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Spain Producing Too Much Bulk Wine

I like a cheap bottle of wine as much as the next broke graduate student, but what happens when a region produces too much wine? A recent article in the… 155 kata lagi


Still I have not drunk enough

Of favour and fortune

makes me loud in laugh and merry in jest,

I am achieving of nothing, while still promising wonders

Still I have not drunk enough. 98 kata lagi


Spirits and Spirit

Social lubricant, liquid courage, in the 20s it was also called giggle juice, among other things. An order of Belgian monks brew their own beer, the ancient Egyptians gave it as rations, and Jesus Christ himself saved everyone from having to get through a wedding sober (I guess there was no BYOB rule in Jerusalem). 1.046 kata lagi

An Ode To Water

In winter
it is a drink that
I disdain
unless it steeps
my tea—
give me instead
the taste
of fermented grape—
or a shot… 69 kata lagi



…in my opinion, should always begin at home , as someone once said. Charity , nowadays, has become a competition between the organisations and between individuals who are trying to bypass the lengthy organisational phase by going directly to the source. 1.009 kata lagi


#41 Robinsons Dizzy Blonde - a fresh, citrusy British blonde. Fantastic.

Review #41 – Robinsons Dizzy Blonde 74/100

The Dizzy Blonde is a traditional British golden ale which for a while was only available as a seasonal ale, it has since become a permanent member of the Robinson’s core range which I can assure you is a good thing. 298 kata lagi