All in the name

My name is not my real name. I can’t tell you why I felt the need to write under a pseudonym. It just seemed like the right thing to do.


Jumping the Shark (or how I learned to stop watching a show)

Have you ever found episodes of a once-loved show stacking up and taking up space on your TV box? How about powering through numerous ‘bad’ episodes, convincing yourself the next one will be better? 1.972 kata lagi


3D modelling & rendering

Model is created in Alias, based on a Fossil Flight Chronograph watch

Final renderings of watch in context. Rendered in Keyshot and touched up with Photoshop

Thank you.


Dear Dad,

8:00 am.

I’ve always looked up to you. You were actually a high influencer on everything I wanted to do in life, and I really wanted to be as awesome as you but oh boy was I wrong, FUCK! 327 kata lagi

The Countenance Quest with a Dash of Humor

When I looked into the mirror, I found that it peered back at me with an unpleasant quirk.

One takes their face at ‘face value’ until that funky little bump on the left cheek has begun to get swollen and pinker. 334 kata lagi

My git config

Could be useful to someone.

ce = config --global -e
last = log -1 -p
lb = log --oneline --decorate --graph --all
l5 = log -5 --oneline --decorate --graph --all…
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Eric Prydz lanzará EP como Tonja Holma

Las plegarias de muchos han sido escuchadas, es el momento que se había esperado desde hace años (supongo), y es que Eric Prydz, la sensación del techno sueco, está por debutar como Tonja Holma de manera oficial. 166 kata lagi