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Wine vs Kids

I love my kids, I really do

But wine, my gosh I love you too

I was supposed to give you up

When I gave birth to my two pups… 716 kata lagi


Drugs and alcohol awareness to keep people healthy

Drugs and Alcohol treatment programs in earlier days were used to cure peoples. But when people became modern they started to use it for enjoyment and depression buster. 202 kata lagi


Deep waters

Waves beat against the seaside

Revealing the fear I hold deep inside

The pain that ravels and rages

Against the walls of my empty shot glass… 54 kata lagi


OH EM GEEE!  It’s already the last week of June and then summer is 1/3 of the way done!  Seriously, where does time go?  I have so many things on my summer bucket list with my son to do!   416 kata lagi

Loving someone with an addiction

Addiction, noun

The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

Synonyms: dependency, dependence, craving, habit, weakness, compulsion.

To love an addict is to run out of tears. 257 kata lagi

10 Things I Learned From 1000 Days Of Being Sober

On the morning of March 10, 2014, I emerged from a restless sleep with a devastating hangover.

As soon as my eyes opened I felt a familiar rush of shame and embarrassment—I had drank too much, again. 1.510 kata lagi

Behind The Masks

They give the illusion

Of a happy couple

But hidden deep

Is a secret

The masks they wear

Make things look perfect

But the truth is… 119 kata lagi