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Enrollment Request Process

Visiting students can take undergraduate courses in any of the schools at NYU provided 1) there is space available in the course, 2) the course is open to you (not restricted to “majors only” or similar), and 3) you meet any prerequisites. 100 kata lagi


Victoria, a queen and a sensual woman with much loves.

Victory (Alexandrina Victoria, London, May 24, 1819 – Isle of Wight, January 22, 1901) was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland since June 20, 1837 and Emperor of India from 1876 until his death. 916 kata lagi

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Registering for Classes

Now that you have looked at the course search, you have picked out all the classes you are interested in, you have made sure that all of those courses are undergraduate level, you are ready to register. 154 kata lagi


O Love, your eyes lose lure: The Somme, Part 3

On the morning of July 1, 57,470 men on the Allies side were killed, wounded, went missing or were taken prisoner. Figures for the German side are harder to come by, but estimates say that there were between 10,000 – 12,000 German casualties that day. 746 kata lagi



You are everywhere.

In every restaurant we went, where you’d sit or kneel beside my chair, take my hands and tell me I am your everything. 214 kata lagi


Albert Einstein and Warren Buffet

(Source: www.areyouready.sg)


​By Soh Chin Heng


Mr Soh Chin Heng, or CH as he is commonly called by friends, is the Deputy Chief Executive (Services) of the Central Provident Fund Board Singapore. 386 kata lagi

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