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Well, after winning a Nobel Prize for unifying space and time, it seems our friend is at it again, busy at work. :)

Mueller and the Mail

April nineteenth was the birthday of Albert Mueller. He was one of the many sons of Anton Mueller.  Another post told the story of one of these sons who served in the military titled, … 430 kata lagi

Vimy 2017 Day 6

Day 6 everyone. Yep, no smart@ss remarks this morning. Tired. Very tired. Too tired to think of clever adjectives or metaphors to describe the tired. I feel, and probably look, like an extra from the walking dead. 750 kata lagi


Vic's bedside picture

Reflections on pictures and continuing bonds with your loved one, in the way that feels right to you.

This is the bed upon which Queen Victoria died. 557 kata lagi

Reflections On Bereavement