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Eddy Moonen, hoe kom je überhaupt ongemerkt in dat huis?

Op 24 november 1990 is Eddy Moonen (35) dood aangetroffen in zijn eigen woning. Om enige kans te hebben, dat eventuele getuigen zich melden, heb je op zijn minst nodig a) de locatie van de moord; b) het tijdstip van de moord; c) enige media-aandacht. 1.254 kata lagi


FBI Say's 17 Year Old Spring Breaker was Fed to the Gators. Could it Have Been Prevented?

“One out of every three women are taken on spring break each year, and two out of the three taken, never survive and are never found” (Gradolph, 2015). 673 kata lagi


About last night...

It was a moment that I had not expected this weekend.  A moment when I felt empathy for my sister.  I saw her for the first time this weekend not as my kid sister, but as a woman with two children and a husband who was trying to make the best of her life in the only way she knew how; one day at a time.  780 kata lagi

Drunken Mess

Don’t drink kids.

Drinking is bad.

This morning I woke up in my best friend’s bed, wearing their pyjamas and feeling like an overweight elephant was practising for Riverdance on my head.  782 kata lagi


Disgruntled rogue scientists, but accredited

“Rogue scientists” disgruntled with management at Randox forensic services allegedly doctored samples.  Unsurprisingly this led to hundreds of false convictions and other major injustices.  Here is the Daily Mail’s account… 188 kata lagi

Laboratory Medicine

We are drunk messes

I am currently writing this from my sofa with a gin in hand, as the second day of birthday celebrations continues! So far this weekend I’ve had desserts, kebab, dominos and drunk my body weight in alcohol. 60 kata lagi