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Narrow Mind or Narrow Road

William Orton was president of the Western Union Telegraph Company in 1876 (Western Union had a monopoly on the telegraph, at the time the world’s most advanced communications technology) making it one of America’s richest and most powerful companies, with $41 million in capital. 557 kata lagi

Business Formation

Alexander Graham Bell Historic Site

At the beginning and end of the historic Cabot trail sits Baddeck. Here on the shore of Bras D’Or Lake rests Alexander Graham Bell’s beloved summer home where many scientific inventions and explorations took ‘flight.’ A surprisingly thorough Historic Site, the Bell museum was filled with originals and replicas of the many machines created or funded by Alexander and Mabel Bell. 27 kata lagi


Beyond Sound and Vision: Helen Keller and the Story of Her Life

On the 27th of June 1880, the remarkable American author, political activist, and lecturer Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama. In her autobiography… 923 kata lagi


- Alexander Graham Bell

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.


The Telephone Alexander Graham Bell

1870 Alexander Graham Bell establishes Bell Telephone Labs  The next day he receives his first call : No I am sorry there is no one here named Jessie James You have the wrong number The second call No I do not need vinyl siding The third call : Take your survey and shove it bub Calling Alexander Graham Bell Pick up I know you are there

Alexander Graham Bell

: today's deep thought :

“When one door closes, another opens.”
— Alexander Graham Bell

What a lovely, encouraging thought for a rainy afternoon. In other words, there’s always a way, boys and girls. 77 kata lagi