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Many farewells :)

What is the most fun part about leaving? All the farewell parties!!

I was lucky enough to have my farewell parties in 3 countries.

/ Netherlands… 480 more words


We DON’T NEED alcohol:

To give us confidence

To cheer us up

To have fun

To relax

To cope

To socialise

To de-stress

To help us sleep… 29 more words



You were my addiction. I craved you when time would pass, I longed for you to press against my lips. When I had you I was intoxicated on a sensual high, I would drift under your spell and when you left me there was just bottom. 170 more words


Me Now

So I mentioned in my last post that not drinking has been easy lately. Despite that or maybe because of it I have been consciously reminding myself of what life was like when I was drinking, and how I felt physically and emotionally.  257 more words


Gazela Vhino Verda; Caravella

There are very few times that I haven’t finished a bottle of wine (not all in one sitting mind you), but this Gazela… This wine is one of very few I can not finish. 690 more words

sing along with Mama

Tonight was Mexican night. I made chicken enchiladas and we finished off a bottle of margaritas. Jose is not much of a friend right now. But I thought I’d pop in with a tiny update. 195 more words

Your drinking is RUINED.

See if you can guess how my first day of sobriety started. With a horrible hangover, of course! I’m still not sure what was so different this time. 1.792 more words