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New Alien game bursts onto the scene from FoxNext Studios

Bay Area game developer Cold Iron Studios has been acquired by FoxNext Games, and the first thing on their agenda is the creation of a brand new PC and console shooter set in the  282 kata lagi


Highly Important ET Disclosure: Confirmation Process in Progress

by Giorgio Piacenza

The “GIMBAL” video is the first officially declassified video by the U.S. Government of a true UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). The location date and time and other factors are not shown in the case of this official video that is under an  3.079 kata lagi


Video Game Review: Metroid: The Other M (M For Mediocre?)

Why am I still here?

Samus Aran, how I’ve spent many a joyous moment with you, from struggling to control you on the NES to using the Wiimote to control your aim. 1.005 kata lagi


Alien Intrusion: What I Learned

In my last blog, I told you that I was going to see the documentary film ‘Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception.’

I finally saw the movie this past Thursday night and it’s taken some time for me to process exactly what I saw. 628 kata lagi


Making aliens is fun...

No, I don’t mean making images of aliens… although that is fun too. When I was writing my science fiction series: ‘The Otherwhere Chronicles’, I had to create hundreds of alien characters, and dozens of alien species. 521 kata lagi


The Segmented Tail

Today, I approved my newest and latest book, “The Segmented Tail” for publication. This is an exciting time and I can hardly wait for it to be live on Amazon.com. 151 kata lagi


Clever Trade Negotiating

Gryxt, the alien leader of the trade team, sighed as he gazed at the carnival ride. “I thought it was a transportation device!”

“Disappointing,” said Jurzyt. 89 kata lagi

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