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The unfortunate, unfair and constraining correlation between alcohol and responsibilities

I returned from the pub around two hours ago. I didn’t have an extortionate amount to drink, just enough to spike my interests. That sort of wallowing within the tipsy boundary. 910 kata lagi

Let's Talk Books -- Other Broken Things by C. Desir

I’ve got another young adult book to talk about today! And that book is Other Broken Things by C. Desir. I’ve been getting a little sick of YA novels lately ( 1.792 kata lagi

Let's Talk Books

Why do you drink?

Why do you drink?

Let me ask you that once again:

Why do you drink alcohol?

Alternatively, why do you NOT drink alcohol?

Have you ever asked yourself that? 466 kata lagi


My head hurts

I was out with The Long Haired General at a house party on Saturday night. It was a lovely evening with people I barely knew, most of whom came from her work. 349 kata lagi



26 July 2016

I used to work for an organic vegetarian cafe that was an amazing team and family to be part of. When I first decided to get sober for the first time in my life I was an employee there, but it was so hard for me to figure out who I was without weed or alcohol as an appendage. 419 kata lagi

Are some vitamins just as bad as prescription pills?

I consider myself a healthy person, I know I can be healthier and I am working on it. But I used to take many vitamins a day to substitute for not eating healthy. 2.232 kata lagi


The Art of Cognac: Hennessy Teams with Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell

In its continuing support of artists, Hennessy this month launched its latest limited-edition collaboration with American tattooist Scott Campbell.

The Brooklyn-based artist created an intricate label for the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition. 234 kata lagi