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Remembering 205 Live

I think we all knew this was coming. Yesterday it was announced by Triple H himself that 205 Live will be wrapping up soon. But the good thing here is Triple H also announced that instead of all of the wrestlers going up to Raw or Smackdown and ultimately being lost up there and eventually being unsigned, all 11 wrestlers will be moved to NXT with it going live on USA. 437 kata lagi


This earring design has been quite the hit this summer. From opera divas to pony farm ladies to professors, women around the world are buying up these earrings just as fast as I can make them. 145 kata lagi

What is the Muslim New Year & Why is it NOT a happy event?

Wait, Muslims have a new year?

Yes. Yes we do.

So, that means Muslims have a different calendar running alongside ours?

Correct. The Islamic calendar is lunar, i.e: based on the moon’s cycles. 452 kata lagi

Misbah's Musings

JoeStopper’s Cruiserweight Report For 8/27: Shimmy, Shimmy, Ya!


    Greetings, loyal readers! Fresh from a well-needed vacation to northern New England, your correspondent of the CW scene is back and, well, conflicted. 821 kata lagi

Jobber Knocker

Smackdown Live Review - August 27

Smackdown Live kicked off with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston in the ring saying he just wanted to prove he belonged at the top. Kingston says Randy Orton made the rivalry personal. 1.083 kata lagi


Python: Pandas Lesson 12

Learning : Pandas Lesson 12
Subject: Zoo Management System – P6

In this last post of Zoo Managment System series we will cover two of most important functions after the Adding Records, they are Editing a Record and Deleting Record, both will be in there simplest form with no validations code or try … Exception block. 532 kata lagi