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Review: "Destiny of the Republic"

“A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President”

Boy, there’s nothing better than having a book on your bedside table that’s only been read a quarter of the way through and you think about the book’s characters at odd moments — while paying bills, refilling your water bottle, sitting in a boring meeting, writing a business email — and you daydream about sliding into the sheets at the end of the day, propping up and reading until your partner/dog/cat has been sleeping for two solid hours, or until your head bobs you awake a few times and you finally give in and turn off the lamp, disappointed you’re closer to the last page. 459 kata lagi

Dear Mr Bell by Trevor Plumbly

I am assured by some fairly bright folk that an ‘up there’ exists; that being the case, you will probably receive this OK and perhaps ponder on the misfortune you inflicted on us. 406 kata lagi

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“….the fact remains that the first collegiate degree received by the famous inventor of the telephone came from the National Deaf Mute College.”-


Red flag. What does it mean Alexander Graham never received a formal college degree nowhere–but only National Deaf Mute College?

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Love’s Recipe

(Senryu) Wisdom in all thoughts Understanding the love shared Knowing each other Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Inspired by Rotimi Elijah’s Post: Love Is Important- But Not Enough Senryu (also …

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The Emma Nut case

You all have to forgive me for the cheeky title of this blog, but I just couldn’t resist the pun.Fact is though that Emma Nut was a pioneer and she probably didn’t realize it herself. 294 kata lagi


2017-08-08 Nor by Nor’east Caravan – Alexander Graham Bell and the Gaelic College

Today we learned about Alexander Graham Bell and his life in the town of Baddeck.

We visited the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site in Baddeck, which commemorates the genius and compassion of renowned inventor Alexander Graham Bell.   817 kata lagi

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2017-08-07 Nor by Nor’east Caravan – Leaving Louisbourg

Today we are leaving Louisbourg, and we are heading to our final campground in Nova Scotia. We are again part of the parking crew, so we are able to leave early.   174 kata lagi

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