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Feeling for a Baileys?

Baileys Nigeria

Feeling for a Baileys? Whisper in the right ears and your wish might just come true. #HeresToUs


Coping Without "Drowning"

The ways victims cope with abuse is as varied as the victims themselves. We all handle traumatic situations differently. There is no “right” way to cope, however, some of the ways can be deadly, abusive, and self-destructive. 440 kata lagi

Vodka the Friendly Ghost or I Think I need an Emotional Viewmaster

despite popular speculation,
I don’t completely agree
that alcoholism
is the weapon of choice
to combat the misery
brought upon
by the loveless marriage,
the difficult decision making, 262 kata lagi


My day in food....

Good evening my lovelies, I thought I would share with you tonight my day in food, just to show an example of the sort of things I eat throughout the space of one day. 808 kata lagi

i fell

I went out last night. I surrounded myself with my worst enemy and it won. I was determined to not but then my “friend” said why not go out with one last night. 140 kata lagi


Coming down on the upside. What am I? A 90s Seattle grunge band?

Do you ever brush your teeth and get immediately famished? Wait so long after a meal to orally hygienate (I’ll allow it -Ed) that your stomach demands further tribute? 560 kata lagi

Stream Of Consciousness

College party drinking

Where I grew up going to high school in a college town as well as know for the city with the most bars on one street. 256 kata lagi