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Going out out as we are baby freee woooooo!

Sorry guys haven’t blogged in a few days just been so busy doing god knows what!

But just wanted to let you all know on Saturday for the first time in well over a year me and my hubby went out out! 210 kata lagi

Hi. My Name Is Shannon

Hi. My name is Shannon and I am the alcoholic daughter of an alcoholic mother.

I am on a quest to HEAL thy self so I can  become my HEALTHY self. 53 kata lagi

Quench your thirst with these festive cocktails

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Outpatient Centers in the US

Since it is a medicine, it cannot be banned and the addicts utilized this weakness of the govt. Even to someone his job may be at stake for going to a drug rehab center. 767 kata lagi

Rehab Info

I Wish

It was 11:57 at night after looking back up at my TV/computer monitor that was sitting on the post game screen of Madden 17.

Last night I was having an excellent time playing Madden 17 and I’m currently on a nine game winning streak, and that’s only because some dude playing as the New England Patriots thought that going for it on 4th down was the smartest idea he ever had. 689 kata lagi


Christine's Guest Blog: When All Else Fails

I am thrilled to say that I have another guest blog for you guys today! Not only is it helpful for me, because right now I am going through a tough time and it takes a lot of effort to write, so I don’t need to spend as much time writing when others are doing it for me. 1.066 kata lagi