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Freestyle Painting: Very Nice to Meet You

Acrylic on Wood

 20 x 26 ?

     I don’t do realistic paintings. I don’t paint in any particular style or in any particular kind of way. 193 more words

Singapore Mindbender

I really don’t see what the problem is with this question.

The answer is so simple…….

If Cheryl doesn’t tell me her birth date, she doesn’t get a present.


Prince Albert at International Water Forum

Prince Albert II continues his visit to the International Water Forum, South Korea, in the city of Gyeongju (second host city) which is held at the initiative of its Foundation (Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation) The “Conference the Application for Water in the Mediterranean: Measure, Distribute and Preserve “. 55 more words


The P5 Math Question

This question has been circling around the web recently though I remember a similar question (if not the exact same one) being a major topic a few years back as well. 315 more words

Prince Albert participates in the 7th International Water Forum Daegu (South Korea),

Prince Albert II participates in the 7th International Water Forum Daegu (South Korea), which brings together policy makers, NGOs, scientists and industrial to discuss access to this resource more, deal with pollution problems, of population growth and geopolitical tensions. 139 more words


Lunch hosted by Prince Albert and Princess Charlene

Lunch hosted by TSH The Prince and Princess to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federer and Mr. Željko Franulović, Baroness of Massy Elizabeth Ann and Miss Melanie-Antoinette de Massy. 14 more words