sounds and images of diversity of life and culture on Earth.   101 kata lagi


The Hunt

They’re the hardest to get. By daylight they congregate in groups and move around together.

By night they are hidden well in their nests, almost impossible to get out without waking the whole hive. 166 kata lagi

Flash Fiction

The Rift by Nina Allen

It’s always exciting to discover a genre voice with a different perspective. I read Nina Allan’s 2014 debut The Race last year which I thought had huge potential. 645 kata lagi


Prey (2017)

What’s immediately striking about Prey has little to do with the actual game. It’s a complete marketing disaster. It has the same name as a forgettable game from the late oughts that never got a true sequel, except it’s actually a spiritual sequel to the shock style of games (System Shock/Bioshock). 545 kata lagi