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An Ex Muslim Speaks of Islam

Faith Freedom, by Ali Sina, Dec. 9, 2015: (h/t The Muslim Issue)

While the main stream media is so concerned in portraying the best image of Islam and particularly the leftists and liberals become even vile and violent towards anyone criticizing Islam, this ex-Muslim woman does not fear to speak her mind and tell the truth about the religions of peace to anyone who cares to listen. 16 kata lagi

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We must blame 'Islamism' for Islam's evils - because it's got 'nothing' to do with Islam.

.@SamHarrisOrg interview w/ Graeme Wood @gcaw I’m glad Sam’s making Islamism/Islam distinction

— Maajid Nawaz (@MaajidNawaz) March 4, 2015

Islam as a distinct entity from Islamism is an interesting idea – and so powerful that most world leaders are professing it is the only truth on this issue.

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A Short Biography of Muhammad

Faith Freedom, By Ali Sina,  FEBRUARY 25, 2015:

Recently, I met an American lady on Facebook who said she was shocked to read what her seventh grade daughter is being taught in school about Islam. 766 kata lagi

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Why I Think the West Needs to Examine Islam

A man leaves the Brick Lane Jamme Masjid mosque after Friday prayers in east London(Reuters)

“Free Exercise of Religion? No, Thanks.The taming and domestication of religious faith is one of the unceasing chores of civilization,” Christopher Hitchens.

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From the Koran - Verses of Peace and Love - Oh Wait....

So still not satisfied that Islam contains within it not just the seeds of evil but also the orders and acts which should be carried out in its name? 1.030 kata lagi


The Dilemma of Islamic Terrorism - by Ali Sina. When ex-Muslims speak - we'd better listen.

This article by the ex-Muslim Ali Sina evocatively captures the problem with Islam and what should be done about it. It leaves space for Muslims to listen to the facts about Islam which he trusts will help them turn away from the belief system, but it also states powerfully that: 3.287 kata lagi


Boy who claimed to have seen Jesus in heaven after he died admits he made it all up

Not a surprise really, but nonetheless many Christian activists were using his story as proof of the truth behind Christianity, and not his story only, but other similar ones of people who claim to have died and then gone to heaven or seen the Christian version of events in the afterlife. 539 kata lagi

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