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Recovering Alcoholics

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.There are different types of alcoholics just as there are different types of recovering alcoholics. Some alcoholics drink to the point where they can’t stand up. 360 kata lagi



What do you do when things you thought you knew wasn’t true?

I guess I chose to drink till I lost 3 days or something. Not sure actually. 26 kata lagi

Mental Illness

New beginnings.

I read a lot of my NaNoWriMo2016 posts again, and bah gawd, wasn’t I miserable in some of them.

Well, I’ve finally some good news. I recently started talking to someone, and it’s been going quite well ever since. 392 kata lagi


Moscow Mule

This classic drink is a crisp, refreshing treat, served in an iconic copper mug and enjoyed anytime of year.



It happened. And in grand fashion. Ordered a double shot of Beam and a beer. From there I couldn’t tell you how many or what else I had, but I may have had it all. 325 kata lagi


Twerk party.

If I needed a reminder that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, the annual staff booze up would be a strong hint. The first holiday party since our corporate merger had a blanket of doubt looming above. 526 kata lagi

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