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The Studio

Albert slaps down a quarter on the counter. Swivels on his stool. A half-chewed toothpick in his clenched jaw. “Thanks!” Been coming here for six months. 2.350 more words

Shoal Hope

The Fog

Asleep: Trapped in a cellar or a dungeon. Dark, cramped. Follow a narrowing upwards tending path. At the last moment I butt against a too-small opening. 938 more words

Shoal Hope

A Late Season Sail

Peter scuttles forward on his hands and knees. Eyes watering in the wind. A steep bay-chop. Waves in echelon, slamming under the daysailer’s long, low spoon-bow. 3.837 more words

Shoal Hope

La multi anisori Albert

…si asa a inceput totul…

…si am devenit un baiat mare si frumos, cu ochii mari si patrunzatori!!!

Dragul meu pui mic, acum un an iti scriam prima scrisorica si iti povesteam cum ca peste o zi ne vom cunoaste si aveam mari emotii pentru marea intalnire. 312 more words

01.09.2014 - Queen Victoria.

Monday, 1st September, 2014

Victoria and her Albert.

~ Just a bit of a warning, this one gets philosophical! ~

It’s not stretching the truth too much to say that I’m still shattered from the wedding. 1.196 more words

Candy Candy Manga Rambling Part II: Prince on the Hill - Beginning and the End?

Prince on the Hill. If you’re a Candy Candy fan you must know about this iconic character from the series. He’s the handsome teenage boy, whom a six-year-old Candy met on Pony Hill. 2.833 more words

Candy Candy

Candy Candy Manga vs Anime Part 1: Annie, Pony Home, and Prince on the Hill

When I decided to commence yet another round of reading the manga (while watching the anime), I didn’t think I would be heavily invested in the efforts nor did I think I would make any new observation/finding, considering how familiar I am with the story. 1.547 more words

Candy Candy