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Showboat Hall

There is a stoop shouldered man painting my pump house. He looks old, although he is the same age as me. He could really play basketball back in high school, and by all accounts a handsome young man, but with an attitude problem. 87 more words

Real Life

William F. Buckley, not Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Bull Connor

Have you ever seen this video of a 1965 Cambridge Union debate on “the Negro problem” between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley? If not, you need to sit down and watch it. 1.501 more words

Avenue, Piccadilly

Avenue introduced me to something special, something I’d never even dreamed acceptable in society. But as someone who is new to London and urban life, it appears I’m one step behind, once again. 731 more words


Vermont Lawmakers Want To Ban Sale Of Alcohol In State

MONTPELIER, Vt. (CBS Connecticut) – Prohibition may be on its  way back in Montpelier, Vermont.

According to My Champlain Valley, Rep. Chris Pearson and Rep. 185 more words


A Light, Diet Whiskey Now Exists Because Nothing In This World Is Precious Anymore

Here’s the alcoholic beverage you probably never wanted, but now exists anyway: diet whiskey.

THINN Light Whiskey is a new product from a company called… 218 more words

Web Culture

One Too Many

The visceral experience of alcohol intoxication is difficult to express with a static, visual medium.

Photo taken with iPhone 6. Mild post-processing done for color enhancement.