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9 forgotten legends of invention whose products you use every day

The annals of history are filled with the names of famous inventors. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers — all known for signature creations that made the world of today possible.For every household name, though, there are thousands of forgotten ones: names of thinkers, tinkerers or engineers who were either too far ahead of the curve or just a second too late.Their names have been mostly buried, but their contributions live on. 77 kata lagi

17th Century

Wednesday Wanderings |Which door do you choose today?

Happy Wednesday. I hope it’s a good one for you. Today, the Wednesday Wanderings quote that I’m exploring is Alexander Graham Bell’s famous quote, “ 219 kata lagi


Throwback Thursday

I saw this at the Habitat for Humanity store. $35. Do you recognize it? Did anyone in your family have one?

My grandparents had one that was a bench style in white. 300 kata lagi


Frequently Forgotten President James A. Garfield

James Garfield was raised by a single mother in Ohio (his father died when he was two years old). He managed to save enough money to get through school. 309 kata lagi

American History

Friday January 15th, 2016

When I rolled out of bed at the crack of 11am, the sun was beaming down from a clear blue sky. I’ve not been able to say that for many weeks. 759 kata lagi

Advances in Technology:electric power, transportation, and communication

The 1800s  were primarily by water, steam and coal but as the 19th century progressed scientists and inventors began to develop new technologies and inventions that powered industries and completely changed the way ordinary people around the world worked and lived. 87 kata lagi

Industrial Revolution